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Started: 9/23/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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We have all been raised in a society that has convinced us that wrong is right. From childhood, we have actually been taught that animals are something to use, to be made into a sandwich, or a bag or a jacket. That society also once said slavery is okay.

All good people follow the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Animals qualify as others. They feel fear, pain and grief, just like people. In terms of suffering there is no difference between killing a cow and killing a person. They both feel the same degree of pain, they are both innocent therefore both cases are wrong.

Quite frankly, eating meat is a very selfish thing to do. Meat eaters believe that as long as they get their bacon, animal abuse is okay. They believe that the taste of chicken or beef is more important than the lives of innocent and terrified beings. That mentality is pure evil. Meat is pleasurable to eat,but you can also eat a totally healthy vegan diet. Therefore meat is killing for fun.

Meat eaters make the same excuses Nazis made, and slave owners. They decide that because someone is different, they are inferior. If humans were really superior to animals, we would know better than to slaughter 150 billion of them per year. Yeah, you read that right. This is the worst holocaust that has ever taken place, and yet it's happening right this second.

The only time it is okay to eat meat is to save your own life. Not because it tastes good.

You also don't need to eat meat or animal products like dairy and honey to be healthy. Humans are biologically herbivores. Our teeth are designed to chew plants. Our jaws can move side to side, like a cow. Dogs and other meat eaters can't do that.

We also have the correct intestine length in relation to our torso to be herbivores, and we have no carnivorous instincts. People see slaughterhouse footage and it makes them upset. If a bear saw a slaughterhouse he would think it's a buffet. Slaughterhouse workers have been known to get PTSD. Think about that for a second.

Meat, in my opinion is disgusting. When you eat meat you are literally eating a dead body. A corpse. Gross.

You don't need cows milk to be healthy anymore than you need dog milk to be healthy. You can get plenty of calcium from fruit.

Besides torturing and slaughtering billions of innocent animal per year, the meat industry cause 51% of the carbon emissions on this planet and destroy more forest than any other industry in order to raise cattle that will be murdered one day.

In short, we've all been duped. Bad health, a shitty planet and torture are not, and never will be worth the taste of bacon.


Just because someone eats meat, it doesn't make them evil. An animal's purpose is to create. We use them for YOU to survive. If we didn't kill animals, almost half of humans' food would be gone. Meat also has protein, which is a big part of a daily diet. Manufacturers also use many animals' skin and fur to make products for humans.

Humans have been hunting and eating meat for years, there's truly no point in stopping it now. Animal products are good for you, that's just fact.
Debate Round No. 1


I don't think meat eaters are evil at heart. They have simply been raised in an evil society. Many people are completely unaware of the atrocities that take place in a slaughterhouse. McDonald's makes commercials about singing, happy cows. Don't fall for the "it's Humane" argument. Killing is never humane.

If you want to discuss food supply, consider this: An estimated 80% of our crops are used to feed animals on factory farms. Those same crops could be used to feed starving children. The meat industry actually starves more people than it feeds.

And you can get plenty of protein from other foods:
(Feel free to explore that website.)

Animals are literally skinned so that people can wear fur, when they can wear a variety of other materials. Hunting is a sad excuse to shoot animals for fun. No one hunts for food, because it is too expensive, time consuming and inconsistent. They simply hunt for the thrill of the kill.

Zaephou also made a comment about our canines. Consider this: gorillas have bigger canines than we do and they eat plants. Men have nipples, but that does not mean they should breastfeed. Humans have canines, but that does not mean that they should consume dead and tortured animals.
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Posted by TheBenC 2 years ago
We need more vegans but only because I love meat and there will be more of it for me! MMMM steaks steaks might be cheaper too, it is a win-win.

Real question - can vegans drink breast milk?
Posted by AnthonyH 2 years ago
I agree and disagree. I agree that we don't need to eat meat, that the meat industry is destroying the planet through deforestation and pollution, and that animals are horribly mistreated by the industries in ways that are quite sickening. Whether we human beings are naturally herbivore, omnivore, or carnivore ... I kinda see that as besides the point here. The majority of the world eats meat and has done so throughout (recorded) history, this is unfortunately intrenched in today's societies. In a peaceful, utopia-like world we might be able alter our eating/consuming habits (as a whole) in respect to ALL life in general but at the moment I believe it boils down simply to the problem of overpopulation.
Overpopulation = food shortage = starving people = extreme measures (eg meat industry) = unsustainability = eventual collapse and destruction.
On the other hand, people need to be made aware that food gardens (through methods like permaculture) are a hundred times more sustainable/practical/healthy/intelligent than relying on expensive steroid/chemical pumped meat that most likely doesnt even come from your own country and/or contribute to your economy (never mind your health).
In my opinion, given the chance, it's simple, practical, intelligent alternatives like permaculture that will eventually sway the general opinion (and behaviour) of earth's population regarding food.
One last thing, since this is a debate website where opinions are put forth :), I don't particularly believe that the concept of "evil" is an actual reality. I think it's an overused human concept which (usually) only applies to extreme injustices upon us human beings, but they way that you put it ... I could almost agree.
Posted by Zaephou 2 years ago
So, you are proposing that there are no difference between species, and that we should care more about other species than our own species. Also, other is a pronoun used specifically on people, not any other species.

Get your facts right.
Posted by Zaephou 2 years ago
Yes, ignore our canines and appendix, and focus just on molars!
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