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WAR DEBATE: The United States of America (Pro) vs. Selected Country (Con)

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Started: 3/18/2015 Category: Politics
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This is a war debate. It is impossible to accept this debate. If you want to accept, please send me a PM. If you somehow find a way to accept this debate, you will automatically forfeit the complete 7 points. Tell me what country you will represent, and tell me why I should choose you to be my opponent; give me a very good reason as to why you want to do this debate and why you would be a worthy opponent. I am (insert country name). Comment if you are interested. If you want to debate, message me.

If you are a member of the Art of War (AOW) debate group [created by @The-Voice-of-Truth], then you must vote on this debate. If you are a member of AOW and accept this debate, then state your win/loss ratio.

If you are interested in joining AOW, message @TheRussian or @The-Voice-of-Truth. The primary prerequisite to join this group is: you have to have participated in AT LEAST ONE war debate. If you are a member of AOW, you must vote on other members' war debates unless a valid reason is given. You can challenge other members to debates related to war game scenarios.

There is a Moderator who will ensure that this debate follows the below rules. For this debate, the Moderator is (insert member name).

There are some strict rules that apply. Voters must penalize any violation of the rules.

1. When you accept the debate, state your country, and state the numbers of your armed forces (aircraft, men, ships, etc.). Use this source for military numbers ONLY, as it is the most reliable:;

2. Each country's turn can range from about 3 days to 60 days long, so all actions must be in accordance with this time period. (DO NOT try to win in one turn! Take into account that your opponent is also a living, thinking being that can adapt to a situation.)

3. Morale is a key factor in your armed forces' effectiveness.

4. You may produce more military forces (soldiers, ships, aircraft, tanks/humvees/cavalry), but it depends on your military budget, your country's population, and how industrialized your nation is.

5. You may choose to invade or defend.

6. The defender makes the first move.

7. The defender's primary military objective is to remove the attacker's forces from the defender's territory. The attacker's primary military objective is to annex the other country, or destroy it (physically, economically, etc). Secondary military objectives can be made by the debaters if they wish. Fulfillment of the military objectives is victory. If either side fails to fulfill their set objectives, the voters are free to reasonably determine the winner based off of who was more successful in completing their objectives.

8. If a nation's capital is destroyed/liberated, this does not necessarily mean that the war is won; the capital could be recaptured. If one of the debaters destroys or controls the administration of the opposing country, OR if the opposing country is destroyed to the point of no administration, then that debater is immediately guaranteed a 7-point victory.

9. Every aspect of the war must be realistic and must remain within the parameters established by the rules and the title. Any unrealistic action and actions deviating from the rules will cause the entire action to be void. Any further deviation after the first void action will result in a complete debate forfeiture.

10. Weapons of mass destruction are NOT allowed. A WMD is defined as:

-Radiological weapon or a radiological dispersion device: any weapon designed to spread radioactive material

-Nuclear or Thermonuclear weapon: an explosive device that derives its destructive force from nuclear reactions

-Chemical weapon: a device that inflicts chemicals designed to harm or kill humans/animals

-Biological weapon: the use of biological toxins or infectious organisms to inflict damage.

Non-conventional detonation of conventional weapons IS allowed.

11. No allies (NATO, UN, Muslim Brotherhood, or otherwise) under ANY circumstances. Annexation of other countries or agreements that allow formations of larger nations and/or direct military intervention is NOT allowed. Personnel and forces CANNOT be supplied by other nations.

You CAN have military or diplomatic agreements and/or treaties with other nations (agreements not to interfere etc). Radical groups, militant organizations, paramilitary factions et cetera are NOT allowed.

Religion is NOT a factor. No economic sanctions from any other nation, but economic warfare is allowed.

You cannot increase your country’s population, nor can you use ANY method to allow the involvement of other countries other than what is specified.

12. Cyberwarfare is allowed. Electronic warfare is limited to radar/radio jamming and interception; NO EMPs.

13. The country chosen must be one of the 206 sovereign states recognized by the United Nations as of 2015. Former states such as the USSR are not accepted, nor are territory-controlling factions not officially recognized by the United Nations, such as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, currently the Islamic State), and Gaza Strip, controlled by Hamas, but recognized by the UN as a part of Palestine. You cannot choose my nation.

14. Appropriate conduct MUST be maintained: no insults, cursing, profanity, vulgar language or trolling. Any violation of appropriate conduct WILL BE REPORTED to DDO authorities.

15. If you fail to follow the rules once, you will be given a warning and your actions in that round will be void. Further disobedience of ANY of these rules WILL result in an immediate loss of the debate.

16. The Instigator is Pro.

17. These debates are strictly Force versus Force; no civilian action is allowed unless Total War is declared.

18. TOTAL WAR can be declared only as an absolute last resort. Total war is defined as the complete mobilization of all available manpower of the country. In a state of total war, every able citizen either joins the military personnel or the military labor workforce.

19. All scenarios MUST be realistic; there MUST be an established reason for conflict.

20. We may either follow the date-time storyline format, or state the events that occur directly as realistically possible in a period of 60 days.



My country will be People"s Republic of China

I accept this debate. To speed up the process, I will start first.

April 5th 2015:
Chinese ship, Harbin, collided with USS Warrior. Both sides demand an apology.

April 12th 2015:
US claims that Chinese submarines are trailing its ships. China denies the claim.

April 18th:
US promised that it would help any countries attacked by China. China called the promise "Aggressive"

April 22nd:
A Tibetan protest was brutally crushed by Chinese troops. 150 protesters are killed and rest are either imprisoned or wounded. US considers an economic sanction. Chinese press, People"s News, criticizes US and asks US to mind its own business. US news, DNN, criticizes China back. Media war had begun.

April 28th:
A Chinese ship was sunk by US missile. US apologises, saying its missile had malfunctioned. Chinese nationalism began to spread across China as its people suspect that it was on purpose. American nationalism also began as American began to get mad at Chinese nationalist, especially the ones on media.
May 3rd:
Americans urges President Obama and Congress to declare war on China.
May 5th:
US ambassador was assassinated. US demands an apology,
May 7th:
China blamed the assassination on Muslims, and refuses to apology.
May 10th:
Due to public pressure, US Congress declares war on China. China declares war back.
May 11th: Countries across the world began to declare themselves neutral as Chinese and American army mobilizes. The Sino-American War had begun.

Chinese military began to call on its reserves. NORINCO, and other Chinese companies began to manufacture arms to supply its huge army. Chinese DF-21Ds are moved toward the Chinese shoreline.
Chinese army:
Military personnel: 2,285,000
Tank: 9,150
SPGs: 1,710
Towed Artillery: 6,246
Navy: 673
Defence Budget: $145,000,000,000 (Maybe higher)

This will be the organization of my army.
Air Force:
Development of J-20 and J-31 are prioritized. The first batch of J-20s are expected to be on 2016 January. J-10s and JH-7s will be mass produced.

Role: They"ll be defending the Chinese airspace against hostile enemy aircraft and support the navy.

Wolfpack: To fight against superior fighters (F-22s and F-35s), a special tactics will be deployed. 20-30 aircrafts will be patrolling in its military districts; If a group of superior enemy aircrafts are detected(By radar or patrol), fighters will be deployed against the group (The number of fighters will be depending on the numbers of superior fighters). To support the friendly fighters, Chinese HQ-9s and S-300s will be targeting the enemy superior aircraft.*
Anti-B2: To protect the mainland from stealth bombers such as B-2, a tactics will also be deployed. Aircrafts will be patrolling the sky at night time in their own military district.. All important industrial complex will be heavily defended with HQ-9s, S-300s, J-10s, and JH-7s.
Role: The Chinese navy will be a frontline against American. Chinese surface fleets are expected to be destroyed within 2 weeks due to superior American navy. But neverless they"ll serve their purpose.
Action: Mines are placed around Chinese territorial water. Only Chinese captains will know the locations of the mines. Chinese submarines will be sent to sink any American merchant ship, but they"ll be following international laws regarding the submarine warfare. Any sinking of the innocent civilian ship will be regarded as an accident.
Umbrella: To delay the inevitable destruction of the Chinese navy, the surface fleet will avoid all unnecessary battles, and they"ll be constantly in the range of Chinese DF-21s.
No name (I"ll let my opponent name this tactic): This tactic will use all the obsolete submarines and use them as an under-water merchant ship. The obsolete submarines will be transporting minor-goods, such as baby-diapers, clothes, etc..( I absolutely refuse to believe that US would waste their torpedoes on a submarine carrying diapers.) More vital supplies, such as ammunition, food, etc, will be transported via heavily guarded merchant fleet or foreign countries like Russia or India.

Land Force:
Role: The land force will be on alert for the whole war. It"s main role until the landing of American army will be to support the air force and navy using DF-21s, S-300s, HQ-9s, etc. When the American finally lands, they"ll be defending and counter-attacking.
Action:The troops will be placed according to the map above. Elite tank division (The one that has Type 99 tanks) will be part of Beijing Army. 1st defence line will be constructed around the coastline, named the Xia Line. 2nd defence line will be constructed behind the Xia Line,named Shang Line. 3rd defence line will be built behind Shang Line. Type 96s and Type 99s will be mass produced.
Rommel: The tactics are named after its creator, Erwin Rommel. The tactics are simple. The Chinese armoured forces (Type 96s and Type 99s) will attack any beach head gained by American and attempt to push them out. Very simple.
Umbrella: Very similar to navy version. The defending line (Xia, Shang, Zhou) will be supported by Chinese SAM missiles. Chinese SAM will be defending the ground troops from the enemy air force. The ground forces will remain in the range of the Chinese SAMs.

Limited-Scorched Earth Policy: To ensure that American won"t have anything to use, Chinese will burn all of its agricultural assets. All the heavy equipments will be moved to Inner Chinese Regions (IGR) along with its workers, so there won"t be anything to move. To maximise to discomfort to the American, all hotel in the coastal cities will be required to hand over their furnitures to Chinese authority immediately should the American lands.
Guerilla: When the American began to lands and gain land beyond Shang Line, the guerilla units would be created. They"ll be made up of local militia, nationalists, and trapped soldiers. They"ll be in charge of disrupting American supply lines and cause maximum damage to the AT.

All the industrial equipments (Along with the workers) will be moved to the province of Qinghai, Gansu, and Shaanxi. The national treasures and foreign currency reserves will be moved to Switzerland via submarines, airplanes, and foreign countries. All the companies" headquarters will also be moved inland, (Along with their office workers). Yen will be kept valued by encouraging Chinese-friendly countries (as well as foreign nations) to buy the Chinese yen. To replace the men that"ll soon be conscripted to the army, women are encouraged to work in the factories and farms. The unemployment is also at all time low, as all the unemployed men are conscripted into the army. Numbers of men currently training are about 1,500,000. They"ll be ready to fight within 6 months.

The civil order will be pretty regular, except that foreign spies will be tortured for information instead of execution (At least they"re still alive). All medias will be severely censored, and any photos or videos of the war will be required to be sent to the Publicity Department; The punishment will vary depending on the degrees of violence on the picture or videos. Hong Kong will be granted full democratic election again. The Chinese government will invite Dalai Lama and will try to make a deal to grant Tibet full independence.

The business and diplomatic relationship between neutral countries and China will be as normal as possible. All diplomatic relationship with Turkey will be severed. All American citizens in China will be required to register. They"re also given 1 week to leave the country.

China will be making trade treaties with Russia, India, Pakistan, and Burma to allow them transport goods. For example, Indian ships will transport French good to India. Indian trains or trucks will transport them to China.

Mexico will start to fund and increase gang activities in US secretly. Mexico will also negotiate with advance countries to buy MBTs. They"ll be remaining neutral for now.

By the time American military first fight with Chinese military(Which is about from August to November), all the things below will had been happened.
Xia Line is 100% complete, Shang Line is 75% complete, and Zhou Line is 50% complete.
90% of the industrial equipments and companies HQ will had been arrived in ICR.
All branches of military are ready to defend. 50% of reserves are mobilized.
All national treasures, foreign currencies, and gold reserves all stored in Switzerland.
15 Yuan to 1 dollar.
All tactics above are ready to be implemented.
Factories produced: thousand and five hundred tanks, thirty thousand firearms, one thousand artilleries, five hundred MLRSs. They"ll be in full military production in the round 3.
Unemployment at all time low.

Your turn America. Good luck. God bless America. Uncle Sam will be watching over you. Anything else to say?
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you, China.

Anything involving the "Mexico" argument is declared VOID because it violates rule 11.
I give you 1 warning, and hope you don't do it again, but I know it was by accident.


Active frontline personnel: 1,400,000
Reserves: 1,100,000
Tanks: 8,848
AFVS: 41,062
SPGs: 1,934
MLRs: 1,331
Total aircraft: 13,892
Total Navy: 473
Aircraft carriers: 20
Defense budget: $577,100,000,000 (may be higher at the moment)
Labor force: 155,400,000

May 11th: As war is declared, the USA starts to mass produce aircraft and recruit troops for the upcoming invasion.

May 12th: The USA has produced propaganda posters like the ones in WWII to recruit people.

May 15th: Propaganda posters work, as over 50,000 people come in to fight on the first day the posters are up. (Not every citizen joins, so it is not total war)

May 17th: US troops start to gather on the Pacific coast, ready to invade China.

May 19th: The Quit-China act is passed.

May 22th: More citizens of the USA enlist in the army due to propaganda posters similar to the ones in WW2.

May 24th: Aircraft is mass-produced in the USA.

May 27th: The United States urges Russia to give a military agreement to them, but Russia refuses.

May 29th: Japan and the USA come to a military agreement, however, letting wounded troops and some USA encampments to stay in southern Japan.

June 1st: China is outraged at this, and Japan-China tensions increase.

June 2nd: All of the invading USA troops on the pacific coast finally sail/fly across the Pacific Ocean.
June 4th: Most of the troops stay in Japan, and some scout the Chinese border, learning their defense.

June 5th: The United States sets up their cyber-attacking network in California and southern Japan.

June 7th: United States troops begin the invasion, most troops leaving Japan and spreading across chinese waters, met by China's aircraft. However, due to the mass outnumbering of US aircraft, China's aircraft is mostly destroyed and sets way for the invasion.

June 8th: The USA's cyber warfare team shuts down China's powergrid in the Jinan area. Over 5,000 aircraft, 2,000 tanks, 400,000 troops, and 6,000 AFVs invade the Jinan peninsula, securing 3/4 of the peninsula as Chinese troops are in the dark with no forms of communication besides walkie-talkies.


Quit-China Act:

Any merchandise from China past the date of May 11th is to be discarded or destroyed. Major companies can not get their resources or products from CHina, and the Chinese embassy is destroyed, and any remaining Chinese ambassadors are executed. Any Chinese immigrants that have not been a citizen for at least 1 year is to be deported, if they refuse they will be executed without question.

Agreement with Japan:

Japan must allow any form of military on the southern part of their island. However, the troops of the USA cannot go to any Japanese cities. In fact, they cannot leave their encampments unless they are getting supplies or getting ready to invade. US troops are allowed to stay on the southern part of the island until the China-American war ends. However, if China declares war on Japan, (which cannot happen in our debate) US troops will pull out right away.

Mass aircraft production:

The USA will be mass producing in an aircraft called the F-35 Lighting II. It is a stealth aircraft that can scout China's defense ahead of time and get info on the defense setup. They will also mass produce the Apache helicopter and A-10 Thunderbolts. These two will be used for attacking, that is their sole purpose.

Trade agreement with the UK:

The United States has agreed with the United Kingdom to trade for more attack aircraft such as the BAE Systems Hawk. In exchange the USA is willing to give up some oil and some of their defense budget money to the United Kingdom. The UK has agreed to this agreement, them being good allies.


I will tell more about my army later, I have to type up an essay.

Over to you, China!


God Bless America, Red.


Thank you.

June 15th: Chinese ambassador to the UN protest against the inhumane treatment and execution of Chinese civilians in USA.
"People"s Republic of China, hereby protest against the execution of Chinese civilians and ambassadors. This inhumane contradicts the Geneva Convention IV, which protects the right of our citizens. We ask the UN to examine this case and decide whether the Convention had been violated."-Chinese ambassador to the UN.

June 20th: Alibaba and Xiaomi announce that they would start to sell their products in Europe, Canada, Middle East, and Latin America. The analysts conclude that this would challenge American companies, such as Google and Apple, in the Western World.

June 27th: (Con"s birthday) The whole world celebrate Dynasty2468"s birthday- wait sorry I got carried away. The contract between China and South Korea had been signed. South Korea would not allow foreign military activity in its territory, and the American garrisons" movement will be limited. In return, China will pressure North Korea to abandon its nuclear program and threaten to attack the communist nation if they don't listen.

June 28th: North Korean agreed to abandon its nuclear program.


Air Force:
70% of Chinese air force had been destroyed, but they are being quickly replaced by Chinese industries. The wolf pack tactics (Look at Round 1) are now being implemented. All the obsolete aircrafts are sold to the third-world countries, earning $1.25 billion dollar in the process. They"re now used to built new aircrafts to match Americans. J-20"s development are also sped up. It"s expected to be in full production around early 2016.

The navy had also been heavily damaged; 80% destroyed, its only aircraft carrier had been damaged. As a frontline for the defence, it had managed to destroy around 35% of American 7th Fleet. 7 submarines are left to defend the coastal water. 4 corvette, 2 frigate, and 7 submarines are currently being built. They will be operational within 4 months.

Xia Line in Jinan province had been breached. Without electricity, Chinese army slowly retreated to form a defence line 27 miles away from the Shang Line. In response to the American cyber warfare capability, the military created a new tactic.
Light: In case of a blackout, all units must look at the sky for any flare.
Red: Retreat
Green: Attack.
Blue: Defend.
Yellow: SOS.
To avoid being tricked by the enemy, the signal will be confirmed by walkie talkie. After a confirmation, the unit must fire their own flare to pass the message to another unit.

Operation Emperor

June 28th: 2,000 DF-21Ds began to target at the American ship at the Jinan peninsula.

June 29th: All sorts of ballistic missiles are fired at the enemy. Within 6 hours, all air field in the peninsula are destroyed/disabled. 60% of the enemy supplies are currently being burned, and over 1,000 American personnel are injured.

June 30th: American defence in the peninsula are being bombarded by Chinese artilleries and rockets.

Operation Mao
July 4th

6:13 AM: Curtain of Fire tactics started.* 600 MLRSs and 3,000 artilleries at the 2nd Zhou Line fired first
8:33 AM: All firing stopped. 1,500 Type 96s charged forward, meeting their first baptism of fire from M1 Abram and Strykers.

9:36 Am: 1,400 Type 96s were sent to engage remaining American tanks.

10:57 AM: American tanks are almost destroyed. Chinese SAMs and aircrafts began to combat American aircrafts.

11:05 AM: Chinese reinforcement of 200,000, combined with 150,000 Jinan troops, began their first attack. Jinan army A (North) will be capturing Laixi. Jinan Army B (South) will be attacking and capturing Qingdao.

1: 03 PM: 500 Type 96s are sent to support Jinan Army B.

8:43 PM: Operation Mao is over. Defence line are setted up on the outskirt of Laixi and Qingdao. The exhausted troops were told to dig in and rest. They"ll soon be ready to defend.

Chinese navy had successfully sunk about 1,000 tons of supplies at Yellow Sea. The Chinese army had also been successful in gaining their objective. Chinese air force played a minor role in the operation, only supporting the ground offensive. At the air battle, they stood no chance. All branches of military in Jinan are now on defensive. The American forces in Jinan are currently in crises. Their sea supply is being attacked by DF-21Ds; Their air lift is being fired by Chinese SAMs (S-300s, HQ-9s). The Patriot Missile System had done its best to shoot down missiles, but they were overwhelmed by sheer numbers; Patriot Missile System is now out of ammunitions. China now controls 50% of the peninsula.

Army: (Continued)
500,000 intensely trained Chinese soldiers are now ready to defend their homeland. 200,000 had been sent to Jinan. 200,000 soldiers will be sent Guangzhou district, 100,000 will be sent to Nanjing district. 2,000 tanks are also delivered to the frontline troops. All defence line are now complete.

Creation of Submarine Expeditionary Fleet:
The SEF are created to counter American presence in the Pacific. They"ll be composed of
1 Jin Class ballistic missile.
2 Yuan Class submarine.
1 Shang Class submarine.
1 Song Class submarine
2 Kilo Class submarine (See below)
They"ll be harboured in the Russian Pacific Harbour. (See below for more info). They"ll be supplied to through the railroad from Shenyang to the harbour.

Chinese image had been improved because of its action in Hong Kong and its negotiation with Dalai Lama. As part of its grand strategy, China began to negotiate with other countries in order to get international support.
China sends 500 Type 96s as a gift to Iraq, and started to work with OPEC.
Gave $2 million dollar to Afghan orphanage and sent 200 military advisors. Afghanistan began to be friendly toward China.
Continue to work on relationship with India. This included giving up claim on Arunachal Pradesh and other India-controlled territories.
South Korea, partly due to the threat of North Korea, promised not to allow any foreign military activity within its territory. US Navy are forbidden to operation within its territorial water, and the USFK are limited to the DMZ and its camp.
China and Russia signed a treaty: The Russian will allow Chinese submarines to dock at its harbor. In exchange, China will lower its tariff on Russian goods and give $1 million dollar per month. China will also buy 2 Kilo submarines for $400 million dollar.

As mentioned above, Alibaba and Xiaomi will open stores in Europe, Canada, Middle East and Latin America. They will start to challenge American companies, such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft, in the Western Hemisphere. Chinese economy had been affected by Sino-American War. The current value of yen is 18 yuan to $1. The Chinese economy is now 90% mobilized for industrial warfare. It"s currently producing three thousand tanks, four thousand aircraft, and ten thousand firearms per month.

Civilian Order:
Pretty normal. Curfew had been set from 12 AM to 6 AM. The gasoline and food are now rationed. The government oil reserve are also expanded by 100,000 barrels. Reasons will be secret.

Representation in America:
A Chinese ambassador managed to escape to Swiss embassy. With a special request, the Swiss government agreed to allow the Chinese ambassador to stay for his country"s interest in US.
The government began to stockpile supplies to prepare for an expected siege. The vice-president and some members of the government are evacuated to Lanzhou,where it"ll be the nation"s wartime capital if Beijing falls.

Your turn America. I had moved my knight, what will you do?

*If you do not know what this is please go this link.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you, China.


POLITICAL/GENERAL TIMELINE (corresponds with War, but does not include any war related things)

July 4th: Americans celebrate Independence Day in the USA.

July 5th: The USA tries to gain support in the UN, which is hard to do because fo China's protests. But, United Kingdom, Japan, part of the EU, Mexico, Canada, and South Africa settle agreements with the USA to supply them with weapons in exchange for about $300 to $1,000 dollars per firearm. Canada and Mexico also have made a bigger agreement to supply with supplies in exchange for oil.

July 7th: The USA agrees to a military agreement with the Bahamas for about $100 million. They have station in the Bahamas, ready to launch another invasion on southern China, however, President Gabe1e has delayed the invasion.

July 9th: Propaganda posters recruit more Americans, some posters saying: "Uncle Sam is watching! Stop the Reds!"

July 10th: Americans celebrate President Gabe1e's birthday, rejoicing, boosting morale among troops and civilians.

July 11th: The Chinese population before the war in the USA was 3.8 million, about 2.3 million were immigrants, and 1.5 just came in a year. That 1.5 million population has decreased to about 560 thousand, most immigrants in hiding trying to escape the US.

July 12th: President Gabe1e makes a statement that any immigrant found will be shot on sight from now on. They had their chance to be deported.

July 14th: President Gabe1e speaks to the Russia and the United Kingdom on ganging support against China's protest. Russia refuses to help due to them being more favorable to China, but the UK agrees to help.

July 19th: 560 thousand recent Chinese immigrants has decreased to 280 thousand. Decreasing due to executions, being shot when found, or some actually escaping to Mexico/Canada.

July 22nd: President Gabe1e pressures Mexico and China to pass the same Quit-China act as before. They refuse because they don't want to get involved in the war too much to the point where China declares war on them. Canada/Mexico is recieving many Chinese immigrants escaping the US due to this.


WAR TIMELINE (Battles only)

Operation Overlord II

July 4th: 6,000 Apache helicopters and F-35s (total) attack hostile forces on the peninsula, while 2 aircraft carriers holding 300,000 reinforcements, 500 tanks, 1,000 AFVs, and 500 MLRs each are sent and land on the coast while aircraft distracts enemy forces.

1:34 AM (July 5th): The army lands on the coast, they are split into Hawk and Eagle. They push the peninsula.

1:37 AM: Multiple blackouts by the cyber warfare team happens, no problem for American forces, they have ATN night vision goggles and thermal goggles with them.

July 5th: 1,500 Bradley IFVs are sent to accompany the troops, this is a type of anti-tank vehicle for any armored vehicles.

8:00 AM: Chinese troops, exhausted, are overwhelmed at Qingdao by fresher US troops, they are outnumbered immensely as well.

July 6th: Chinese SAMs are proving to be an issue for aircraft. About 100 "Commandos" (split up into squads) are sent to try to sneak by the enemy and destroy them with explosives.

1:29 AM: Commandos are sent in while the Chinese are still tired and exhausted.

1:46 AM: Commandos have snuck past with no casualties behind enemy lines.

2:12 AM: Commandos encountered some resistance and were spotted, but had barely any casualties.

5:42 AM: SAMs, stationary at the moment are strapped with IEs, and then the Commandos move on.

5:54 AM: Commandos blow up the SAMs.

6:21 AM: With their presence alerted, they try to hold out as long as they can until evac comes.

6:32 AM: The Commandos are evacuated with about 72 casualties.

July 8th: AM: 2,000 more combined attack aircraft are sent and reinforce the troops.

July 9th: Qingdao is finally taken over by US troops who have casualties. Their orders are to wait for reinforcements and dig in.

Operation Eagle Talon

July 12th: 2 Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit's (strategic stealth bombers) are sent over the Jining area, they have one order, which is to bomb the enemy defenses as much as possible and then pull out when us troops come in.

9:35 AM: The B-2s arrive, and bomb the area.

11:12 AM: After about an hour or two of bombing defenses, they are out of missiles and pull out.

12:03 AM: US troops land on the coast in an aircraft carrier carrying 500,000 troops, 3,000 AFVs, 1,000 Bradley IFVs. They are also accompanied by 4,100 BAE Systems Hawk and F-35s.

12:07 AM: Blackouts continue along the coastal area. Chinese troops are confused, but have communication.

1:47 AM: US troops secure the Shanghai area, and keep pushing.


Mass navy production:

Submarines are being mass produced in America, and more aircraft carriers along with destroyers are being produced for more war efforts.


As the war rages on, Russia and the USA are not friendly with each other. However, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico agree to supply the Americans, but do not agree to join in the war, they don't want to risk it, (and it's against the rules) and put their people in danger.

Propaganda posters:

Some propaganda posters look like these:

and encourage Americans to join the army. So far it has been successful, recruiting millions of Americans across the United States, and showing that we have things under control.

UN relations:

The UN does not like us right now, but most of them supply us because we offer them money. The UK has helped try to clear up our name. This is not an alliance, it's an agreement.


Economically, we could be doing better, the money used for the war is starting to worsen our economy a bit, and we want to improve that. We do not want our civilians to be slaves, however, so the USA is willing to trade for money. Gasoline is rationed, and food is not however, our industry is large in this category.

Over to you, China.


Thank you Gabe.

August 16th: A documentary by BBC, called "The Chinese Exodus", was released. It focused on the Chinese that fled the American persecution. It was a success, earning over 100,000,000 views.

August 20th: Protests in Canada began. It soon spread to UK, France, and other European countries. The protesters called for their government to stop being friendly with "barbaric"" United State over their action against Chinese. There was also minor protests in US.

August 25th: Recent analysis showed that more Westerners is starting to buy Xiaomi products. In July, Apple sales decreased by more than 10%, Android decreased by 7%.

August 28th: OPEC decreased their production of oil, raising the price of oil by 50%.

September 1st: US Dollar value began to fall due to the oil price increase, resulting 15 yuan to 1 dollar.

Air Force:
They still patrolling the sky. They now have 5,000 aircrafts. Nothing really special happen to them. They'll take part in operations.

The Submarine Expeditionary Force (SEF) finally arrived at their Russian harbour. The Jin Class submarine launched a non-nuclear ballistic missile at the city of Los Angeles. The damage was minor, but it shocked many Americans. No organized military forces had attacked their country since WWII. The American morale plummeted. Other submarines of SEF would start to conduct raids in Pacifics, sinking all vulnerable ships. 2 Yuan Class submarines are expected to join them soon.
Land Forces:
With 100% of the reserves mobilize, I now have 1,150,000 soldiers ready to fight. 650,000 of them will go to Jinan, where the fight had gone from Western Front-style fighting to Stalingrad level of fighting. The remaining 500,000 will go help their comrade in the Nanjing to defend the Shang Line.

The situation is now under control. The battle line is now stretching from Weifang to Shanghai. 750,000 soldiers, 2,000 tanks, 400 aircrafts, and 70 SAMS are now defending. They're heavily fortified.

The American forces are stopped at the Shang Line. They are contained and will be attacked.

Operation Sun Tzu

8:54 PM: 4 Yuan Class submarines followed the American Jinan Fleet (AJF)* .

9:15 PM: The submarines began to engage the fleet. They soon sank 4 frigates. They are now under attack from the fleet. The whole fleet halted to engage the threat.

9:33 PM: The submarines are reinforced with 6 Song class submarines.

9:53 PM: Chinese cyber team began to engage American cyber team. This will be their first time to be in action.

10:15 PM: 10 DF-21Ds are launched to attack the American carriers, USS George Washington and USS George W. Bush..Only one of them hit their target, USS George Washington.

10:47 PM: 20 DF-21Ds are launched again. 2 Kilo submarines are sent to help their comrades.

10: 50 PM: 2 DF-21Ds hit USS George Washington's engine room, disabling the aircraft carrier. 1 DF-21Ds also hit USS George Washington (Bad luck today, George) and the carrier begins to sink. Its crews are trying to save the ship, but it’ll be hopeless.

11:13 PM: 1 Song Class submarine finally got a clear sight of the carrier, and launched their torpedoes. USS George Washington is now sinking.

11: 48 PM: The carrier sunk, and the submarines retreated. Their mission had been accomplished.
*I named the fleet AJF to avoid confusion.
Overview: For the first time since WWII, An American carrier had sunk to the enemy fire. The news of the disaster spread across the world. China had shown that carriers are now vulnerable to the cruise missiles. The sinking of USS Washington was a huge morale booster to Chinese, who had been suffering from the bombardment of the navy.. The American morale plummeted, and the myth of their awesome carrier shattered.
China: 3 Yuan Class submarines, 2 Song Class submarines, and 1 Kilo Class submarines
US: 1 aircraft carrier, 4 frigates, 2 destroyers.
Operation Shu

Purpose: Evacuate all the Chinese immigrants out of US and other pro-US Western nations.

August 8th: Chinese ambassador gave a list of remaining Chinese immigrants in US and ask to give the listed Chinese UN Passport. UN agrees.

August 10th-August 20th: More than 100,000 Chinese, under the protection of UN, begin to leave US via land, sea, and air. There are still more than 200,000 Chinese left.

August 25th: About 125,000 Chinese are left in US.

Overview: Operation Shu was a success.

Operation Sun-Yat-Sen
Phase A.
August 26th: DF-21Ds started to target ships docked in the harbor of Qingdao and other captured Chinese ports.

August 27th:

3:35 AM: 200,000 soldiers, 1000 tanks, and 200 ground-attack aircrafts began to attack the American Central Line. Supported by MLRSs and artilleries, they steadily began their advance.

6:33 AM: A gap formed in the American Central Line. The 200 light tanks quickly pour through the gap, heading toward the city of Yancheng.

8:12 AM: American Central Line collapse. The Battle of Yancheng begins.

10:32 AM: Chinese now controls 75% of the city. Chinese tank destroyers perform a pincer maneuver, cutting off the escape of the US Central Army.

4:44 PM: Chinese army had now formed a wedge between American Qingdao Army and American Shanghai Army.
Overview: This was just a minor operation. This is just a beginning.

Phase B

A surprise visit from the President of PRC boosted the morale of the battle-hardened and nervous soldiers. 2 hours before the start of Phase B, he gave one of the most inspiring speech.

" two centuries ago, our Motherland was humiliated by the Westerners. Our pride was tarnished, and our land was trampled upon. Now our old enemy is back, trampling our land with his greasy feet. Should we, again, watch in horror as they burn our cities and loot our treasures? NO. We shall make a stand. We'll show our enemy that it may had been a stalemate in Korea, but it'll be a victory in our land. It's time to show the world what we are capable of, it's time to show the world that the balance of power had shifted. It's time to show that China is back, roaring at its enemy. Our Motherland demands, not beg, that we avenge her. Pick up your weapon soldiers, and let them see the hatred in your eye!"-Dynasty2468, President of China.

8:46 PM: 2,000 artilleries, and 1,000 MLRSs began to bombard the American Shanghai Line. Curtain of Fire had begun.

10:36 PM: 2,000 Type 96s charges and engage the Bradley IFVs.
11:46 PM: 300,000 fresh troops, supported by 500 ZBD-08, began to advance toward Nantong. President Dynasty lead the charge at a battle, now known as Battle of Taixing. He later received a chest wound, and now hospitalized.

August 28th

4:36 AM: Nantong is captured. 250,000 remaining troops are now defending with 250 ZBD-08s, 500 remaining Type 96s, and 200 Type 99s. They are supported by 1,260 aircrafts, 50 SAMs (defended by a battalions), 500 MLRSs, 500 artilleries.

Overview: The picture of the Chinese leader leading a battle was popular. It was shared thousands of times (I think it's because I was handsome). Chinese Nanjing Army is now poised to attack Shanghai.
China invested $2 million dollar into France, and sent the President's daughter to study in the University of Paris. Also due to its good relationship with OPEC, China was able to prepare for the oil price change. It decreased its demand for oil, but still bought oils. It also maintain its good relationship with Russia. The foreign minister is now watching the situation in Europe, where the protest against US barbarism against Chinese is escalating. He's waiting for a right moment to strike.

Due to the oil price spike, China economy was affected in a negative way. However due to its government oil reserve* stored in the Taklamakan desert, the damage was minor. US economy suffered a setback. Though US had rationed the gasoline, the oil price spike came as a surprise. US dollar value fell, and investors start to sell dollar and buy Euro. In Europe, Apple and Google still has more sales than Xiaomi, but their sales are starting to decrease.
*This is simply a huge warehouse for oil, not the natural reserves.

Chinese nationalism are its highest. Over 3 million Chinese joined the army. They'll soon be ready to fight at the next round.

Over to you Uncle Sam!
Debate Round No. 3


Thank you, China.


September 1st: The USA and India come to a military agreement worth almost $70 million. The USA must agree to not mess with China's supply line for this to work, however. US troops are stationed in North India, ready to invade.

September 2nd: About 60 to 65 million Americans are drafted into war. Only 8 million to 12 million Americans have been inducted in the Army due to propaganda posters, and the urge to get revenge on China for launching a missile at Los Angeles. They were also drafted to the military. However, this is not total war.

September 3rd: Right after they are admitted, they are shipped to Japan, India, and the Bahamas right away on carriers.

September 6th: Right after they have landed, they get some time to gear up and rest, then are sent to the coast of China, near Jinan, Shanghai, and to India to invade China.

September 7th: With help from the United Kingdom, the USA's side in the UN is more favorable, but they want to still keep peace.

September 9th: Israel and the USA have come to an agreement on oil, they give almost $10,000 for oil, and because of this the dollar's value starts to increase.

September 10th: Alaska oil drilling has begun.

September 11th: Taiwan and the USA have come to a military agreement worth almost $1 million.

September 11th (8:00 PM): President Gabe1e makes a speech on national television, it can be seen in most European countries as well. USA cyber warfare team attacked China's media grid to display this message:

"On this day, 2 planes hit the World Trade Center, an event every American will remember. And about a week ago, (no pun intended) a Chinese missile hit the area of Los Angeles. Are we going to sit back and let these Communists harass us just like Al-Qaeda and ISIS did and are still doing today? No! America is one of the best in the world for one reason and one reason only. We fight back! We cannot let these Reds just roll over us! We will not fall! There is a reason why we are the land of the free, it's because we listen to our people! China does not! The Umbrella Movement, Hong Kong protests, and the countless massacres in China are prime examples of this! We will fight till the end!"

China's morale has lowered, they are being exposed the truth about their government. Tensions start to show in China. Morale boosts for the USA.

September 12th: The USA cyberwarfare team has unblocked all blocked sites on China's Internet. The citizens are becoming restless. They find out the truth about China's government.

September 13th: Money is being spent for more oil drilling in the lower Texas area.

September 14th: The Philippines and USA come to a military agreement worth $2 million dollars. They have decided

September 16th: Mexico and the USA come to an agreement on oil, the USA gives them about $10 million to drill on the northern part of Mexico.

September 19th: Venezuela and the USA come to an agreement on oil, but them being part of OPEC, they have not much to give up.

September 24th: Tensions between Russia and the USA increase immensely.

September 26th: South Africa and the USA come to an agreement on oil, the USA gives them about $25,000 for almost two thousand barrels of oil.

September 27th: Due to these oil trades, the dollar goes up in value. 9 Yuan = 1 dollar

September 30th: Steel is sold to most countries in Europe. This brings about $3.4 million.



September 1st: All troops are told to defend and stay in positions.

September 2nd: Chinese troops start to push back US forces.

September 4th: Chinese troops capture half of Shanghai.

September 6th: Chinese troops capture 3/4 of Shanghai.

Operation Uncle Sam (September 7th)

8 million to 12 million draftees and 8,000 AFVs with 3,000 tanks coming in are already in Taiwan, Philippines, and Northern India.

Taiwan: 3 million troops 3,000 AFVs, 1,500 tanks
Bahamas: 4 million troops 4,000 AFVs, 1,500 tanks
Northern India: 4 million troops 1,000 AFVs, no tanks

3:42 AM: The Philippines US troops are first shipped to the Shanghai area. They are forced into battle. They are called "Omega."

3:52 AM: Blackouts ensue again. Chinese troops begin to fall back.

4:21 AM: Northern India US troops invade Lanzhou and Chengdu area. They are called "Echo."

4:34 AM: Echo pushes into western China easily, they overwhelm them because barely any troops are there.

September 8th

7:23 AM: Omega retakes Shanghai.

7:29 AM: Taiwan US troops invade the Jinan and Nanjing area again. They are called "Delta."

September 13th:

7:49 AM: 3,500 F-35s are deployed to the Shanghai area, and 4,300 Apache helicopters and BAE Systems Hawk are deployed to the Nanjing and Jinan area and bomb enemy forces.

9:24 AM: The coastal Nanjing and Jinan are secured. The US troops keep pushing to Beijing.

10:44 AM: They push to Beijing.

September 16th:

9:13 PM: Lanzhou and Chengdu areas are now fully under control of US forces.

Operation Liberty (September 18)

Most of South China is under US control. The US have set up blockades all around the Beijing area.

September 18th:

1 million reinforcements with 3,000 AFVs, 1,500 Apache helicopters, and 1,000 Bradley IFVs reach the blockades. They are ready to invade. About a total of 6 million to 8 million (depending on casualties) US troops are stationed at the blockade. They are accompanied by 5,000 to 12,000 AFVs, (depending on casualties) 3,500 to 6,000 total aircraft, and 1,000 Bradley IFVs. Only about 500 tanks are remaining.

September 19th 8:23 PM:

Blackouts occur, and the troops are advancing towards Beijing. The enemy is expecting them, so they are prepared.

8:42 PM: The US army splits into 3 groups, two will attack the southern part of the city, and the other one will go around the west.

Southeast army: Hotel
Southwest army: Golf
West army: Alpha

8:53 PM: The two southern armies engage Chinese troops.

10:47 PM: The cyberwarfare team disrupts any communication besides flares.

11:14 PM: The USS Ronald Reagan and USS Abraham Lincoln cover the coastal area so no army escapes.

11:27 PM: The west army engages Chinese troops.

1:31 AM: Beijing is 1/4 under US control.



The US Army has gained a lot of troops from the draft, and the Chinese forces are overwhelmed. Basically, all of the US defense force is in China at the moment. This is the final moment for China. This is their last stand. It's about 6 million to 8 million US troops vs 2 million Chinese. Most of southern China is controlled by US, and the west of China is also under US control. If China defends Beijing, they will have barely anything to go off of anyway.

Over to you, China!


*sigh* Thank you US.

October 1st: China asked France to act as a mediator between US and China. France agrees.

October 2nd: Apple,Microsoft, and Google sales decreased by more than 90%. Xiaomi's cheaper products (They moved their factories to India) and good quality made it favorable to consumers.

October 5th: American tech giants' stock began to fall by 1.6%.

October 11th: US are asked whether they want to negotiate for peace. (Pro you decide)

October: 15th: Russia began to move troops toward Alaska and Europe.
Air Force:
The Air force are now exhausted.
Navy, the vital frontline for the Chinese had been overwhelm. In its hasty retreat, 6 frigates, 7 corvettes, and 14 submarines escaped to Eastern Russia where it joined the SEF. They'll avoid heavy battle and sink all vulnerable American ships. Jin Class submarines (3 of them now) launched their J-2 missiles at Los Angeles and San Francisco. One J-2 destroyed the Golden Bridge, symbol of San Francisco. The damage was high to the cities. The damage was approximately $10 million dollar and 3,456 people died. It's now clear that China now won't show any mercy.
Army Force:
Type 59s stored in the storage are called to fight.
10 millions men* are now conscripted to fight the advancing Americans. 20 million firearm, bought from Russia, North Korea, Mongolia, and made in China were given. They were given 1 week of training (How to shoot,aim, and LISTEN TO ORDER) and sent to the battlefront. They will be divided into 2 army. Northern Army will be responsible of defending Beijing District West, and Southern Army will be defending Beijing and attempt to regain Jinan. The president also issues Order.665. From now on, military police are given permission to shoot cowards and deserters without trials. Anyone who disobey order and caused a negative consequence will have his whole family thrown to the battlefront, regardless of their age, sex, and bureaucracy. Let's stop being Roosevelt, and be Stalin shall I?
* Within Shenyang military district, there are 109,674,521 inhabitants. So I am justified with these much men.
Operation Nanjing
October 20th:
3:34 AM: Southern Army's 5 million soldiers, 1 thousand tanks, and 5 hundred aircrafts began to push toward Tangshan.
5:54 AM: Northern Army: 5 million soldiers, 500 tanks, and 200 hundred aircrafts. Jinan Army: 1 hundred thousand soldiers, 200 tanks, 200 hundred aircrafts attacked from the northern flank. They are now attacking Hinggan, and other cities in Beijing Military District.
8:56 AM: After savage fighting, Tangshan had fallen. Southern Army is now reinforced with 2 million men. They continue to push forward Beijing.
2:15 PM: Northern Beijing Military District are overwhelmed. Northern Army continued South. Xilin Gol are given 2 hours for civilian evacuation. American army began to fortify to defend the city.
4:17 PM: Xilin Gol are heavily bombed and shelled. It's destroyed within 10 minutes. North Army continued south, letting the rear army to deal with the survivors.
6:30 PM: Half of Beijing Military District was retaken. Northern Army are reinforced with 3 million man recruits (I did said I am going to use them didn't I?) They continue to pound American with everything they got, from insults to rockets.
8:06 PM: Beijing is relieved. Northern and Southern Army continue to push forward.

October 22nd:
2:06 AM: Southern Army reached the Beijing-Jinan Military District border. Northern Army reached the city Baotou and stopped there. Operation Nanjing is over.

Overview: Operation Nanjing was a success due to psychological and quantical effects. 10 millions poorly-trained men and 5 million well trained men managed to overwhelm the American. Chinese MPs shot any cowards and deserters; They reinforced the order and pushed the troops forward. To dampen the effects of American air force and artilleries, the soldiers are ordered to get as close to the Americans as possible. American Air Force and artilleries could not fire without hitting their comrade. The operation are remembered as one of the savagest fighting of the 21st century.
"I was fighting the Chin. No matter how many I killed, more still came at me. Their eye will haunt me forever. The's filled with fear of their MPs and hatred of Americans"-American survivor, John Cook.
Within 2 weeks, 5 millions more hastily-trained men are sent to the frontline. 2.5 millions are sent to Northern and other half are sent to Southern.
Army Continued:
2,000 T-72s are purchased from Russia. Primary focuses of Chinese industry is now Type 96s, firearms, and SAMs.
Northern Army: 4 million soldiers, 1 thousand tanks, and 4 hundred aircrafts.
Southern Army: 4.5 million soldiers, 1 thousand tanks, and 5 hundred aircrafts.
Americans (Total): 4 million soldiers, 5 hundred tanks, and 1 thousand aircrafts.
Infantry: 8.5:4
Tanks: 4:1
Aircrafts: 10:9
Navy: 4:1
I now outnumber my opponents in terms of soldiers and tanks. He outnumbered me in terms of aircrafts (which is now ineffective due to the tactics I am now using) and the navy (Useless inland.)
Chinese army is primarily using combination of AK-47s, AK-74, QBZ-03, Type 81, and AKM. Tank divisions is using Type 96s, Type 99s, T-72, Type 59s (limited use), and some T-80s. More and more men are being conscripted to fight. Soon the Chinese army will number about 14 million men against Americans. There are also some other militants that'll soon be deployed.
I believe that I had addressed this issue at the 1st round. My guerilla units are now active. Treaty had been made with Dalai Lama. China promised Tibetan Independence if Tibetans also help fight against Americans. Dalai Lama agreed.
Tibetan Revolts: 100,000 Tibetans revolted against their American occupier.
Wuhan Rebellion: 20,000 Chinese revolted against their American occupier.
Chengdu Protests: 1,000 Chinese protested against their American occupier, and they were brutally crushed.
Guerilla units began to blew railroad, ambush vulnerable American units, and destroy supply depot.
Chinese, now know about their government's lies, was disappointed. But this did not affect their pride of China and their willingness to defend their land. Chinese morale became...angrier. With unlimited access to foreign websites, they began to found out more about persecution of Chinese American. Though they knew about it, they gained more information about persecution of Chinese American. Now they know more about the persecution, they began to fear Americans. This naturally led to more nationalism and fear of American. Thanks Gabe.
OPEC, in response to the US solution, lowered the oil price. Chinese war industry hastily moved to Shenyang. Approximately 30% of the heavy machines were destroyed to avoid American capture. Rest were moved. Xiaomi finally beat American tech giants in terms of sales. American tech giants began to lay off workers. 23 Yuan to 1 Dollar.
Russia began a large military movement in Eastern Europe, prompting NATO alert.* NATO sent troops just in case Russia attacks, but are still outnumbered. NATO now asks America for help. Russia also began to be aggressive in Alaska, prompting American DEFCON 3 in Alaska. With more than 90% of American forces in China, West is now at Russia's mercy. The only solution would be either to draft more men and send them to those locations, or use troops in China. I'll let Gabe decide. Russia also started to sell China weapons.
*Russia won't attack in this debate, they'll just be bluffing like North Korean style. Still have to scare West don't I? I am pretty sure this is not against the rule.
France is still neutral in this matter. International community begins to pressure America to agree to attend the negotiation.
Swiss bank:
All the Chinese currency reserves are still safe. 10% ($382,000,000,000) are set aside to be used for the war. If China is defeated, they'll be defeated physically but NOT economically.
Friend or Foe: Chinese troops will get as close as possible to the Americans when fighting, prompting artilleries and aircrafts almost ineffective. (Unless they want to kill their own side?)
8.5 million soldiers is now defending the non-occupied China and another 6 million training and holding as reserves.
$2 billion dollar had been spent for weapons and food for his army.
submarines now had sunk over 320,000 tons of supplies. He authorized the continuous bombardment of American West Coast using ballistic missiles such as J-2s.
Chinese DF-21Ds are pounding on American-held harbor, sinking supplies ships and causing casualties.
His guerilla forces are harassing Americans whenever they can, using Vietnam-style tactics.
"Few weeks ago, our nation faced great dilemma since the beginning of the war. Our enemy was in this city, killing our friends, sons, and comrade. This city was under siege. But our heroic army arrived and drove our nemesis back. Soldiers! I honor you and congratulate you for your victory. I also wish you a good luck. This is not the end, but beginning of an end. I beg you to be patient. The victory is near, the Lady Victory is with us. Just hold on for few more months, and you will be rewarded with victory. *pause* I'll make 3 promises. The day we win, we'll transition into democracy. The day we win, you'll return home with smile on your face and hug your family. The day we win, we'll make the Americans pay for their crime. Are you with me comrade? ARE YOU WITH ME!?!?" -President Dynasty.
Your turn Gabe.
Debate Round No. 4


October 18th: The USA accepts peace. China and the USA negotiate.

October 19th: The USA pulls all forces out of China.

October 21st: A agreement is settled. The two countries continue to have tensions, however, and the USA's economy must recover from this downfall. China's land and economy has dropped drastically.

October 22nd: The UN tries to help out China the most it can, they also help the USA, but not as much.


Peace has been declared. Here is how voting will work:

Overall, we have declared peace. However, Dynasty and I have agreed that voting will not be left out. Voting will be based on who did better in the debate. Feel free to vote your honest opinion. I thank Dynasty for this great debate. He's a great war general, and I am happy that he is in AOW with us.

Thank you, Dynasty and the audience.


THank you Gabe.

October 22nd: Tibet declares independence. China withdrew all their troops there, as well as their financial assets.

October 25th: Xinjiang also declares independence, but were attacked by Chinese army 1 hour after the declaration.

October 27th: All rights of autonomy of Xinjiang are declared void. Xinjiang are now one of the province of China.

October 28th: China issued a statement, declaring that all nations who harboured American army during Sino-American War must give China $2 million dollar for compensation or face an invasion.

October 29th: India and Philippine hastily gave China $2 million dollar to avoid another war.

October 31st: Taiwan refuses to give $2 million dollar. They were immediately placed under blockade.

November 2nd: Taiwan agreed to give $3 million dollar, $1 million dollar as late fee. (Late fee...teehee)

November 5th: To avoid the fate of Taiwan, Japan agreed to give $4 million dollar. ($2 million dollar late fee)

All the active soldiers were sent back home with 20 thousand dollars in their pocket. The reserve troops were sent back home with one thousand dollars.

With all those monies that China got and her reserves, the Reconstruction of China began. Xiaomi, entering America, became one of the most popular tech company in the world. IMF and World Bank estimates that China will be back into its original economy position within 8 years.
Good debate Gabe, you"re also an excellent General. I had a lot of fun doing this debate. I ask my voters to be fair and reasonable. GD
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Gabe1e 3 years ago
You too, Dynasty.
Posted by Dynasty2468 3 years ago
Good debate
Posted by PericIes 3 years ago
China is a massive economic power, but not a military power.
The land branch P.L.A. is a glorified militia relying on numbers (it is modernizing, but it has a long way to go). The naval branch of the P.L.A. is comprised mostly of small gunboats, anti-mine boats, and short-range missile boats, mostly for coastal defence. It only has a handful of long-range warships that can be taken somewhat seriously, and only one aircraft carrier. Most of their military aircraft are mid Cold War era ex-Russian planes, or in the style of Cold War era Russian planes. Cyber warfare is a wildcard, as countries often hide their cyber warfare capabilities. U.S. also has a definite nuclear advantage.
As the world stands right now, U.S. vs China results in U.S. winning, no contest. It may be slightly more interesting in 35 years, though.
Posted by flewk 3 years ago
In all honesty, the first battle in a war between the US and China would be for Taiwan.

If the US declares war on China, China would invade Taiwan before US forces arrive.
If China declares war on the US, they will do it after they invade Taiwan. They will invade Japan after the war is declared.

The only reason China gives a crap about Taiwan is because it is the perfect location for a military base to defend/attack China.
Posted by wrichcirw 3 years ago
We notice that same opportunity.
Posted by Gabe1e 3 years ago
They noticed the opportunity to make money.
Posted by wrichcirw 3 years ago
Why would they charge something for it? Why wouldn't they be paying us for it?
Posted by Gabe1e 3 years ago
Because we've already been protecting Taiwan with weapons/aircraft. If we want to use their land for military purposes, they would charge something for it.
Posted by wrichcirw 3 years ago
Then why even mention a cost? A lot of nations actually foot our bill. They pay us to protect them.
Posted by Gabe1e 3 years ago
They hate China, in case you didn't know.
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Reasons for voting decision: I read a part of this debate and then skimmed the rest. IMHO it was an interesting attempt, I'm not sure if PRO/CON are working off an established script, as the scenarios seemed to incorporate non-random manufactured dramatic elements. Regardless, I found the scenario almost wholly unrealistic, even controlling for conventional war and lack of allies. Statements by PRO, such as "Taiwan and the USA have come to a military agreement worth almost $1 million" when PRO readily admits that the US annual peacetime military budget is 500,000 times that size (over $500 billion) make me believe that PRO does not understand what constitutes a significant military contribution. CON is guilty of this as well. It paints the entire exercise as something that has no basis in reality with numbers and statistics that simply do not have any tangible effect on wartime planning. Regardless, I will give kudos to both PRO/CON for the work they put into this.
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Reasons for voting decision: There were some S&G errors on both sides, but Pro had slightly less. Arguments to Pro, as he made it to Beijing and overwhelmed Chinese forces by attacking through India. Con, you did exceptional in describing your situations, but you did not focus quite enough on combat, but good job. Good debate guys.
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Reasons for voting decision: Wow. Just wow. This was the GREATEST war debate I have ever seen. The way you two almost flawlessly coordinated your attacks and positioning of troops. In the end America won. You two could likely be great generals in the future. In the end, the general/president I believe I did that stood out was Gabe1e. I doubt more than a few generals could devise enough plans to make it all the way to Beijing. WHAT really got me was the invasion through India to overwhelm Chinese forces. Victory to Pro. God bless you both along with America and China.
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Reasons for voting decision: Sorry Dynasty, but your arguments were centered on ordeals occurring in other countries, not on the direct combat vs. the American forces. When you did announce a battle plan, it always resulted in your being on the defense.
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