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Violent games should not be allowed for kids

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Started: 2/3/2014 Category: Games
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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You can start.


I'll take this debate. I will now wait for the instigator's argument.
Debate Round No. 1


We get closer to technology by year. That means are minds are usually will be more influenced by technology. Younger children does not possess the decision making and common sense. They are at a time of life that they can be influenced by anything, they are still learning a lot capturing everything in great detail. When we are younger we process more information, that is why we perceive that time is going so slow. When it is actually going the same. While in this time of learning, children gets influenced by a gory or violent act. Soon they would think it is okay and everyone does it ( Violent Activities ). Soon even before they learn right from wrong, the violent video games are going to be in their head. Maybe they have a habit of doing something. then they get addicted, soon it just becomes your character. All because of a violent video game shown to a kid in a time learning.

Con, I will continue this debate tomorrow.


Instigator's Point:
Children can be influenced by things much more easily and that consumption of violent video games causes violent behaviours.

First: What causes violence in children?

One research[1] concluded that violence in children is caused by two things:

1: Being domestically abused (physically or sexually), which causes stress
2: Not being able to express their emotions, which also causes stress

Point: Stress is one of the main things that causes violence. [2]

Research has been conducted, and the most common result that people see from playing violent video games is the reduction of stress.[3] Violent video games, particularly in the first person shooter genre, has also said to improve eyesight. [4]

But video games can still influence children to be more violent right?

However, studies show that video games help control violence and keep it under control. Video games helped reduce aggressiveness and bully-like habits.[5]

Finally, despite the fact technology is getting better, in the present day children can still draw the line between reality and fantasy. Graphics and visuals all may be getting better, but children can still see that, indeed, it is still a game. Quoted directly from this article[6], "As kids grow, most distinguish fantasy from reality." Assuming that we are talking about Rated M games (Rated M for Mature, can only be bought by adults), we are going to assume that the usage of the word children refers to that of children under the age of eighteen. Any child at least at the age of six should be able to identify the line between reality and a game.

We can conclude that video games are not a major reason of violence in children.

I await rebuttals from my opponent.


Debate Round No. 2


Edxd forfeited this round.


Instigator has forfeited this round, assuming that he could not think of a rebuttal.
Let the voting begin.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by legodude1234 6 years ago
Both sides showed a horrible representation on their points
Posted by Robomorks72 6 years ago
Only kids who know what's right and wrong and know the games are just... Games!
Posted by Aleksandr 6 years ago
Well, most of the kids I met on cod was influenced by the community so every time I talk to them they would tell me to shut up with an insult.

But yes, the game it self wouldn't effect kids into much violent behaviour, online gaming will make them pretty stupid which should be played in older ages but no one cares even if they should.

Usually, it depends on the development on what they have done in recent life. Well, at least I've met some kids who aren't crazy

But games do influence kids, in a good way for me. I use to tell my mum to buy me a plastic helmet, colour it green and sticky tape leafs on it and I've even made a meter deep hole where I pretend it was a trench.

Also, this debate is pretty stupid because its variable are usually just about how games doesn't effect kid's mentality.
Posted by BittersweetRivalry 6 years ago
Though I don't think that young children should be playing violent video games, it has been proven that the violence is a healthy release of angers and frustrations, which particularly in teens is needed. Many people think that the gore will desensitize my generation, but after researching the matter I found that TV and even just the news could have the same effect. Plus, benefits of first person shooters in particular include better hand/eye coordination, the ability to train your eyes to see better after a period of time, the ability to differentiate shades of gray better (which could mean the difference between a safe drive or a car wreck on a foggy night), and the ability to find small objects in a large clutter much faster.

Also, from experience I know that it is a much healthier way to relieve stress. Many days when I come home from school I just have this urge to brutally mutilate something, and violent video games have become my way of doing so, as it has for many people. It is a means of satiating violent tendencies without actually hurting anyone.
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