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Video games are art

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Started: 3/13/2017 Category: Technology
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The games should be considered art, you need an artist or have drawing skills for making the graphics of the video games, look at the atmosphere, the characters, the enemies, look at the landscape, everything is made by draws that make the sprites or models, that make the art style of the video game, I mean, how Breath of the Wild can't be art, or video games in general?

Look at Horizon Zero Down$

Or Journey

And Broken Age
No one cared.
I mean, why at least certain video games can't be art, but a few scratches and scribbles from Pollock are art?
I mean, if those games were the scratches and scribbles of Pollock everybody would be missing, rverybody would be losing their mind.


An art piece is a creative work created to be appreciated for its beauty or emotional power (1). While it is possible for a video game to be art, the majority of video games do not fit this criterion.

My opponent has stated that many video games use graphics and modelling to create beauty. In this case, however, it is important to distinguish between design and art; art is to be appreciated for its beauty, while design is intended to facilitate something else. In this case, the design, such as graphics, of a video game is not primarily intended to be beautiful, but rather to create an environment in which the player can be entertained, making it design rather than art. Furthermore, not all video games need to use beautiful graphics; a barebones video game can consist of using coloured blocks as sprites. This is because video game graphics are intended to facilitate entertainment, and they do not need to be art in order to fulfill their purpose.

It is possible to create a video game that is not art. A pong game, for instance, does not focus on graphics and beauty; its primary goal is to entertain, and its entertainment comes not because it looks good, but because it presents a challenge for the player to solve. Any computer program that entertains people by presenting a challenge is a video game, and beauty or emotional power are not necessary to presenting an entertaining challenge.

As a result of the previous arguments, it is clear that video games are not necessarily art.

Debate Round No. 1


But, as you said "it is possible", There is nothing to stop anyone to appreciate the video games beauty as art.
The design gives the form of the game, but the art style gives it a personality, like Cup Head, it's a platform game game, but it looks like a 1930's cartoon. Zelda Breath Of The Wild, it's an open world but with a cartoon style. Resident Evil 7, it's an horror game and it's realistic, with some graphic and sound elements to give the player the sense of constant danger (but RE7 at the beginning Capcom does great, but then it's predictable and eliminates that sense of danger, more like action, but predictable). And there are more art styles than these I mentioned earlier.

Just to show you some games that can be considered art:

Good to debate with you.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by AlFox 3 years ago
Because there are still people that still beliee they are not.
Posted by SkySky16 3 years ago
by definition they are so... why the debate
Posted by AlFox 3 years ago
I got Wrong a name, I corrected it.
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
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