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WE should stop this lgbt agenda nonsense

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Started: 4/7/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Lgbt nonsense has gone too far thx to feminist and sjw and brainwash sheep liberals the lgbt is becoming bigger and dumber there views are wrong there logic is wrong liberal news eats it up and say yes to it all the lgbt community will destroy our country and many others


the LGBTQ+ community will destroy our country and many others" what is your basis in your argument?

How can you be so sure that, the LGBTQ+ community will destroy countries? there are many factors such as economics and politics than when in compare to the LGBTQ+ has so much more societal effects that can cause a lot of problems on countries. I would agree with you if you are implying "it has become too liberal, but the fact that, these people are fighting for their rights shows the manifestation of the current status quo of society-which is a capitalistic patriarchal society.
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your right I need to clarify of what I was saying I menta that the lbgt community is pointless now there protesting for nothing especially with this there is no gender thing or bathroom rights which makes no sense there going to destroy ethics and downright principle dignity. Canada has already fallen with c-116 bill that states if you call someone mr or ms instead of made up words like zir or ze you can be be fined 250,000 dollars. the fact is there's only two genders you can't your biology and grow men and grown woman won't go into the opposite bathrooms


Well ethics is very subjective, what may be ethically correct to one culture might not be ethically correct to others, remember that gender and sex are two different things, sex is the biological make up, while gender is the preference. Every gender has their own conformity when it comes to their gender preference, maybe canada should revise the c-116 but that doesn't mean that the country would be put into ruin, it's part of the state to adapt to the current culture of society.
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Posted by Iacov 3 years ago
What did I just read?
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