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"Urged" study is less effective than "optional" study?

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Started: 3/1/2016 Category: Education
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I believe that optional study, for instance choosing to study due to your own choice, is more effective than having parents who urge you to study for 1 hour each day. My evidence is that i know somebody whose parents makes him study for 1 hour each day and he hates it - and still doesn't get the "highest" grades. On the other hand, I, myself, know when i need to study so i do, and it has been proven to be efficient.

I want to know and hear your opinion.

Happy Debating :-)


I think that urged study is much more effective than optional study. First, with optional study, you might only study for five minutes, or maybe not at all. With urged studying, you are making sure that you know the material, and you are studying for a specified amount of time. This is good, because if you do not study you will not be as prepared for a test as other students, or as you should be. If you are urged by your parents to study, then you will be just as prepared for the test as anyone else who studied. You will also end up with an advantage over people who did not study. Urged studying is a much more beneficial method to use for studying.
Debate Round No. 1


True, yet if you're being forced to do something for a specific amount of time - i.e an hour of revision, surely you're more likely to want to rebel and stop. Whereas if you revise of your own accord, and you know when you need to and what you need to revise, you'd be have a greater chance of understanding the revision. However if you have "too-pushy" parents who force you to revise a certain way for a set amount of time, surely you're more likely to get bored and then subsequently when it does come to the test, you may not have enough knowledge for it because you've spent most of your "allotted time for studying by your parents" moaning etc about how much you detest their way of making you revise.

Additionally, i am not saying that you do not need to revise, but what i am saying is that if you're forced everyday to revise via a certain method, whether it being textbook or reading your exercise book, you're quite likely to not understand it as you're getting miserable and grumpy with your "revision timetable".


I do understand what pushy parents would be like, but if they fotce you to study for 20 minutes, you are likely to realize that sitting around moaning is getting really boring really fast. Then you would decide that you may as well study, and whether you want to or not, you have info stuck in your head. If you try to set an allotted time for your self, you might decide to go play COD for a little while, and before you know it its bedtime and you haven't studied.
Debate Round No. 2


kyle.jones21 forfeited this round.


Urged studying is more effective than optional studying
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by redzone123 5 years ago
Happy Debating :-)
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