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Vaccinations do NOT cause autism or other mental illnessess

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Started: 5/3/2018 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Vaccines only have enough harmful material in them to incite an immune response, not enough to cause any lasting or even remotely severe damage to your body. Humans eradicated Smallpox with vaccines. Not even a SINGLE study has found a link between vaccines and autism. The magazine that actually said that they did withdrew their statement.


"Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies"

It seems you love to commit these, you are simply saying this because of your appeal to authority. I think you love straw man arguments, it's so clear it causes autism here are my sources:
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Posted by Fiasco 3 years ago
Thanks, Arganger.

I have some other commitments that have come up meanwhile, so I don't have the time to commit to a good debate. So I'm bowing out, I don't mean to hold anyone else back from accepting! Happy debating! :)
Posted by Arganger 3 years ago
You only have to ask if it is specified by the creator of the debate.
Posted by Fiasco 3 years ago
I would like to accept your debate. This will be my first debate, so I'm not certain of the proper protocol...but I think I'm supposed to ask your permission to accept here first? Just let me know and I'll be happy do debate you on this topic! :)
Posted by Arganger 3 years ago
I should clarify his point, autism isn't damage at all. It is a healthy and natural variation in the human genome, that happens to be disabling. It is tied into someone's basic thing, and personality, without it an autistic wouldn't be themselves.
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