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Ultimate Team War - On Location

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Started: 1/20/2011 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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READ EVERYTHING BEFORE CONSIDERING ACCEPTING THIS DEBATE. THERE'S A PROCEDURE INVOLVED. Do not accept this debate immediately. If you want it, post a location in the comments, and I will edit this debate to fit that location, then challenge you to it.

This is Ultimate Team War. Each debater must assemble a team of five characters, and the teams will then fight to the death(ish). Since we cannot have an actual real-life battle, each debater will explain why their team is superior during this debate.

Team leader: One of the debaters here, i.e. me or my opponent
Team member: One of the five chosen warriors.
Team Pro: My team.
Team Con: My opponent's team.

1. This rule details the location.
2. This rule details the furthest bounds of the fight scene.
3. There will be no demi-god characters that are capable of travelling at ridiculous speeds, shattering almost any barriers in their way sustaining little damage to themselves, and wiping out anything, like Superman or Sentry, or anything more powerful than that. Nor will there be any unlimited powers that cannot be resisted. If you're in doubt, just ask.
4. Other illegal powers include time travel and mind control (taking over an opposing character).
5. Any team member must be either real or, if fictional, verifiably existent. No characters may be made up for the purpose of this debate.
6. In the case of a fictional character, the team member's abilities must be according to a specific canon chosen by the team leader.
7. Every character has only the equipment that they generally have in the specified canon.
8. Team members are absolutely loyal to the team leader. All team members are still subjected to their own emotions, however.
9. The team leader may not directly participate in the competition, but may only facilitate. The role of the team leader is to explain what the team would do and why it would win against the opposing team.
10. Neither team can have a member in common. If one team leader chooses a team member, the other team cannot have that character.
11. A team wins when all members of an opposing team are dead, unconscious, or essentially unusable. Characters who cannot be dead, unconscious, or unusable are not allowed.
12. The winning team automatically receives Arguments and Sources. Conduct, in addition to regular things, goes to the person who follows the rules most effectively. Please remember this rule.

Round 1: Rule specifications; PRO unveils first three team members, CON unveils all five team members. PRO also chooses the location of his team at the start of the fight; CON then chooses a different location at least X meters away from the one picked by PRO (determined based on the location).

Round 2: PRO unveils his final two team members and explains why his team is better. CON also begins his arguments.

Round 3, 4, 5: Arguments and rebuttals. CON may not present any new arguments during round 5, since PRO has no chance to rebut them.

This is where PRO chooses a location.

Team Member 1:

Team Member 2:

Team Member 3:

I will post my other two team members and begin my arguments in Round 2, after my opponent posts his or her team members.

Oh, and thanks to MTGandP for coming up with the entire concept of Ultimate Team War!



I choose my location. And it is on Mars, the barren field of nothingness will turn most people into misery. Amazingly enough, everyone, or anything that could breath could breath on Mars. It is a scientific discovery that Mars was actually a habitable planet!

Oh no.

But of course, the gravity is much less than that of Earth, and even a Human could jump several feet high on this very planet.

Debate Round No. 1


We come to a bit of a problem here, as my opponent accepted the debate when he shouldn't have. However, the debate shall proceed anyway; everything will be shifted back one round, leaving only three rounds for arguments instead of four.

My opponent chose the location of Mars. More specifically, it was Mars from the film Red Planet (, in which Mars is indeed breathable.

First, I shall rewrite Rules 1 and 2 accoring to Mars:

1. The war shall take place on Mars, as described in the movie Red Planet and science in general. Mars is currently in a fall equinox.
2. Any team member that escapes Mars' gravitational pull, essentially floating in space, shall be immediately disqualified and vaporized into nothingness (even if they have immunity to such things).

My team shall start on the northern polar ice cap. My opponent's team shall start at the southern polar ice cap.

Now, to my team members:

Team Member 1: Harry Potter

Harry is an Auror, a powerful wizard. He's also the Boy who Lived, and the Chosen One, and all that. He uses magic. He brings with him his treasured wand and his Invisibility Cloak.
His wiki:

Team Member 2: Link

Link is a corageous Hylian clad in green, who wields a sword and a shield, altough he also has an array of other equipment to choose from. The specific Link I choose to use is the Hero of Twilight, from Twilight Princess, who also has the power to turn into a wolf. He also has the Triforce of Courage, which seems to grant him protection from dark magic and innate skill with weaponry and such things.
His wiki:

Team Member 3: Kirby

Kirby is Popstar's gluttonous hero. He eats things and gains powers from them. He can also float on air, and can run very fast. I am using the anime canon.
His wiki:

In the next round, my opponent shall pick his five team members, and in Round 3, I shall pick my remaining two. The war will then commence. Good luck, and choose wisely!


Right. And this is exactly the specific Mars from the movie [1] 'Red Planet'. The planet has thin but breathable atmosphere, there are patche of algae, and with bug like creatures that go into feeding frenzy when one drips blood. The bugs also explode when exposed to fire. Unfortunately, there shouldn't be any on the poles.


My team members will consist of:

a. Danimoth, from the Starcraft series.
Danimoth is the name of a Arbiter in the Starcraft series. An Arbiter is a judicator starship, but in this battle, will only take part in atmospherical and supportive warfare. The Arbiter is armed with a phase disruptor cannons (, and the technological prowess of Protoss, it is able to cloak (to make it invisible) the allies around the ship.

b. Uber Diablo, from Diablo II
Uber Diablo is the stronger version of Diablo in Diablo II. Diablo is incredibly fast, and can kill the most powerful heroes within seconds. As a demon, his favorites are fiery fires, and usually destroys anything in the path.

c. Magellan, from Starcraft series
The name of the Science Vessel of the Terran Confederacy. It is currently a supportive starship under the atmosphere of Mars. It employs technological, biological warfare, and enables detection of invisible enemies using its advanced 26th century Human technology.

d. Witch King, from the Lord of the Ring
Witch King is one of the nine Nazgul in the Lord of the Ring universe. Witch King is unable to be killed by 'men', and has incredible strength given by the magic of one of the eight rings of power. He prefers to ride on his Fel'beast, and wield a flail and a flaming sword.

e. Light Yagami, from the Death Note comic series
The evil genius of the Death Note comic series. He does not have weapons, nor does he have special powers of his own. He simply has a extraordinary notebook with his pen that lets him be extraordinary.

Debate Round No. 2


Thank you, Dazedinday, for accepting this debate.

Team Member 4: Mewtwo

This is the mighty Psychic Pokémon from the movie Mewtwo Strikes Back. He wields powerful psychic attacks, as well as many defensive and tricky maneuvers.
His wiki:

Team Member 5: Count Bleck

He is a darkly motivated count from the Tribe of Darkness, appearing in Super Paper Mario. He shields himself through the power of the Chaos Heart that he managed to bring forth. He attacks using dark vortexes and energy shots, and has general levitation and flipping powers.
His wiki:

And... START!

Harry makes the first move, throwing the Invisibility Cloak upon himself, making him, well, invisible. Count Bleck then flips himself and Mewtwo near the opposite pole of Mars, one mile away, and the remainder of Team MONG to a general, undisclosed location on Mars' surface. Mewtwo then uses his destructive power to create an earthquake under Team DAZE. Uber Diablo, Witch King, and Light Yagami quickly fall to their deaths.

This leaves the two starships. As there is nobody manning the ships, they are essentially worthless piles of metal, unable to actually do anything. Count Bleck brings in Harry Potter to cast Fiendfyre on the two ships, consuming them in its great heat. This fire would also consume any survivors of the earthquake. Mewtwo would join in by throwing Shadow Balls into the mix for general destruction. The starships stand no chance.

If the Witch King is still alive, Link will be brought in for one-on-one combat. Link has fought evil overlords skilled with the sword before, and has even fought a lizard wielding a ball-and-chain so large that it took two arms to hold it; with Witch King, he won't even have to break a sweat, especially given that his Magic Armor will protect him from most hits and essentially triple his endurance.

If Uber Diablo survives, things will be a bit more difficult, but far from undoable. Sniped from all sides by bomb arrows, Shadow Balls, dark energy, and even an Avada Kedavra thrown in, he will not notice Kirby flipped in from behind. Kirby can eat Uber Diablo without a problem.

Light Yamagi won't survive, period. He'd probably be felled by a single of Link's arrows, let alone a full-blown earthquake.

All plans are subject to change if Team DAZE manages to put up a fight in defense, or aren't at the poles as expected.

That should do it for now. Good luck, Dazedinday!


Allow me to say, my opponent has no idea what my team is or the capability of each- even though they are now pretty much known.

Sorry to say, but Harry Potter in the canon is shown incapable of using any forbidden magic. Note to the 5th book when Harry saw Sirius die by Bellatrix. His attempt at Crucio was backfired with laughter. You will have to show me with evidence (but there is only against) that backs his ability to use any form of Forbidden Magic.

Things to note:

Arbiter starships are crewed with a Protoss Judicator. And the Science Vessel is piloted by an implanted Human, as shown in their portraits. Although the crew will play no part 'outside', the Starship is still operational. Of course, since they are an integral part of the vessels, they cannot leave or part with it. In a general sense, they are the ship, and the ship is them. I wouldn't have mentioned them if they wouldn't be able to act independently. Obviously, I wouldn't have to mention this, as you immediately assumed they wouldn't be operational. Well big surprise. They are.

Arbiters (Danimoth) makes the allies near it 'invisible'. You still have no way to see invisible enemies.

Link is a male, in essence, a man of Hyrule. 'Man' cannot kill Witch King. Witch King in essence is depicted to be only be killed by Women, which essentially makes him invincible in most battlefields. This leaves Link to be 'eventually' crushed by Witch King.

You have assumed that Uber Diablo is some rifraf from another universe, however, contrary to the case, Uber Diablo is by far the strongest in the Diablo universe. It's likely that he wouldn't even be scratched by simple destructive earthquakes. His simple roar is enough to cause earth quakes, it'll take lot more to kill him.

The battle

At the battle's start, it will be inevitable that your team has to take some time traveling from the north to south pole. By that time, Light (who obviously knows famous people's faces.) will have written down Harry Potter, Link's name on his Death Note. Light isn't useful on the battlefield, but is a very useful support character. Once it is written down, they die after a minute, period. Even if the note is destroyed, they still die. The only reason it works on Harry Potter and Link is because their faces are visible, and widely known, and are of 'Man'.
Also note, you have also warped in 'one mile away'. That is significantly far for your characters, while mine is much better at ranged warfare. You deliberately gave the tactical advantage you had to mine. In a sense, one miles is so close from me, and so far from you (as depicted in many many canons), I could simply attack the moment you arrive.
That leaves Mew Two, Kirby, and Count Bleck. They also arrive one mile away, which for an in-atmospheric vessels of great technology, which are able to home in several miles away, immediately employs their technological prowess.
The Magellan is capable of deploying [1] EMP is shown to drain all and both psychic and electronic energies of the targeted, and affects in a wide range of area. (In Starcraft, EMP drains both shields and energies of psionic [psychic], psionic (psychic) shields, and electronic energies from the enemy.) A 26th century marvel designed for warfare against the psionically powerful Protoss. The Magellan deploys the The EMP as soon as your team arrives, and quickly dissolves Mew Two's psychic abilities, and Danimoth quickly targets Count Bleck with Stasis which warps his spatial properties temporarily to be suspended in animation, but cannot be attacked from the outside. In essence, Count Bleck has no play in the battle until the effects wear off.
With Mew Two essentially disabled from using psychic abilities, and with Kirby, especially one mile away and unable to eat anything from a distance, Magellan can employ Irradiate against both Mew Two and Kirby, which uses powerful radiation to kill off biological threats. They simply die, without any defenses against powerful radiation. Even if they don't die immediately, they are constantly bombarded by Danimoth's phase disruptor cannons, which are essentially antimatter bolts that destroy matter. Without shields, nor any defenses that can potentially deflect antimatter bolts, they die without a problem.
And when the temporal Stasis on Bleck wears off, after all of them die, he is constantly bombarded by Danimoth and constantly irradiated by Magellan, while he has to combat the Witch King, Uber Diablo, and however strong Count Bleck maybe, he'd still die. And being a man, he has no way to kill the Witch King, thus ultimately ending in my victory.


Debate Round No. 3


Thank you, Dazedinday, for your response.

My opponent questions Harry's ability to use dark magic, with the example of Crucio. However, this is a poor example, as it was specifically stated that one needs powerful rage to fully execute Crucio. In Deathly Hallows, Harry had enough anger to legitimately torture Amycus Carrow, suggesting that he can use dark magic. Other "forbidden magic" has no such restrictions on it, and only require a powerful wizard to cast them. Harry fits the bill rather nicely.

My opponent claims that his ships can control themselves. However, if they could, why would they have crew members ( They must be necessary for the ship to perform certain tasks that it cannot peform on its own. My opponent must prove a ship to be capable of using an ability without a crew before using it in this battle.

I have numerous ways to see invisible enemies. Link can transform into Wolf Link, whose Sense power reveals previously invisible things to both himself and his allies. Harry can use the Homenum Revelio spell to make the presence of enemies known. Regardless, Mewtwo's attacks, such as the earthquakes, are of general desctruction, and need no visible target.

My opponent greatly misunderstand's Witch-King's power. Witch-King does not have immunity to all men; it was merely prophesized that he would be killed by someone other than a man. The prophecy, however, never anticipated this Ultimate Team War, and has no force in it. Link is going to prove it wrong.

If Diablo is not scratched by earthquakes, there is still the problem of the lack of ground beneath his feet. He's going to fall into a chasm, and become useless no matter how many scratches he does or does not receive. While stuck, he's vulnerable to death by pretty much anyone in Team MONG.

At the start, Light may try to write down names, but the temperatures on Mars are very, very cold. Light would be unable to write properly, and his handwriting would be illegible to the Death Note. It would be useless. Even if he could write, it would be ineffective. Link is Hylian, not human, violating the rules of the Death Note. Harry wears the Invisibilty Cloak, a cloak so powerful that even Death himself could not find Harry's ancestor who wore the cloak. The Death Note would naturally have the same problem.

My opponent also grossly overexaggerates the power of his science vessel's EMP. According to his own link, the EMP affects not only enemies, but also allies, so he has disabled his own ship, Danimoth. The page also never mentions psychic or psionic powers at all, so my opponent will need better sources for this claim. EMPs in real life only damage electronics (, and all enemies in StarCraft are electronic, so there is nothing to suggest that the EMPs can disable non-electronic foes. Furthermore, its range of 8 is the lowest range of all of the vessel's abilities. Is there some way to translate this number into usable units for the sake of this battle? Finally, Count Bleck would be able to flip Mewtwo in place, temporarily protecting him from any attacks, allowing the EMP to harmlessly pass.

Danimoth (assuming the EMP hasn't already destroyed it) will try to contain Count Bleck with Statis, but Bleck has a few spacial tricks of his own. He can flip out of statis and back into the fight with no problem at all. His Chaos Heart would also most definitely protect him from being subjected to stasis in the first place.

As for irradiation from Magellan, Mewtwo and Kirby are complete aliens to StarCraft technology, so they likely lack the proper radiation to damage them. Mewtwo is a very strong Pokémon and can most definitely defend himself and any teammates from irradiation with a barrier, and even then, Mewtwo is certainly strong enough to survive irradiation with almost no signs of damage. Kirby's biology is just plain weird, and its unlikely that it would be affected by irradiation. He probably doesn't even have cells. Harry would be able to cast his own Shield Charm to protect himself, Link can cure himself of ills with Gormuet Soup, and Count Bleck can merely flip his way out of the attack.

The should-be-disabled Danimoth would fire antimatter bolts, but Mewtwo can block these with Barrier, which is not matter but concentrated psychic energy. Mewtwo has proven capable of attacking from his barrier, and will destroy Danimoth with the rage that he used to demolish the Team Rocket research lab in which he was born (, 3:35 - 5:00). It won't end nicely for Danimoth at all.

Finally, even if Count Bleck were pitted against the whole of Team DAZE, he wouldn't have a problem, thanks to his Chaos Heart, which protects him from attack. The Chaos Heart can only be shattered by powerful and pure emotion, something that two starships, a demon, a corruptedly evil king, and a social outcast won't ever be able to produce. Bleck would simpy fire dark energy at everybody until they died. He could even slowly flip them higher and higher until they escaped Mars' gravitational pull and floated away, disqualified.

To conclude, here is a summary of what occurs:

Harry throws on his Invisibility Cloak.
Light Yagami struggles to write in his notebook, but fails.
Count Bleck flips himself and Mewtwo to one mile away from Team DAZE.
Magellan uses an EMP, disabling Danimoth and its invisibility cloak.
Count Bleck flips Mewtwo out of the way of the EMP, then uses his time trick to slow down time for Team DAZE, making their defeat easier. He will keep this up until he is hit.
Mewtwo unleashes earthquakes upon Team DAZE's location, killing Light and Witch-King and trapping Uber Diablo.
Mewtwo unleashes his full power on Magellan, destroying it with ease.
If Danimoth is still usable, it is destroyed with Magellan.
If Light is still alive, Kirby is flipped in to eat him.
If Uber Diablo is still alive, Harry is flipped in to cast Avada Kedavra on it. If that doesn't work, Mewtwo just unleashes his psychic powers on Diablo to utterly destroy it.
If Witch-King is still alive, Link is flipped in for an epic one-on-one swordfight. With his natural sword skills and superhuman endurance, as well as the Triforce of Courage, Link would win easily, but if any problems occur, Mewtwo will just freeze Witch-King with psychic powers, and Link will assail him like there's no tomorrow.
Anyone still alive after all of that will be subjected to either Mewtwo's rage, Kirby's vacuum, Count Bleck's flipping trick, Harry's Avada Kedavra (or Confringo, Fiendfyre, or Reducto for non-biological foes), or Link's bomb arrows. There's no surviving all of that, period.

Well, that's all there is to it. Team MONG's victory is undeniable. Good luck, Dazedinday.


Dazedinday forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Sadly, my opponent has forfeited Round 4.

Originally, this debate was supposed to leave Rounds 2, 3, 4, and 5 for actual arguing, but this was cut twice, first by my opponent's ignorance of the acceptance procedure of this debate, and second by my opponent's forfeit. If any of my points seem unclear, this is the reason.

I shouldn't have to summarize my last round, at nothing has changed. I will merely point out that my opponent's arguments rest almost entirely on faulty assumptions that have been thoroughly refuted. Team MONG's victory is undeniable, and my opponent doesn't seem to want to deny it, either.

As this is the last round, my opponent may not make any new arguments, and as he has no effective plans for killing about half of my team (Count Bleck surives just on the Chaos Heart alone, which is enough to win this war) or bypassing the defenses of the other half, he cannot win, period. Vote PRO. Please, don't forget the voting rules for this debate, as well as the rules of the debate in general, as outlined in Round 1.

Thank you, readers, for reading this debate.


Dazedinday forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
22 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by mongeese 7 years ago
Well, that was disappointing, but not entirely unexpected.
Posted by mongeese 7 years ago
The power of the individual team members is not as important as the power of the team as a whole, or the way in which the team is used, and the strategies are executed.
Posted by tvellalott 7 years ago
...haha, just read round two. :D GO TEAM MONG!!!!!
Posted by tvellalott 7 years ago
Daze, could you have picked more ridiculously overpowered characters? o.O;
Posted by mongoose 7 years ago
I think its fairly clear who should get the conduct vote already.
Posted by tvellalott 7 years ago
Also, Total Recall
Posted by mongeese 7 years ago
Alright, that would work. However, I'm waiting for the administrators to hopefully edit the debate so that I can put the proper information into Round 1.
Posted by Dazedinday 7 years ago
Here. An easy source for a fictional BREATHABLE MARS.
Posted by mongeese 7 years ago
The reason for settling these things outside of the debate is to get more rounds for debating. It's also so that I can potentially negotiate the location with you if you try to abuse it; making Mars breathable is an example. Unless you can source a fictional Mars that is breathable by normal humans, or a scientific study that actually supports you, I reject your location.
Posted by Dazedinday 7 years ago
Then on your next round, simply rewrite the rules, and reveal your 3 characters. Problem solved.
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Vote Placed by Cliff.Stamp 7 years ago
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Total points awarded:40 
Reasons for voting decision: Forfeit, arguments unrefuted.
Vote Placed by tvellalott 7 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
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Total points awarded:70 
Reasons for voting decision: Obvious victory is obvious.
Vote Placed by Maikuru 7 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:Vote Checkmark--2 points
Total points awarded:70 
Reasons for voting decision: Multiple forfeits by Con force a default in favor of Pro.