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Video gaming is good for Brain

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Started: 3/5/2014 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I am in support of this . First round is for acceptance.


I accept your challenge and will wait patiently for your arguments, pro.
Debate Round No. 1


Playing video games increases our:
1. Concentration.
2. Quick responses of Brain.
3. High level thinking.
4. Decision making, Strategy and management.
5. Memory of brain, Skills and creativity of brain.
6. Coordination between our eye and fingers.
7. Development in reading and sudden situational Awareness.
8. Improvement in multiple tasks doing at same time.
9. Confidence, hard work to achieve goal.
10. And at last, Playing video games gives relief to our brain , reduces the stress of brain and tension as it is played as Entertainment.

Also these is proved by many Scientists and Psychologists that playing video games have many benefits. It is good for brain development in many way, as playing video games is exercise which can build brain muscles, enhance the concentration of Brain. And also many other reasons given by Scientists and Psychologists.

Here one of the link:


You argued that playing video games increases our concentration, hand-eye coordination, etc. But do these benefits outweigh the many dangers of playing video games?

According to, you can literally become more addicted to video games than the drug heroine, and the merciless killing explained in violent video games can single-handedly turn a person into a ruthless homicide. And with video game addiction and video games by themselves comes many more psychological dangers proven here:

Sorry the actual videos are not in my argument. I don't know how to post them in arguments like that yet.
Debate Round No. 2


We are debating on its effect on brain but Addiction is just a behaviour and being a violence is a nature but still I am giving my arguments

Addiction is the continued repetition of a behaviour which can include any thing , and not only limited to drug abuse and video gaming. It may be a food addiction, exercise addiction, and many other addiction. As we know, coding and programming are good for brain but some people have a addiction of it, they like doing coding and programming
and all time they were busy with their coding and programming stuffs, this doesn't mean that coding is harmful for brain or solving maths problem and doing research on particular topics may consider as addiction. Same logic applicable to video games.

It may be some of video games is violent but there are many other video games which are considered as good for brain and really they are good.

And at last, according to your arguments debating is also an addiction therefore it is harmful for your brain.


"Debating... Is harmful to your brain," Thank you for the reminder, but I didn't need it, and that is not what we are debating about. And the debate title is "Video gaming is good for brain." An addiction is a psychological dependence on something, which means your brain is relying on it. I showed how addictive video games are and ways in which they affect our brains and that they do not need to be graphic to be harmful. I will now show why radiation is harmful to the brain.

Radiation can come from screens and is harmful to our health.

Does the educational value of some games outweigh that harm? I think not.

There are other ways to learn things, and it is important to have patience. Reading paper books is a much better way to learn what you can learn from a video game because there is no radiation coming from a paper book.

Conclusion: we do not need video games to learn, they can hurt us in more ways than one, and they are not good for your brain.
Debate Round No. 3
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