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Volvo will only make electric cars - bad idea!!

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Started: 7/6/2017 Category: Technology
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Volvo has announced that starting in 2019 they will only make electric and hybrid cars. I personally think that is a bad decision and I will address the issues with it, if you can convince me that electric cars is the way to go. I prefer gas powered cars.


Firstly, thank you for opening this debate.

I will be arguing that Volvo making only electric cars is a good idea.

Firstly Volvo is headquartered in Sweden, and thusly it is a popular choice of a car model there.
Sweden imports more crude and refined petroleum than it exports (1).
This means that when it comes to petroleum, Sweden is reliant on other nations, namely Russia, Norway, and Denmark for their petroleum.
Sweden then has less control over the price of refined petroluem goods such as gasoline for automobiles, and they are largely determined by other countries exports of it to them.
If sweden were to become less reliant on imports of petroleum, then they would not have to import so much from other countries, and so the prices of petroleum there would become more determined by domestic factors.
Say Volvo begins making only electric cars, sicnce they are popular cars in Sweden, more Swedish people would own electric cars, which would in effect reduce the domestic demand for petroleum, and by simple suuply and demand, the price of petroleum would be expected to drop. This would allow for industry in Sweden that is more dependent on petroleum to prosper from the lowered prices.
Essentially a decrease in the demand for petroleum would cause industrial growth in Sweden.

Unless you only drive Volvo for some reason, this would likely not affect you. You could always purchase a gas powered car, in fact, if you were planning to purchase a gas car from a competitor of Volvo, you would likely see a lesser price due to less demand for gas-powered cars from the increased demand for electric cars.

Debate Round No. 1


My first point of debate will be based solely on the usability and practicality of owning an electric car. As you have mentioned Volvo headquarters is based in Sweden, a country I lived in for 5 years. Sweden is a cold country like Canada in comparison. Most of the population lives in the south of Sweden where it's generally warmer. Now for an electric car the main source of power is batteries. These batteries lose approximately 30% of their usage during cold weather. Since Sweden is cold 6 months of the year, you are losing 30% of the power of the vehicle right off the bat, this means you will travel 30% less distance. Now the average distance right now for electric cars from a full charge is approximately 300 km, now reduce that by 30% and you can see how these cars are only practical for short distances in the city. People that live outside the city will not find these vehicles useful.

My next point is you need recharge stations, there are not that many around currently, last thing you want is leave the city for a cottage trip and have no plug, also the plug is a special adapter, it's not like you can plug it into a regular wall outlet. Also in order to charge the vehicle, it takes between 1-2 hours, so now what do you do while you are on the road, I pull up in my gas powered car at the gas station, I fill up and I'm out of there in 5 minutes, while you wait an hour and a half for your charge.

My final point of this round is that electricity costs money, you might think you are saving money by not buying gas, but you are plugging your electric car at home at night, now your hydro bill at home goes up triple each month, so you don't buy gasoline, but your utilities bill is like $1000/month. And the charging stations will not be free either so you will pay for charges on the road. Are you really saving money or is your concern more for the environment. We can discuss that in the next round
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by sboss18 3 years ago
If you're for the resolution that it's a bad idea, you should be Pro, not Con.
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