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Started: 2/27/2019 Category: Education
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I believe uniforms are vital in school. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, Between the years 2015 and 2016 22% of public schools acquired uniforms.

This is because uniforms are believed to help students focus more on education than what they are wearing. If students are wearing expensive clothes at school, They will definitely regret it. The clothes might get stained, Painted on or even ripped. Even with stitching, Expensive clothes look horrible when ripped.

Furthermore, Students have fewer chances of getting bullied when wearing uniforms. This is because everyone would be wearing the exact same clothes; therefore, There would be no reason to bully others. No one wants to get bullied for what they like to wear.

On trips, Students are supposed to wear school uniforms. When they get lost, It will be easier to find them. It is better than searching for a specific person with clothes anybody can wear.

We can't deny that kids adore the thought of not having to decide what to wear each day. Instead of spending hours of time putting together outfits, A student simply puts on their uniform.

Chant'e Haskins shared her opinion after going from a school with no uniforms to one with uniforms. She says after wearing the uniform for a whole school year she "was so used to wearing the uniform it did not even bother me anymore. "

Chant'e adds she saved time in the morning by not having to pick out an outfit and was able to customize her look with accessories to keep some individuality.

Proponents suggest kids who wear school uniforms feel more connected to their school, Encounter less bullying, And have a more professional attitude. All of these factors contribute to more positive behaviour in school.

In one school's online survey, About 25% of student respondents said they believe school uniforms would promote positive behaviour.

It is generally thought that students who wear school uniforms behave more appropriately in the school environment. They believe that uniforms dictate a stricter atmosphere and that students who wear uniforms are more likely to follow school rules.

Again, I must repeat that school uniforms are beneficial in many ways to both the students and the school.


Uniforms in school are unnecessary. Uniforms are needed in the army where soldiers need to know who is on their side. In school, Uniforms won't help students learn more, But learning more is the purpose of school. Uniforms are too much trouble for very little benefit: schools would have to design special dress codes, Lots of students would get in trouble for not wearing uniforms, The schools would have to spend money on making uniforms, Etc.
Uniforms in school violate freedom of expression. Students should be allowed to wear what they want as long as it doesn't distract other students. Coming to school in a bikini distracts other students, But not wearing a uniform doesn't. Students should be able to choose what they wear and be fashionable! School would be a very boring place if everybody had the same clothes.
Wearing one uniform would be very problematic. If a student spills something on their uniform, They won't be able to come to school until it's washed. If a student rips their uniform, They won't be able to come to school until they get a new one. This is so much trouble that could have been avoided if there were no uniforms in school. Always wearing a uniform will make it dirty, And it will have to be washed all the time. It's better to wear different clothes.
Making a uniform mandatory won't help students choose clothes. Nobody is forcing you to choose what to wear, You can wear one tracksuit for the whole year (very similar to a uniform, Heh). Nobody spends hours on putting together outfits, That's nonsense. Forcing others to wear uniforms because you can't choose what to wear to school isn't right. Other students aren't responsible for your issues.
Debate Round No. 1


"Lots of students would get in trouble for not wearing uniforms"

Students could also get in trouble for wearing inappropriate clothing like crop-tops, Clothing that shows their belly, Etc.

"Uniforms in school violate freedom of expression. "

This is untrue. Most schools with uniforms allow students to style their hair any way they want (except, Of course, When it's dyed unnaturally bright colours that are distracting) and wear accessories like bracelets, Lockets and headbands. It's not a complete violation of freedom of expression.

"School would be a very boring place if everybody had the same clothes. "

Schools are supposed to be fun on special days, Like Christmas, Hannukah, Halloween, Sports Days, Trips, Etc. On these days, Even uniform schools allow costumes and Christmas/Hannukah themed clothing. Schools aren't supposed to be fun on a classic Monday.

I still stand my ground that uniforms are the opposite of distracting; in fact, Nobody minds uniforms. People get used to uniforms after wearing them.

Imagine being new at school and are nervous. If it was a non-uniform school, One would be worried no one would like their sense of fashion; moreover, You'd want to make a 'first impression'. First impressions are the most unreliable way of judging a person. For example, One at a school might dress in pink clothes and give an impression of being a popular girl. Maybe this person is trying to fit in.

This brings us to the fact that it is hard to fit in with a style different from everyone else. Some people fake being popular or fake being one of the bullies to avoid getting bullied- this might lead to an identity crisis.

"You can wear one tracksuit for the whole year (very similar to a uniform, Heh). "

By the way, Most people get two sets of uniforms and can survive with them. Another point to mention is that this tracksuit can get just as dirty as a uniform can, So you've given me a useless example. (Heh! )


Your "bullying" argument is complete nonsense. Kids are bullied because how many friends they have, How rich they are, How intelligent they are, How attractive they look, How fit they are. Nobody is bullied because of what clothes they wear, Unless they wear filthy and old clothes (so don't wear filthy and old clothes! ). And even if you are bullied because of your clothes, You don't get to force everyone to wear uniforms. Other students aren't responsible if you are bullied for what you wear. If you're already bullied, Forcing everyone to wear uniforms won't help you: kids will still bully you.
Your "easier to choose what to wear" argument is also wrong. Like I said before, You don't get to force others to wear uniforms just because you have some problems. If you want, Wear one tracksuit for the whole year: then it will be very easy for you to choose. You said that tracksuits can get as dirty as uniforms. Exactly! Another reasons why uniforms are bad.
Uniforms may seem good, But the cost far outweighs any benefit. Uniforms would have to be designed and manufactured en masse, Millions of them. If kids are each given two pairs like you said they are it would cost even more. Staff would have to enforce the dress code. Someone who loses or ruins their uniform would have to get a new one, And the school would have to replace it. It's far easier to have a simple dress-code and not force all students to wear uniforms.
Debate Round No. 2


Alright, I guess this debate should be concluded. You actually made me agree with your point!

You did a wonderful job.


OK, Thanks!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Charlatte 3 years ago
Crop tops are allowed though, Why is showing belly bad? Short shorts are also allowed at my school as long as they tie a jacket around their waist. My school was probably really lenient but still, Don't see a big issue with seeing some belly.
Posted by MyBatteryIsLow 3 years ago
Kvng_8 The debate that you sent me was wonderful. Hey, Wanna debate later? If so, What would you like to debate on?
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
Disregard the irrelevant vote. That was just a person that dislikes me, So any debate that I clearly have the upper hand in, He chooses the other person as the winner lol
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
Good debate. I am actually on Pro's side. I've debated about uniforms as well. Check out my debate when you get a chance!

debate. Org/debates/Should-every-children-wear-school-uniforms-at-every-school/1/
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro's line of argumentation did put him on track to edge the debate by a slight margin. However it seems that Con's charismatic vigor managed to convince Pro otherwise on his own topic. On those grounds, Con wins by default since Pro technically conceded the debate.
Vote Placed by Anonymous 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: I agree with Pro, and he had my vote. However it seems like Con managed to successfully change Pro?s mind on the topic. For that reason he is the winner.

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