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Vaccine are Safe and Effective

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Started: 3/25/2017 Category: Science
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I will be arguing that vaccines are not safe, and that they have not been as effective as we are told. They are not the main cause of the decline in diseases such as polio and smallpox, and they are dangerous.


Assuming this is the acceptance round, I'll be trying to prove vaccines are safe.
Debate Round No. 1


People assume that vaccines are safe just because doctors recommend them, but it's not true. Vaccines have been portrayed as humanity's savior from diseases like Polio when they really weren't. Polio was already on the decline before the vaccine. Every year we are recommended to get the flu vaccine, but the flu shot is unnecessary and unsafe to get.

Vaccines are suppose to stimulate the reaction of a real virus, but the way this is artificially done is dangerous. Babies should avoid as much immune stimulation as they can. One study done showed that Immune molecules in the brain during neural development is damaging and can cause autism. So why are babies getting so many vaccinations? [1]

Also the amount of toxic substances in vaccines is way more than the amount that anyone should get at one time. Premature neonates should not receive more than 4 to 5 micrograms of aluminum per kilogram of body weight. An 8 pound healthy baby = max of 18.16mcg of aluminum. The Hep B vaccine has 250 micrograms. [2]

We are told that vaccines don't cause any other problems, but In a study of 11,000 children the chances of getting asthma were cut in half if vaccinations were delayed. [3]

After inoculation for that zostavax a person has a large chance of testing positive for the varicella zoster virus. Because of this, vaccinated individuals have the potential to spread the disease. [4]

Vaccines are filled with toxic ingredients, and deserve another critical look by parents. Do what's best for your child and don't give them all their vaccines. [5]



Vaccines don't cause autism.

A doctor named Andrew Wakefield
Was paid to lie and say they do:

Vaccines are safe. While it's not(and shouldn't be) required to get the flu shot every year, it's highly recommended.

Only early vaccination can cause asthma.

While it's not recommended to get some vaccines, others are safe and effective.
Debate Round No. 2


In round two I showed many studies, links, and explanations of why vaccines are not very safe and effective, and you did not rebut any of them. If you are going to say that I am wrong you should at least have a response to some of the studies I showed you that prove vaccines can be harmful.

You said "Vaccines don't cause autism." but saying something doesn't make it's true. If you're going to make a statement please back it up with a few more words.

Debate: a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward.

It would be nice if you could expound on that one sentence.

You provided a link to a large meta analysis that was studying the correlation between vaccines and autism, but you did not provide an explanation of how the test was done nor did the link you gave me. What I could find is that the study is heavily biased because the company leading the research is making money off of vaccines. If we are going to debate you're going to have to give me some proof or explanation, not just links.[1]

Then you provided a link to a CDC page. One of the links it had to a study didn't work, and the other one wasn't secure so I couldn't check the data. If you have a point please state it so I don't have to read through an entire website just to get your point.

The link to offered no proof, it only talked about Andrew Wakefield who I never mentioned in this debate, and it referenced the same meta analysis you had in your first link. said that vaccines were not linked to autism. And said that Andrew Wakefield's work was the cause of "widespread fear." Again I never mentioned Wakefield.

The link talks about a massive new study, but doesn't say what the study is.

Your next part is on Andrew Wakefield again for some reason. This debate is on vaccines and I never brought up Andrew Wakefield so why is he relevant to this debate?

Con said that "Only early vaccination can cause asthma." While agree that early vaccination can cause autism, I don't agree that only early vaccination can cause autism. Plus in the second round I said that "Babies should avoid as much immune stimulation as they can," and it seems as though Con agrees with me. Autism isn't all vaccines can cause, I mentioned four other problems with vaccines and Con has failed to mention or refute any of them.

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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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