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Video games cause more harm than good

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Started: 12/3/2013 Category: TV
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I believe that video games have a negative social outcome and they do more harm to society than they benefit it.

First round is for acceptance.
Just let me know what your stance is on this subject.
Round two is for initial evidence.
Explorations of your position are important to the overall decision making process
Round Three is for refutation.
You think I'm wrong, I think you are wrong. Wait for this round to say why.
Round Four is for Rebuttal.
Further evidence to define your own position.
Round Five is for Agreements and conclusions.
If I make statement that you agree with, let it be known. Do you continue to hold
your position?


Of course, I am here to debate against my opponent, Video games have become a massive part of today's culture , offering jobs, ways to connect, and is just plain fun. I am ecstatic to get this debate on the way and good luck to my opponent.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you, ThaAwesome1. Good luck to you also.

Video games do more harm to society then they do good for society.

Unimaginable situations- Video games put their users into unimaginable situations that often represent true moral and philosophical dilemmas but keep their audience detached from the consequences of the dilemmas. If a person was in a situation where aliens were trying to destroy their planet, maybe they would actually put on a bionic suit, pick up a gun, and fight the aliens to victory or death, we don’t know. Perhaps from playing a video game such as Halo, they would be more likely to perform in the same manner as Master Chief. But it stands to reason that if a person were more likely to become enlisted in the Navy after playing this game, wouldn’t the same likely hood apply to the people who play Grand-theft auto to become a criminal. Is a person who plays Need for Speed more likely to become a street racer than someone who has never heard of the game?

Lifestyle Advertising--The U.S. Navy endorses games like Halo because it is advertisement that encourages youngsters to become recruits. Every game is an advertisement for the lifestyle it portrays. Even if every GTA player does not become a criminal, their mind is being programmed during continued game play to condone things like drug use, sex trade, police murdering, reckless driving, car stealing, car bombing, etc. And if you don’t do it right the first time, you get a second chance, and as many chances as you need until you perform the task to the game makers satisfaction.

Encourages Lethargy— The mind can process images faster than the body can react, but the mind does process every image it sees. The events that occur in the game are indistinguishable to the mind from actual events. This is proven by gamers claiming to have actually completed the tasks in the game. The mind tells the body that it needs the same amount of calorie intake to perform the virtual task as it would to perform the actual task. But the body isn’t putting out the same amount of energy needed to perform the actual task. The body while playing the video game is in a relaxed state exhausting a little more energy than it takes to sleep.

Artificial Achievements – Games are riddled with artificial achievements, but the reality is that a disk goes in to console and come out the same disk. All the points and unlocks mean nothing to anyone else except the gamer. Why should they? Points are intangible and have no function outside of the game. They are locked away in a corruptible save file waiting patiently to be reawakened the next time the player chooses to access them. That is not the case in real life. Achievements come from labor and repetition and there is no one standing over you waiting to congratulate you for every little thing that happens. Real life achievements build on themselves and never leave, they apply to you all the time even if you switch careers. Achievements and points from one game do not carry over to another. If some people spent the same amount of time manipulating the real world as they did video games, we would have thousands of musicians instead of Rock Band, and farmers instead of Farmville, and city or park developers instead of Roller Coaster Tycoon and the like. Praise is like a drug, we yearn for it and we are willing to do whatever it takes to get it. It certainly is gratifying to get that praise when all it takes is a few moments kicked back on the couch.

Unusable skills -- Why do the real thing when you can play the video game. Economically it makes sense, I don’t know the exact cost of the following things but I know buying the video game pretend version is a lot cheaper than snowboarding, motocross riding, race car driving, and going to war. But is the gamer actually getting the benefit of a knowing how to do the things they are gaming? No, they aren’t. It takes a lot of stamina, strength, and training to pull of the stunts performed in video games. This is where the mental degradation from video games comes into play. Not only are many of the stunts impossible for the imperial athletes, but all of the stunts are impossible for the gamer who may accomplish these feats with nothing more than a flick of the wrist, or thumb. The continued use of video games trains the minds to believe the only way to accomplish the given tasks are through the video game.

Impaired Social Interactions – Life is real easy when others move instantly in your control. If you are person who doesn’t believe the tasks are actually being performed by you, but rather a proxy avatar, a true mental restriction has taken place. It is the same as saying the words of a dummy are not the words of the ventriloquist who operates it. The results between the dummy and the avatar are the same. If you say crawl, the avatar crawls. If you say kill, the avatar kills. There is no task (within the confines of the game) that your avatar will not do. More importantly, they will never question your decision making skills even if it means death. The avatar will never complain as humans do, and you don’t have to care about avatar feelings. You never have to check up on NPCs to see if they did the tasks you asked them to do. They just come back later and tell you whatever the game makers predetermined them to tell you. You don’t even get to decide what you say back to them. There is no yelling or dismissal of friendship, and if you do get to choose a response, the responses are limited. Yelling at a TV, or controller, or plant, or whatever else you take your frustrations out on do not affect the game play in the slightest. Try yelling another human, the responses change depending on your relationship with each other and combined personalities.

These are my initial points what are yours.



Thank you for accepting, and i am looking forward to a great debate, and here are my main points to my cause.

1. Video games is a great way to earn money.
There are many competitions that involve video gaming, and if you win there is many great prizes to win. There are hundreds of students at university that could use the money from winning at these events. Apart from winning competitions, companies such as EA Games and Valve make millions of dollars for creating video games that are popular in modern society. Video games have become a great part of todays society, and companies use this to their advantage.

2. Video games are a great way to play with your friends.
Almost every video game is multiplayer, and there is even a genre of video games that is mainly multiplayer. Mainly multiplayer online video games, or MMO's are extremely popular among teens. Video games can bring people together, and you can have some friendly competitions and challenges to yourself. Achievements enable bragging rights and show your extreme skill.

3. There are many benefits to playing video games.
Better Reflexes: Many things happen extremely fast in video games. Playing them helps your quick thinking in your brain.

Better Multitasking: Many games have you focus on several things like your health and the enemy, your surroundings etc.

Video games also help with stress and the ability to focus on a certain thing.

4. Video games has so much variety
There is so much variety, everyone from any age can find something that they enjoy. Not all video games are gory or inappropriate, in fact there is so many to help with your brain, such as Portal 2. There are many games for children of a younger age to go on an adventure with their favorite characters from TV, such as Dora. There is so many consoles that a person could choose from, like Xbox, Playstation, Wii, etc.

5. Video games have started to add exercise.
Due to advances in technology, we now have devices such as Kinect for the Xbox, Wii, etc that people can use for extremely fun, fitness. Now we have the technology for it, any age can use these consoles for exercise. There is now many games for exercise that include many different sports and exercise programs.
Debate Round No. 2


Video games are not a “good” way to earn money. They are a way to earn money the same as selling drugs is a way to earn money, or becoming a stripper is a way to earn money. Competitions have high entry fees and are oversaturated with savants. The average game player would probably make more money starting a garage band than playing video games. Unless you mean making money for the game makers, and the advertisers. There seems to be a market for people who want to sit on the couch and do nothing for 30-40 hours a week. Game makers are giving visual content to stories that would otherwise be non-existent. The problem is that many of those stories should have stayed that way. Sitting on your couch keeps you from doing other stuff like taking out the trash, paying attention to your actual surroundings, and getting good sleep. You can’t be attentive all the time, but it’s better to be attentive during the time you can be.

Video games are great way to play with a computer and call it your friend. MMO’s restrict non-verbal communication which truly the core of all communication whether you believe it’s 93% of all communication or some other number. Gaming also restricts interactive physical contact. Sure if you are in the same room as second player, you can trade jabs and eat popcorn together, but when it comes to online you might as well be playing with NPC’s. You sit alone and talk to your computer telling it to pick up certain items, or perform certain tasks. The only difference between an NPC and a player controlled by another human being is variable response. Your actions and their actions are both limited by the game which acts as interference between both people. One person interacts with the game, the game interacts with the other player, the other player interacts back. Fighting genre games can prove that many players have no clue what the player next to them is doing, the buttons they press are in response to the characters on the screen not the thumb and finger movements of the player. Many players consider movement off the screen as a distraction and refuse to take their eyes away from the screen for even one moment. A girl could be standing there naked for all they know, they will not turn away and are completely shut off from their environment.

What good are reflexes if they only occur in your thumbs? Reflexes come from doing task repetitively and continuously responding the same way to certain stimuli. Pavlov’s Dog is an example of this. Master rings a bell, it’s time to eat. Zombie pops out at you x,x,x,x,x, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. You’re physical reflexes are diminishing as you spend more and more time practicing being immobile.

Better at multi-tasking? There’s a cliché that calls some people a “Jack of all trades…A master of none.” Too much “multi-tasking” cause cognitive difficulties when it comes to focusing on a single event. Many people call that ADD, ADHD, and Hyper-Activity. In real life, skills build upon skills and trust comes from experience. I’m just not going to trust a guy who is always talking about how he knows about everything. Being good at more than one thing is great. Claiming to be good at everything is questionable. That time spent multi-tasking could have been spent making you a guru.

I hope by help you with stress and the ability to focus on a certain thing. You mean epileptic seizures. Video games also cause epileptic seizures, so we’ll see if that is considered a good.

There is a great variety of video games but they all have one thing in common. They are just dying to tell you how well you are at performing the tasks you are required to do. Here’s an example of that praise in truth.; As I have never played portal 2, I decided it would be best for me to research it on youtube and I found the said link to be a true gem in proving addiction to the praise that happens unnaturally in video games. The walk through makes it look easy, but it seems to come with a lot of frustration. I can imagine a player Back tracking, pushing buttons that don’t do anything, performing certain tasks in confusing unknown sequences all for a prerecorded message of adulation. And the points don’t go anywhere. They just stay on the disk. The accomplishments are not tangible, and they vary from game to game.

I don’t want to repeat myself too much, but this sense of accomplishment is the reason why Angry Birds is such a widespread game. Each level starts with birds grumbling which induces stress. To relieve that stress, you must destroy all of the pigs. The music is very encouraging, but skips beats. The music plays tricks on the mind that cause panic and poor performance in the game. If you don’t destroy the pigs, they laugh at you and you try agian to overcome the percieved ridicule. If you do destroy the pigs a very warming praise comes from the birds. You are presented with your star achievements and then you are returned to a new level with the sound of stressed out birds.

Sports video games are great, but imperial sports are better. Video games have lag, the lag of today’s game is less than the lag of years gone by but it’s still there. Lag causes movements in interactive video games to be repeated over and over. You mustn’t repeat movement over and over for others to notice them in real life as you do for the machine. In outdoor sports there are many factors which are not present in video games, First and foremost is running. Using your body to press against gravity and move yourself great distances far out ways the benefit of running in place. Many times the movements in interactive video games are not the same as they are in real life. In Wii bowling for example, the balance and weight of a 12 pound ball cannot be matched. The movements with the controller in your hand are much different than they are with a real ball and Wii has a lot of forgiveness. And it probably should, the player isn’t fighting gravity, or friction, or variations in lane composition which all add to the experience of doing tasks in real life.


ThaAwesome1 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


I have nothing to rebut at this time.


ThaAwesome1 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


I would like to conclude with a few ideas. My opponent clearly presents that video games are requiring more physical activity. I refuted that because physical activity is not the norm, and the virtual physical activity is not as beneficial as imperial physical activity. My opponent forfeited rounds 3 and 4 which causes a full 7 point vote in my favor to be acceptable under the DDO rules.

If my opponent had anything to refute of my arguments, he could have refuted them during the forfeited rounds, he was certainly online during the debate period. I know because I checked periodically.

Although there is some good that comes from video games, They are consistently more harmful to society then beneficial, and my opponent showed no social benefit. Even though I provided several detriments which far out weigh the small amount of benefit they provide.

What information he did provide, I refuted. He says video games are a good way to make money. I proved that was unrealistic.


ThaAwesome1 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
16 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by legodude123 5 years ago
I know that is a problem but people blame games for school shootings
Posted by Josh_b 5 years ago
Are you saying that addiction to video games is a not harmful to society?
Posted by legodude123 5 years ago
yeah hey I think it doesnt eff violence
Posted by Josh_b 5 years ago
hello legodude. welcome to ddo
Posted by legodude123 5 years ago
Video games dont do harm its just that kids are addicted and it causes no crime
Posted by jrrjacques 5 years ago
I believe it to be harmful, but there is nothing anyone can do to remove it. I believe only certain (or rather the majority of) video games do harm to the way a person thinks. One who plays games with profuse profanity, graphic gore, and highly suggestive scenes is more likely to murder someone (and have no regrets (and even like it)) than someone who plays video games without the above. For some children, killing an imaginary being is all they know. They want games that are closer to reality. In some cases if they can't get it they do it themselves in reality.
Posted by Josh_b 5 years ago
@christianpunk and for those games that you use your body, the true effects of gravity, friction and motion are not present as the would be in outdoor games.
Posted by ChristianPunk 5 years ago
You don't just move your thumbs. With the Wii controller, you move your wrist. Kinect, Wii pad, and Playstation Eye, you use your body.
Posted by Josh_b 5 years ago
Gohan -- Video games increase how fast you move your thumbs, like I mentioned in this debate. I doubt any claim of significant increases in other muscle reflexes. If you have proof of your claim, debate me.
Posted by Gohan12345 5 years ago
Josh b video game makers make lots and lots of money and can help with great reflexes along with sports
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