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Started: 4/26/2019 Category: Health
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Vaccines cause people to live. The only basis of vaccines causing autism is the fact that vaccinated kids survive long enough to be diagnosed, Unlike non vaccinated children.



1) "Vaccines cause people to live". This is a stupid statement. Vaccines are preventative therapy.

2) The basis of vaccines possibly triggering autism is based on the fact that there are numerous cases of children displaying symptoms of autism shortly after vaccinations. Particularly M. M. R. Vaccine.

3) Common childhood infections such as M. M. R. May cause adverse effects in a small number of cases. I would therefore suggest that it is not illogical to suggest that there might be a similar response to the M. M. R. Vaccine.

4) The benefits of vaccinating against other highly contagious and high risk infections such as tuberculosis, Poliomyelitis and diphtheria for example are obvious, In these instances benefit clearly outweighs risk.
Whereas in the case of M. M. R. It could be argued that the benefit risk comparison is more evenly balanced.

5) I was born pre-M. M. R. And therefore was exposed to both measles and mumps infections ( maybe rubella also, Though the symptoms and effects are often not easily detectable), Along with just about every other child of the times.
I personally never knew or heard of any instances of adverse reactions to these infections. I would therefore question both the necessity of M. M. R. Vaccination and also the motive behind M. M. R. Vaccine.

6) Undoubtedly the driving force behind the pro-vaccine lobby is a highly lucrative and prosperous industry, Rather than out and out altruism. So I would suggest that it is justly appropriate to question the motives and principles of those involved.

N. B. There is a high risk potential from the rubella virus during pregnancy. Therefore one does not underestimate the importance of vaccination relative to these circumstances.
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Posted by TopNotch101 2 years ago
Honestly Akhenaten you shouldn't choose whether to debate someone or not just because of their age. Teenagers have a completely different perspective on the world than adults, Which can make debates much better
Posted by Akhenaten 2 years ago
I would debate you except for your age of 16 which means you are either a smart alec or have no life experience and would be a waste of my time.
Posted by Debaticus 2 years ago
Anti vaxx people aren't smart enough to get onto this site.
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