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Voting should be compulsory

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Started: 2/25/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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1) Because it's our duty to choose the people who will lead us
Usually people who don't vote think like "Ok, there is idiot 1 and idiot 2, so who am I suppose to vote for?", But if we don't vote, then we're just giving up our right to choose, It's up to us to dig deeper and choose the better candidate. We should care about it. Because many and many people fought to have this freedom to vote. Many had lost their lives, but gave us the freedom.
2) The forcing is for better
Actually, in democratic society, we don't have to do something if we don't want it. But we can't avoid taxes or choose not to go on recruit training whether we want it or not. Because it's for our natons' sake. And voting is just like that. Everyone should participate to have the right answer.
3) It decides the future
Some people might choose not to vote maybe because their candidate is winning so far or they just don't care enough. But then the results might come differently. Then they complain without recalling the time they didn't care. IF those people who didn't care enough had voted, the future would've been different and maybe, better.
Considering these, voting should be compulsory


Voting should not be mandatory. In fact, mandatory voting, many interpret, is a violation of the first amendment of the constitution. We have a freedom of speech and the government cannot infringe on that right. Voting is considered part of your speech, and mandatory voting is infringing on that. What we don't say is just as important as what we do say.

Many have fought for the freedom of speech. They gave us this freedom to be able to express ourselves, and if we wish to abstain, we should.

In a democratic society, the people are the government. That doesn't mean we don't have to do something if we don't want to. It means that you have the ability to choose how the nation is governed. If you force someone to vote, then they cannot express what the wish accurately. Say you want to ban something, doesn't matter what, and I don't care either way, I would abstain. It's not in my interest to see this banned or see it pass because it will not affect me. I agree that everyone should participate, that doesn't mean that everyone has to participate.

Some people might not vote because they don't care, which is fine. You can still complain about it because you have that right to speech. If they had voted, it might have turned out differently yes, but that doesn't mean that you should make it mandatory.
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