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Veganism Is Less Healthy Than Non-Veganism

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Started: 8/2/2017 Category: Health
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I am going to argue that including animal products in one's diet is generally healthier than the alternative, and my opponent must argue that excluding animal products from one's diet is generally more healthy than the alternative.

The first round is not for acceptance on my opponents behalf, but for my opponent to present arguments. In order to ensure we have the same amount of rounds to argue, in the last round my opponent will simply put:


Good luck.


OK so first up it's a pleasure to be able to argue with you today however i'm afraid you'll struggle to walk after i'm done with this debate (friendly joke)
ok so where to start right we could start with generally why veganism is better than non-veganism
veganism is better because:
less animals are harmed
it's unnecessary to eat any products from animals as there are plenty of substitutes
meat causes havoc on you digestive system as it take a lot longer to digest meat than it does to digest vegetables
meat can also make your farts smell really bad
since humans are more evolved than other animals why should we resort to instincts the rely on
and finally veganism is better as it can help with lowering cholesterol

thank you for granting me your time i anxiously await your repsponse.
btw sorry for grammar cba going back to sort it.
Debate Round No. 1



I thank my opponent for her opening round. However, this isn't a debate about whether veganism is better than non-veganism in general, but about whether veganism is healthier or not with regards to our diets in general. Therefore, even if it was unethical to slaughter animals, which I do not grant, that has no bearing on the topic of the debate (neither does the odour of one's farts I believe).

--Responding To My Opponent's Relevant Points--

My opponent only makes two points that are relevant to the debate topic:

i) Since meat takes longer to digest it causes harm to the digestive system

ii) Veganism can help lower cholesterol

Unfortunately, the first claim is just utterly false. Humans have been eating meat for thousands of years and our digestive systems are well adapted with regards to meat consumption regardless of whether it takes more time to digest meat or not. As dietitian Fiona Carruthers notes:

"Meat will generally leave the stomach 2-3 hours and be fully digested in 4-6 hours. Our digestive system is well designed to digest meat in order to use its wide range of nutrients such as iron, zinc, and B vitamins." - Fiona Carruthers

Also, there is no good evidence that dietary cholesterol has any negative effect on cholesterol in the blood. There is "good" cholesterol (HDL) and "bad" cholesterol (LDL). It is true that the saturated fat in meat raises LDL but it also raises HDL too. HDL is actually associated with a reduced risk of health problems [1] [2] [3].

Also not all LDL is linked to negative cardiovascular issues. Dense LDL is linked to heart disease, but large LDL is benign. Here is the kicker; saturated fat actually converts dense LDL to large LDL [4] [5] [6]

So the saturated fat in meat raises both the "good" cholesterol and "bad" cholesterol but also converts dense LDL into large LDL. Therefore, the myth that the saturated fat increases the risk of heart disease contradicts today's best science.

--Reasons Why Non-Veganism Is The Healthier Choice--

i) Animal protein provides the best protein. For one, it is more rich in essential amino acids than plant protein. Also, animal protein causes better bone mineral density [7], while protein in plant sources is linked with lower density. Plant protein comes with plant toxins as well, which probably serves as the best explanation as to why plant protein is associated with a risk of diseases [8]. Additionally, animal sources of protein are more nutrient dense, meaning to get the same amount of protein from non-animal sources entails more carbohydrates entering the body than necessary.

ii) Fat-soluble vitamins A and D are lacking in vegan diets. Vegetables that are claimed to have vitamin A really only have carotene (a precursor to vitamin A). Vitamin D is in the same boat; people claim mushrooms have Vitamin D but it only contains Vitamin D2 (which is poorly absorbed).

iii) A vegan diet without heavy Soy consumption is extremely difficult. The problem with Soy is the phytoestrogen, which causes hormone imbalances (even in infants [9]).

iv) Vitamin K2 is what transfers calcium to our bones; vegan diets lack it.

v) Out of all the different groups of eaters, vegans have he highest rate of vitamin B12 deficiency. The B12 that is readily absorbed can only be found in animal sources.

vi) Omega-3 in plants are only ALA. ALA needs to be converted to EPA or DPA and this conversion is very poor.


My opponent's reasons for thinking Veganism is healthier are misconceived. I provided six powerful reasons as to why Non-Veganism is healthier. I await my opponent's response.












dude listen, you're WAYY to professional for me. i'm a 15 BOY and did this because i was looking for topics with a friend and this one seemed easy clearly my judgment was misplaced. you were linking sources? dude points from an onision video XDD. anyway to be honest yeah i mi read the title in excitement since i though this would be an easy topic to win. so alright my dude i guess you win by forfeit lol. but i still think that veganism is still healthier for common sense since meat has like many more chances to be bad for you like idk raw, tapeworms etc

Anyway my dude you seem like you have no life (since you're arguing website with anonymous people) you should get out and possibly get laid (might be too late though i heard 64 year old getting children)
Debate Round No. 2


Yes, meat can be bad for you raw... That is why you cook it. Additionally, I find it ironic that you claim I have no life because I debate online with anonymous people, considering you joined a debating website in which the sole purpose is debating with anonymous people (which is exactly what you are doing here). As far as me getting laid is concerned, the baby in my profile pic is mine and I can assure you she wasn't delivered by a stork. My life is great, I have a full time sales position for a big company, my own place with my fiance and daghter, I get paid to perform music, go out with the boys, oh, and let's not forget; I eat meat.


dude, as far as i'm concerned you're a robot. you took everything i said so seriously like jesus christ man when i say "get laid" where i come from it usually you means you're really uptight and boring and you should loosen up but i guess i didn't make that clear. my bad mr Spock (that's a joke.) aAnd as far a the ironic part i joined this to troll with my friend like we'd go on stupid debates and just take the piss but come clean at the end while i've only competed in like 2-3 debates you've competed in like 223 or something (btw congrats on the 73% win ratio means nothing irl though again proving you're just wasting your time by doing this) about the baby thing i've explained just before what i mean t by "getting laid again my apologies i didn't explain what that meant in my town. about sales position for your big company, good for you i'm rally proud of you however i find it quite funny how i called you boring and you just so happened to work as a full time sales person. as for the fiance again everything i said was a joke but good for you since you've got a 1-up on me (joke i'm 15) as for busking and going out for the boys that's nothing special to brag about. humans are social creatures and there's a ton of people who get paid to play music, hell i could perform if i had the balls to perform in front of crowds. as for "i eat meat" i think any sane person does lol (that was a joke)

and because you took this "troll" i guess like a true robot here's a link that could really help you out:
Debate Round No. 3


Cool story bro!


Okay then....
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Doomtocommunist12 4 years ago
get rekt meat eating pussss XDDDD
Posted by Masterful 4 years ago
Although my rabbit will eat chicken
Posted by Masterful 4 years ago
Veganism is definitely healthier for rabbits.
Posted by Rational_Thinker9119 4 years ago
It may take me a little while as I have a lot of points I want to cover, I may not post my response until tomorrow.
Posted by AveryGaleson 4 years ago
Veganism is definitely healthier.
Posted by AveryGaleson 4 years ago
Veganism is definitely healthier.
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