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Volunteering should be a requirement for highschool graduation

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Started: 9/2/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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It is true that school must play the most important role in every teenager"s education and this is what it does: offering students a wide range of subjects and helping them build their general knowledge, Encouraging them to think on their own and many other things which are meant to shape their mindset and develop their intellect.

However, This institution shouldn"t interfere in people"s private life and shouldn"t transform this act of charity into a requirement. This action asks for loyal and dedicated people, Who express their willing to take part in this kind of events. If volunteering was a requirement, Many students will only do shallow work, Will be indifferent and so on.


You say that many students will only do shallow work, And while that is true for some, I feel personally that there are more students who would be glad to participate than one might think. See, If you give them a decent variety of volunteer work, Most of the students will find something and participate willingly in it. There will always be those who dislike the idea and will be shallow in their work as you said, But they likely react to most of school that way. There are volunteer positions for many fields of work, And unless the school is very small it shouldn't be hard to find different open areas. Some students also want to volunteer at places regardless of school, And if school's were to make finding a good volunteer spot easy, It could help a lot of people, Inside and outside of school.

As for my own argument, Volunteering will give students an idea of how the world works, Which most schools fail to do accurately. Allowing a student to participate in, Say, An animal shelter, Can help them realize just what is needed to be done about the population of strays and how to care for said animals. It would help out a lot in many places to have students volunteer, As it can help them see more of how the world works and get them more experience in whatever field they have volunteered for.

Speaking of different volunteering fields, It can help in that sense as well. If a student is able to volunteer in a field of which they are hoping to take on as a career, They are getting school credit for gaining knowledge of their future career. This is helpful in many ways, As it helps prepare them and gets them used to the environment they will be working in. Therefore, It helps them be a more successful worker, Which is good for everyone involved.
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Of course there"re students who won"t express interest in school subjects, But that will only affect themselves: they will have low grades and their own professional path will be impacted - and that"s their entire fault. If they"re forced to do something they"re not attracted to, It"s much more dangerous: people or animals in need should be treated well, Not in a shallow manner.

If volunteering was a requirement in highschool, Students would only have to dedicate a small amount of their time - let"s say, 10 hours per year, Because they would have to study as well. I don"t know whether spending 10 hours per year in animal shelters or foster homes would shape their view of the world or not, But I tend to say no. It"s just too little and it doesn"t work like that. Giving extra time for volunteering is not productive - as I said, Students have their responsibility to study first and foremost.

I think too little volunteering work is relevant for real life jobs.
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Posted by whooareyou 3 years ago
you need at least 40 volunteer hours if you want to graduate at my school "\_(|84;)_/"
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