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Upper Class Rap Battle

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Started: 11/6/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is an upper class rap battle; meaning that you have to rap like an upper class person, preferably from 18th-19th century England.

One may write as many lines (or 'bars', as they are commonly known) as they like.


-First round acceptance, second round opening raps, third round rebuttals and closing raps.


-No forfeits.

As Masterful has expressed a keen interest in this battle, I have chosen him as my opponent. Good luck!


6th Novemeber 1850

I accept this bout on behalf of my queen and my country.

I trust you will find my acceptance satisfactory, and remain yours faithfully,

Masterful~ Leader of the Brotherhood, he of nobel bloodline and nobel deeds.

Debate Round No. 1


Why thank you, kind Sir!

Now, seeing as this is an unusual rap battle anyway-I will be assuming a submissive role. One may think of Masterful as the powerful and rich rapper, and as me as one of his hoes. However, that I will be his bitch doesn't mean that I will have less rhythm and less enjoyable raps-and this is what prospective voters should base their vote on.

My rap to Masterful, composed on the 7th of November, 1850

To my dearest Master, it is your sweet, submissive whore

Oh! How I beg on my knees for your succulent penis, please give it to me I implore

I want to wrap it around my sultry lips and suck on it all night, believe me my Master, you will not put up a fight

I'm your Victorian mistress, more enthralling and titillating than wild citrus

Pull on my lustrous hair and then indulge in my buxom pair

My nude body stands beside you, please Master, may I sit in your lap and have your strong, masculine hands circle my hips as if they were a world map

But then Sir, you must punish me for my philandering with a local black servant

Oh how I delighted in his enormous penis, as if I were a naughty little serpent

What great girth it had, I admit, somewhat larger than yours

It appears that my longing for it continually endures

I require a violent slapping of the face by you, Master; you need to teach me a lesson or two

And show me that engaging in intercourse with a black male will end in disaster

Oh! Please slap my lubricious lips again, put your rough hands on my face and spit into my mouth and then bite down on my ravishing breasts

Abuse me more ferociously than men do to one another in the most bloodthirsty of conquests!

After you have finished impaling me on your wonderful cock, I will lick it perfectly clean; relishing the delightful fusion of my feminine juices and your splendid sperm

My punishment should not be complete until you have made me squirm

I think Sir, it is time for you to take off your belt

For you need to ensure that my punishment for this awfully sinful transgression, is truly felt

Only then will I know, that spreading my legs open for a black male will leave me whimpering in pain for every tomorrow; do not show any mercy, make me bleed like the fine red wines of Bordeaux

To you, Master


I don't endorse the use of a horse, but needs must,

It takes more than a man to tit wank that bust…

….I mean….Ahem....

To whom it may concern,


I cannot be aroused by an erotic, yet accurate depiction of one’s life, For I am a noble man and I own a wife!

Good ma’am, art thou an intellectual or a whore? I’m uncertain as to which. For your speech is ineffectual and that of a bitch.

Ahh, I see now. You’re just a lowly peasant, heavy and unpleasant, leaking a foul pong that is wrong and omnipresent.

Now I ask unto thee, art thou so blind thou cannot see? For your face is a tale unto its self, masked by malicious mis-intent. Thou failed to pay thou’s monthly rent. Alas. Art thou content I ask?

Ma’am, beneath you I cannot lay, as your queef runs astray, the implication is neigh unto nay for your father raised you the wrong way.

For a poor whore ye run afoul mouth girl, pre-pubescent, sold as an adolescent.

It’s a mockery of British ideals,

Your insults are sheer cock-blockery,

Now go prepare the meals.

A woman should not exhibit such an insidious verbal manslaughter,

For a man has already bought her, defiled and bethought her.

She need know her place, for beatings are common unto her face.

As a man would take his old dog out back to be shot. I’d do the same to you, filthy thot.

Your tiny female brain wouldn’t have the chance to feel any pain. Thus my methods would be somewhat humane.

Women’s rights? I’m rather amused with this mattering,

Women should be abused and subject to a battering.

This is no matriarchy, a woman’s hierarchy is below a dogs, and in this oligarchy women don’t need dialogues.

Now go jump rope you pretty little insect, I have no time to pity brittle intellect.

Cook, clean and remain unseen, for my eyes need not be bothered by a human sardine. Fish to the eyes and fish to the smell, what is appealing about a walking clamshell?

As a gentleman of high birth, I must direct you to my enormous girth.

Come hither ye foul wretched wench, I’ve come for your figure but not for your stench.

Through your lineage of countless incestuous encounters, you’ve been courted as a countess, claimed to callus cock-driven killings, and called out for a few shillings.

For the life of a whore is such, breasts beaten and back-sides filled with much.

I pity thee, foul demon, with your ribbed dildos and taste for semen.


Kind regards and yours faithully,


Debate Round No. 2


To Masterful, composed on the 8th of November, 1850

One proposes to own a wife

However, last night you were copulating with me and inflicting upon my neither region a terrible strife

To respond to your quips regarding my intellect; it's perfectly possible for a woman to be a lascivious whore but still possess a mind that a gentleman such as yourself could only long for

Your penis may provide me satisfaction, as well as your rough spanks and slaps across my face, but Master, it would appear you lack intellectual grace and are truly rather debase

It is your prerogative to abuse my fine, nubile figure but when you begin to insult my intelligence you present as increasingly bitter

Perhaps, Master, I should assume some control myself; by tying your hands to the bed and then riding your penis like a wild inbred

My luscious breasts will bounce joyfully up and down, by the time I have finished you will want to bestow me with a crown

You attempt to place your face within them, hoping to embrace my sweet flesh; now you realise that you were so very wrong to affiliate me with fish and realise you have never had a woman this fresh

As I see your eyes long to grab hold of me, I will let your hands free; as you place them on my soft hips I smile with glee

Oh Master! Please bring unto me the utmost delight and fill my licentious cunt, feel me become ever more wet as you grunt

The sensation of your glorious sperm explode inside me is so thoroughly enjoyable, as I lay there beside you, I see that your penis is still firm

You forcibly grab my hips and turn me over as if I am a rag doll belonging to an impoverished child

You now take me from behind and I continue to be defiled

In the morning, however, I challenge you to a debate; and you naively take my bait

As I sit there in my corset, you become more distracted than a drunken sailor in Dorset

Each word that you utter, I challenge with unbridled ardour

Oh Master, you have entered a state of complete languor

But still, I show no mercy and become ever more thirsty

I whip you with my knowledge and charm, and inflict on your ego terrific harm

Once again, you underestimated my cognitive talent and are now not looking so gallant

To conclude my rap; I request that you now take a much needed nap

For, I have vitiated your self-worth and left you feeling less than sufficient

Oh! I devilishly enjoy your embarrassment at being intellectually deficient

I suppose you considered yourself a Dickens, now give unto me my full ten shillings

We have arrived at our conclusion; with Master outwitted and outsmarted

For hereth lies Masterful, my dear departed


Heareth I do lie, but only about not being in a relationship with your sister.

Engaged, to be her mister, I left her, but now I miss her.

Thus it’s true I departed, for I could not stand her after she sharted.

In light of recent events, I must contest the defendant’s indecent contents, for her crime of prostitution is contrary to our constitution, so bury her after her execution.

Like a frog spawns tadpoles,
Emil forms glory holes,
But she’s the one shoving her d*ck through the hole so men can lick it,
These men are loving it thick and taking it whole so she can dipstick it.

A once cherished daughter, now thirsty as if for water.

Content with her quest for d*ck she will not rest until she is sick.

Drowned in both sorrow and in cum, she shakes and wiggles her needy bum.

In her drunken state she awaits a bed bound fate, drowned in lust and the desire to mate, this is my opportunity to rape.

As her p*ssy is popped by my puffy penis, she gets a C for her cunt and a C+ for it's cleanness.

She loves indecent exposure, the feeling is recent as her eyes glaze over.

Decayed dribble does drip from her lips, all the while she’s thrusting her hips.

She’s quite quiet as she’s rammed from behind, face down arse up, the feelings unkind.

As she foams from the mouth, she moans and groans from the feeling down south.

Her vaginal fluids are running a muck, it would seem she is coming from the fvck

Like a thieving goblin, she ran away after receiving a nobin.

Indeed she seeks the seed of man, to be impregnated without a plan

Where art thou Emil? Thou stole my semen and didn’t take thou's pill.

Debate Round No. 3
36 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
Posted by Emilrose 2 years ago
I'm merely talking about the act of licking a cock clean after you're finished with it, which is pretty commonplace, lol.

It seems some users on this site take issue with sexual women.
Posted by Emilrose 2 years ago
Is that because you are gay?
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
"After you have finished impaling me on your wonderful cock, I will lick it perfectly clean; relishing the delightful fusion of my feminine juices and your splendid sperm"

After reading this rap, I feel like I just got raped.
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
I completely agree with you Masterful, I kind of irks me that we put hard time and effort into the rap battles/debates, and then the voter just puts a small sentence. I don't know why the voting standard is low for rap battles, they take just as much skill and arguably more then regular debates.

That being said, I don't think it should be TOO high, as it is for almost every debate. Like sometimes it's just ridiculous what admins deem a bad vote...
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
I will be voting tomorrow!
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago
I want to thank you for your non-bias vote Kostas and mharman.
As it happens dsjpk5 has been voting blindly on his past few dozen debate votes. Go look, he has no RFD.

He's what we call "A vote whore" where he's trying to make it to the top of the leader boards for most votes cast. To which, his vote quality is at a detriment to his quantity.

Emil's rap was certainly of high quality, particularly with her rhymes and probably has better flow, but I don't think dsjpk5 was correct in saying she had better word play. I ensured I had plenty of analogies and metaphors, please correct me if I am wrong anyone.

What i'm trying to get at is, people spend so much time working on their debates/raps. Headaches, hunger and heroin withdrawal all take effect when one spends so much time working on a debate. Then someone like dsjpk5 comes a long and doesn't read, nor analyze the debate to give a fair judgement.

It pains me to see such disregard for the contestants and such a selfish pursuit at towards a superficial goal .

I apologize for bitchin, but this sh*t keeps me up at night :'(
Posted by KostasT.1526 2 years ago
I am aware of that, though Shakespearean words such as those Masterful used and many other ones were kept after Shakespeare's era or are even still in use today, take hence, henceforth, whence, wherefore etc for example.
Posted by Masterful 2 years ago
I believe that the use of Shakespearean English sharply decline int he 17th century, however it was still known into the 18th.
Posted by Emilrose 2 years ago

Shakespeare lived in the 1500's-1600's, not the 18th or 19th century.
4 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 4 records.
Vote Placed by JimShady 2 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: R1 goes to Emilrose, she had some pretty good lines that I actually read a few times. Masterful also had good rhymes and flow, But I just didn't get the vibe I hoped foe. Emilrose won round 1 by a narrow margin, but Masterful gets Round 2 pretty easily. Eventually I felt sick from some of Emilrose's lines, and some of Masterful's lines were pretty funny. If this was judged solely on rhymes, how the words come together, and a general rap IQ, Masterful wins by a landslide. Sometimes I had to go on a quest to find he rhymes in Emilrose's rap, and sometimes I cam up empty handed. Masterful included a healthy, healthy dose. Both were good with their 18th-19th century English. Masterful wins by a respectable margin overall, good job to both (better job to Masterful). If you want more detailed feedback, just ask me in the comments.
Vote Placed by KostasT.1526 2 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Though both were quite good, I found Con's rap slightly better, by various aspects. Furthermore, I liked how Con made often use of Shakespearean English, significant factor for this rap battle. Thine raps art incredible, Masterful and Emilrose, and henceforth I agnize thee and congratulate thy abilities, on behalf of the gracious and noble Queen.
Vote Placed by Mharman 2 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Con rapped better.
Vote Placed by dsjpk5 2 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Pro had better flow and wordplay.

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