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Uniforms- should we have to wear them? CHANGE MY MIND PLEASE!

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Started: 2/3/2019 Category: Fashion
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we should not have to wear uniforms to school. Somebody please change my mind about this



"In the past decade there has been a dramatic increase in the flamboyance of the everyday outfitting of school age kids. Price tags are in. In some neighborhoods, It's the "thing" to wear the price tag on the garment. What you pay for something is the status symbol. There is heavy competition for dressing "right" and the peer pressure to perform and conform is incredible.
Many students take after-school jobs to maintain their own style. Often these paychecks go right onto their backs and are not used for saving for the future or some other primary goal. A part time job is not the issue here. The reason behind the job is our concern.
As a school turns to mandated uniforms, All of the above becomes moot. All of the students look the same, At a base level. Concentration returns to who you are, Rather than what you are wearing, Or what you can afford. Students are less immersed in keeping up with today's trends.
It's time to eliminate from schools the status and respect many students give to clothing labels and price tags. Student attention needs to return to learning in the classroom, Rather than how they look when they are in that classroom. Mandated uniforms can serve to shift the emphasis from competition back to academic performance and personal achievement.

Uniforms have a helpful leveling effect in school systems where there is economic diversity. It can be quite expensive to dress our children. $300. 00 per child is not an unreasonable amount spent on each child for back-to-school wear. But that total is for September, Only. Most parents continue to purchase new outfits throughout the entire school year as the weather and fashion perceptions change. That's a lot of money that can be well spent elsewhere in most households.

The average expenditure for a complete French Toast uniform (pant/jumper, Shirt/blouse, Sweater, Tie) is $45. 00. Most children will require two sets of them. That's $90. 00 total, Period, For the year. Our goal at French Toast is to bring the level of dress to an even standard. Those without means should not be penalized at this very basic level. And those with means can now redress the exaggerated importance of outward appearance.

Uniforms are cost effective. They are less expensive. Uniforms create a feeling of oneness and belonging. Everyone can be on the same team. As on athletic teams, Uniforms are worn for immediate identification and to inspire a feeling of "oneness. " Put on your team uniform and you suddenly belong. A sense of loyalty emerges from inside, As does an extra effort to perform at the student's best.

This result has been noted in schools throughout the country who have made the transition to School Uniforms. They are reported over and again by school administrators, Teachers, And parents who, First hand, Have experienced these changes.

Many of our children have limited chances to feel a close part of their schools and communities. If this program can offer unity for our children, Then it should be granted. Our schools should inspire our kids to excel in learning and be community spirited.

Uniforms encourage students to develop their personal flair in methods other than dress.
These may seem exaggerated cases to those of you who have not experienced these changes in our students and children. Our response is, "Ask parents and teachers who have seen these changes occur, Essentially by initiating a uniform program. "

It is human nature to express our personalities and creative talents. However, Many students use their clothing as their sole creative outlet. These children are misguided. Today's youth need to learn that when channeled correctly, Their individual flair can bloom within.

Whether it's music, Art, Sports, Or academics, Uniforms allow students to express and define themselves beyond their labels and fashion styles. A unique individual is developed not from appearance, But rather, Intellect, Personality and skills.

At this point it may be necessary to address the old cry issued from the ACLU whenever the prospects of dress codes arise. These civil libertarians assert that students' freedoms of expression are being suppressed by requiring uniform dress. We believe that this has not been the case. These are old assumptions based on intangible fears. We propose that dress codes offer us, Instead, Different avenues for our expressive freedom.

In the two most famous and precedent-setting legal cases involving dress codes, The courts have struck down the ACLU's arguments on restrictive constitutional freedoms. Our courts have maintained that when a child's safety is at issue, The freedom of expression becomes a secondary consideration. It is the primary responsibility of our schools to protect and keep safe their students. Unfortunately, Today's schools, Especially those in the inner cities, Are far from the safe havens they are intended to be for our children. Uniform dress codes do help our administrators address this basic responsibility.

Uniforms add measures of safety in identical dress. Gang identification is obscured. Group violence and theft are dissipated.

The Long Beach Unified School District in California voted to mandate uniform wear in order to reduce gang identification. It had become dangerous and violent to attend school there. This program seems to have effectively decreased gang violence in the district. Children are no longer identified by their "colors. " Uniform dress alleviated the feelings of imminent danger for students who were afraid they might inadvertently dress in gang colors.

Today, School Uniform programs can be found in communities all over the country. Some areas include New York, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Miami, Charlotte, Long Beach, San Antonio, And Las Cruces, NM.

In today's schools, Adolescents are killing each other over designer jackets and expensive sneakers. With school uniforms, Incidents of theft and assault are down. Uniforms help eliminate violent crimes.

Many school districts across the country have implemented School Uniform Policies and have seen positive results!

In 1994, The Long Beach Unified School District in California was the first public school district to mandate a district-wide School Uniform Policy. Within one year officials stated that the number of suspensions, Incidents of violence and vandalism, Weapons and fights had dropped dramatically. Many school districts since have followed suit, Also noting that the positives strongly outweigh any negatives.

In 1987, Cherry Hill Elementary School, In Baltimore, Maryland was the pilot school in Maryland for uniform usage. Parents, Tired of school theft and competition over clothes, Overwhelmingly voted (90%) in favor of changing to a dress code. Not surprisingly, Theft was suddenly down. Children no longer had to worry that they might not return from school that day with everything they left with that morning. At the same time, Ridicule for an outfit that wasn't quite "right" was no longer heard in the classroom.

In 1993, The city of Baltimore took notice of the positive changes that occurred at Cherry Hill. The city's entire school system has since enacted a School Uniform Policy. Also, Starting in the Fall of 1994, Suburbs of Chicago, Atlanta and New Haven, Connecticut went the same route. In 1995, Charleston, South Carolina and Cleveland, Ohio established voluntary dress codes.

School Uniform Policies were enacted in 1996 in such cities as Birmingham, Alabama; Seattle, Washington; Orange, New Jersey; Pasadena, Texas; Houston, Texas; and Polk County, Florida. During the first half of 1997 Dade County, Florida; Waterbury, Connecticut; and many others have established a School Uniform Policy. New York City has adopted a mandatory school uniform policy in the Fall of 1999 for all K-8 and middle schools. Across the United States there is an increasing amount of support in favor of School Uniforms/"

source:https://www. Frenchtoast. Com
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Thank you for the easy win.
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Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
Clothing SHOULD NOT be how we express ourselves. We should express ourselves through our character.
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
i believe clothing is an expression of how we define ourselves, Which integral to what we are by our actions. There is no idenity crisis by wearing uniforms. However it does limit expression of attitude through clothing. Which does affect impressions. I am against wearing scandilous clothing myself, It is not hard to prove a male or female to lustful thoughts in school where the center point of view is education and learning.

i think the problem is what is agreeable in expression of clothing. Oneness and belonging is defined through verbal and physical agreement and contact, Not necessarily through clothing.
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
"The clothes make the man, " they say, And that is exactly the problem with our society. People are judged by what they wear, Its price and style. Those who can't afford or don't like the fashionable clothes are often judged negatively by those who do. If you think you can stop a bunch of hormonal teenagers from doing that, Then do that, But in the meantime, The solution that has been put forth is to make students wear the same clothes, So that no one will be made fun of or thought less of for their clothes.
(I didn't read the massive quote Pro posted, So if any of this repeats that, Then sorry)
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