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Video Games can Change you Life for the Better

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Started: 11/19/2017 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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My Argument is that Video Games Can change peoples lives for the better, granted, with being Self aware; this is not to say that video games have not hurt people or influenced people in a negative way. Winning should be based on Audience judgment on who had the most convincing and persuasive argument. Articles or other source based evidence is allowed but prefer to have a personal Opinion vs Personal opinion based argument on this one

I Contest that Video Games have been a Social Serotonin for hermits and other people who have found a lack of companionship in other aspects of life. Also fro relationships friends and family to provide a variety source of entertainment

My Points
Men can be attached to cars So much to the fact they will break the neck of anyone who steps 5 feet of it, an Object, that cant talk or socialize, So how much more could a video gamer be attached to live characters that can interact and tell a story and touch on the powerful human psyche of social concepts and visualization of men and women in the game in relation to their own self.

Women can be attached to purses and hair extensions and again these objects do not talk or socialize with the person Buying them, so once more how much more would it be for a video gamer to get attached to a game that allows him to do things in a superficial world that he could never do in real life and see themselves personified in a character creation system

NOTE in both the men and women scenarios I am not downplaying the significance of the items they buy or hold value in, because those things are a symbol of expression of themselves and can be sentimental

I end Round 1 in the fact that Video games can help people who are lonely or single or even in a relationship and can provide entertainment for couples friends and family.


I will begin this round with my personal opinion - and will not use any sources of evidence from other sites until the next rounds.

As a gamer myself, I have found that playing games can improve my physical and mental awareness in real life situations. For example, as a fan of the video game FIFA, I discovered that playing football against people on-line and in the one player modes has had a positive result on my abilities, techniques and functionality in real life football. I discovered the execution of my long shots, through balls and dribbling and many other areas of the real life game had improved. Also, games like Last Of Us and the Uncharted series have enabled me to watch and learn the many ways i can physically do certain things and as a result my climbing and physical activities have improved in general.
However, as they can change peoples lives for the better, I have to admit, health suffers due to a lack of exercise and socialising - even for me.
Although I may have improved my football game, I didn't improve my fitness, and as a result I overestimated my abilities to last long for the full real life amateur level football game. I became very tired even as the 2nd half had just started 1 minute in. As a result, I could no longer run by the 55th minute, and was substituted. So fitness suffers as a result of a lack of exercise. Sitting down and playing video games may influence you to make the right desicions in real life situations, but you are not the computer generated character - never tired and always fit as a fiddle no matter what you throw at them.
Another negative is the inability to go out and socialise face to face, at clubs or bars, and to meet new people in the real world. When attached to a certain game, constructive time can go out the window and be replaced with a never ending quest to complete a certain game, and more time could be spent on academic studies instead, bettering chances of future success in careers for many gamers.
Debate Round No. 1


well Said, Con has made some interesting Points about Games soaking up your social time and making you not as physically fit as you could be. However I will proceed with my further argument why Games can change your life for the better.

For one it should be noted, that as I stated in the beginning that were will be times people will use video games as a means to destroy their lives, lack of social activity for playing games 20 hours straight or using something they saw in a game to hurt someone, or seeing something in the game like a cool physical activity that seems doable but in reality its not and trying to mimic it and hurting yourself physically. All of these things I acknowledge. However people who use video games for the behaviors that I mentioned above it essentially has nothing to do with video games itself and more so a lack of priority setting for themself and personal mental fortitude and self discipline.

Games have evolved since 10 years ago even 5 years even 2years ago. There is so many things you can do now. You can socialize with people all across the work with xbox live and the PlayStation network/Community and talk about similar interests, for people who are shy that could be a tool for them to break out of their shell. Games can bring together families couples and friends with interactive games. Also there are education games to stimulate the brain. Also there are games that can teach you the proper way to work out that works in the real world because the game was designed with personal trainers working with the programmers and game developers
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