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Vegetarianism is a healthier lifestyle than meat

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Started: 3/14/2014 Category: Health
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I believe and am a vegetarian and know thats a better lifestyle than meat. If you decide to debate you will go Con stating having meat in your diet is healthier than being vegetarian.

cite sources
Don't forfeit
Correct Grammar and punctuation


This will be fun.

Let's first define health (healthy is just the act of possessing health).
According to the relevant definitions of health are: the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor/soundness of body or mind; freedom from disease or ailment. (

Now human beings are omnivores, we have incisors and can digest meat as well as plants. Humans were designed to consume meat as well as plants. Animals are designed in such a way that their diet provides them good condition of the body and mind, else they wouldn't survive. As omnivores we are designed to eat both plants and meats, by cutting out one it's unnatural and therefore unhealthy. From this we can conclude that having meat in your diet is natural and therefore healthy.

I lay this out real simple so you can nitpick easier.

P = premise
SC = sub-conclusion
C = conclusion

P1 - human beings are omnivores (we have incisors and can digest meat as well as plants)
SC1/P2 - humans were designed to consume mean as well as plants.
P3 - animals are designed in such a way that their diet provides them good condition of the body and mind (being healthy) else they wouldn't survive.
SC2/P4 - as we are designed to be omnivores, cutting either meat or plants out of the diet of an omnivore is unnatural.
C - having meat in your diet (as an omnivore) is therefore natural and healthy, more so than not having meat in your diet.

I've gone for short and sweet to keep the argument focused, hope you don't mind.
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for accepting

you state that humans are natural omnivores, its natural it we use are bare hands and catch and kill our meat with out any seasonings and without cooking. I never seen a bear come up to the McDonald's drive through to order a Big Mac. They are omnivores that will catch fish out of the water and eat it when its flapping in there jaw!

Meat is a big threat to America's obesity rate. Meat contains lots of fat and, meat is also eating a lot in a day with dinner, (school) lunches and breakfast. I bet theirs someone out there that eats a couple pieces of bacon in the morning then has a hot dog at lunch then goes to McDonald's for dinner.

P1 - real meat eaters will hunt and kill their prey without a fryer
Sc1/P2 - Meat is a big factor of America's obesity rate
P3 - lots of children Eat more meat than veggies
SC/4 - if we were true omnivores we would have fangs
C- we are not true omnivores and decreasing meat is better for the diet



Humans are omnivores, we are designed (naturally or by God your choice) to consume meat. Here are several sources:

I hope that's enough. Just because we do not kill the animals we eat naturally does not mean we are not naturally inclined to eat meat. Whether it is ethical is a whole different debate.

Meat is not the cause or even a leading cause of obesity in the United States, that would be fast food restaurants. While meat is typically the primary item served on menus in these restaurants it is not the only fat-filled item. Obesity and widespread heart problems in the United States are a result of increased trans-fat and sodium intake, both being very common in the fast food industry.
Humans have been eating meat for millenia, why would it only now be causing a massive increase in obesity? That was a rhetorical question, as meat is likely not causing obesity. As a side note, I could point out that vegetarianism and veganism have seen a rise in popularity as obesity has risen. There is likely no correlation and I don't believe there is, but the argument is there.

The last part was a mess but let's address it any ways.

P1 - real meat eaters will hunt and kill their prey without a fryer
- What about the dogs and cats people have as pets, they do not hunt and kill their prey. Nor do scavenger birds and other wild animals that scavenge.

Sc1/P2 - Meat is a big factor of America's obesity rate
- I already addressed this in my second paragraph. p.s. That's not a sub-conclusion without a supporting premise.

P3 - lots of children Eat more meat than veggies
- Let's just assume this is true, according to recent CDC data, the obesity rate amongst children is dropping.

SC/4 - if we were true omnivores we would have fangs
- We do have fangs, they're called canines (I mistakenly called them incisors in my previous argument), and they're located between your incisors and your premolars.
- Again that was not a sub-conclusion.

C- we are not true omnivores and decreasing meat is better for the diet
- Since P1 was insufficient, and P2-4 were unacceptable due to contradictory evidence, your conclusion here is moot.
Debate Round No. 2


Humans are omnivores, we are designed (naturally or by God your choice) to consume meat. It would be Natural if we didn't treat our animals like how we do today. It is 100% natural to hunt and eat it raw like what lions do, but it is also good if you want to eat meat to go to farms who use animals that died of natural causes

You state that we are natural omviores but this is really not natural,

Meat is not the cause or even a leading cause of obesity in the United States,

What do Most fast food resterants sell? Meat! You cant go to Mcdonald's and get a veggie burger. Yes The Fast Food Industry is the leading cause of obiesty but they all serve meat and fries!


Your sources are pictures. Pictures of the conditions in which animals are kept prior to being prepared for consumption by us. While debatably unethical, it is entirely irrelevant to the health aspects meat has on diet. Simply because we treat animals in unnatural ways prior to eating them does not mean that eating them or having meat in our diet is itself unnatural.

While meat is the most common food served in fast food restaurants, that doesn't mean that mean is the cause of obesity. That is due to sodium, trans fats, sugar and empty calories present in foods laden with preservatives.

If it was the meat in fast food restaurants that were the cause of obesity, meat prepared in the home or other restaurants would cause obesity. However it doesn't, meat can be quite healthy (beef itself contains B12, niacin, iron, zinc and selenium). Meat is also very high in protein and thus good for development of bones and muscles.
Debate Round No. 3


Supporting meat supports those pictures that I shown. Think about those animals they probably feel pain, right? I bet that they want to run free into the wild and be free. No! we use them to feed our fat bodies. I would start eating meat if humans got some respect in animals and actually thought about the danger of farms and went out into the wild and caught our food. I'm not talking about using a shotgun I mean using your bare hands and attacking it to eat at the moment.

True Meat Eaters

Meat though has a lot of calories and fats. Even the ones at the Grocery store. The Chicken that is in the farm to make a roast not cage free so it is stuck in a cage being fed and gaining pounds. when it hits the slaughter the only weight it loses is the head's strong weight. Now it reaches the fryer and reaches up to around 500 calories, plus all the carbs.


For one, the treatment of the animals we eat is not the topic of this debate and in fact entirely irrelevant (unless you can prove that treating animals differently will affect their nutritional value). As well just because someone supports eating meat does not mean they necessarily support the conditions in which animals are kept. The images you used didn't support this, their purpose was for shock and awe, something reminiscent of some pro-life protestors.

Calories are found in every food, what differs is whether or not they are used up or wasted by not exercising. It is not meat that is the problem, but the eater who does not carefully watch his caloric intake and exercise accordingly.

Meat also has other nutritional value you failed to address earlier such as protein, iron, niacin, zinc, B12 and others (source previously posted).

In conclusion meat is a healthy part of our diet.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by kbub 6 years ago
Well, one will have a healthy life. The other will of course be dead.
Posted by AizenKnaik 7 years ago
Well, I disagree to that idea. Not all nutrients can be found in vegetables. The tendency is, if you're a vegetarian, then I think you have to face the consequences of eating too much vitamins that are abundant in vegetables. Similarly, if you don't eat vegetables and rather prefer meat, then I think you'll experience the same dilemma. Pretty much, we just have to make things in our body in a constant 'harmony' or equilibrium. By that, probably, we can live a healthy life.
Posted by bettabreeder 7 years ago
Thanks kbub :)
Posted by kbub 7 years ago
Hope this helps:
Posted by kbub 7 years ago
Darn right it's healthier. It's more ethical, too.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con's arguments about the benefits were more logical and better supported than con's heavily emotion driven appeal against meat.

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