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Violent video games should be banned

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Started: 11/22/2016 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Welcome to this debate! I assume that violent video games aren't beneficial for people at all and their existance isn't useful for anybody, except of these games developers.


violent video games can be beneficial for people other than just developers. games such as assassin's creed can teach history in a more realistic way. games like god of war can teach mythology, and fallout games teach science.
Debate Round No. 1


There are so many ways to learn history or mythology or science( books, films,etc). Furthermore, games can cognitive and interesting without any violence at all; thus, violence isn't necessary attribute of beneficial game.
Also, a person who plays violent games too much can be used to acts of cruelty in real life as well. As a consequence, the person treats violence indifferently, regarding it as a normal thing; spiritual values are effaced. With such tendency, the crime rate can be increased considerably making the world less and less safe.
Especially it has impact on children, whose individuality isn't formed yet. Its formation depends on the experience, and if a child plays brutal games and sees all disgusting scenes with blood, death, etc, it can lead to psychological trauma, which will remain with the child for the whole life. Yes, I know that most such games have age limits, but it only increases the curiosity of a kid, not deterring them from playing.
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Posted by datGUUYY 2 years ago
You know, I am kind of tired of hearing this debate. No matter who wins, nothing that happens here will make an impact on the debate as a whole, and it never progresses past "do these things cause violence?". Now gamers are being asked to provide proof as to how they can do good; Can't we just say that games are a medium of art, and thus should not be censored? Just be careful what you play and how much you play it, and you'll do fine.
Posted by Wiseupjardim 2 years ago
We believe that the violent games could be banned because it's terrible for the people. They are playing it all the time, and they bring this context to the real life, because it was very impregnated in their mind. The violent games aren't healthy, because the violence will be common in the society, and the people accept it like normal. In the games the rules are die or killing the enemy to win.
Posted by DrKaboom44 2 years ago
I personally think violent video games aren't made to be extremely violent but have the capability of it. Most popular games aren't even that violent. I don't think we've had a truly violent call of duty since black ops one maybe. That game about the surgeon (I forgot the name) that was banned in a bunch of countries was overly violent to the point where it was unnecessary.

I know there was a lot of controversy over GTA being violent, but you've got to understand that its a game designed to allow the player to be a gangster or a thug in an open world environment and make money by being violent. Games designed to be violent with the players actions are moderately alright but games with no real reason to be violent are not very good to play.
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