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WW3 has just begun. Which side will prevail?

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Started: 8/11/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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In this scenario, split views on Communism vs Capitalism have taken their toll and it has lead into total warfare. The sides are as follows

The Allies:
Czech Rep
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States

The Axis:

North Korea

In round one, Indicate which side you will be advocating for. In round 2 I will present my plan of attack and then you will state your counter. This will continue until round 5 when you can only summarize and conclude with no new arguments.

By accepting this debate, you agree to the following rules:

1. No trolling or Semantics. This is a serious debate.

2. For each attack, you must give the opponent 1 round to respond.

3. No nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons can be used

4. The final round can state no new arguments, it can only summarize what you have done and how you were able to win the war.

5. Sources must be presented at the end of each round for validity of claims.

I look forward to a fun and interesting debate.


Hello I would like to start the debate by saying that I believe that the allies win world war 3. I hope I have an interesting time debating against you. Sorry if I'm a bit bad because this is my first time on this site but nonetheless I'll try to make the debate interesting. So without further ado let's begin.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you to Con for accepting.

I will begin by launching a draft for all axis powers. Do not be surprised by my massive numbers. All axis powers have began immense wartime production and citizens not capable of fighting are put to work in factories or given military desk jobs.

Russia launches SRBMs into Ukraine, Baltic Nations, and Poland. Russian forces will begin invading Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The forces attacking induce, 2,000,000 soldiers, 500 T90 tanks, 1500 T80s, 4000 T72s, 150 s300 SAM launchers, 800 MLRs and 1500 SPGs and 150 TBMs.The land forces will be aided by bombing support of 50 Tupolev Tu-22M, 150MiG29. Some ground soldiers in the main battle will be carrying PTRD-41 anti tank rifles. Munitions will be delivered to the troops via land transport vehicles from Russia. Before this, 500 Spetznaz operatives will split into teams and sneak into enemy territory unnoticed and assassinate key personnel. They will attempt to sabotage key munition holding facilities with night raids.With them behind enemy lines, they can divide up and move in packs to eliminate Ukrainian soldiers near the border to allow for a swift attack from the land forces.

Russia, Iran, Sudan, and Syria will attack Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, United Arab Emirate, Qatar, Israel, by bombarding them with SRBMs and IRBMs, 7,000,000 soldiers, 600 BTR80s, 4Tu160, 500 MLRs, and 2500 T72s. They will be supported by refueling and restocking with land transport vehicles.
More Spetznaz night raids will be done with 600 of them infiltrating Israel stealthily at night through Lebanon, split up vastly of course into squads of 12 to avoid detection and to maximize ground being covered. They will assassinate high ranking military officers and place explosives on key sewage and oil pipelines. Once the explosives are planted, Syria will send in an army of 3,000,000 men, 2000 type 55, 400 MLRs and 1000 towed artillery. The bombs will be detonated and the Syrian forces will move in.

China will launch a massive attack into India by deploying 30,000,000 soldiers, 450 type 88s, 2500 type 96s, 450 type 99s, 1000 MLRs, 800 SPG"s and 30 s300 SAM launchers. Routes will be established through Pakistan into India for the soldiers to obtain food, fuel, and ammunition. 45 Chinese submarines will be placed near the shore of The bay of Bengal to shoot missiles into India. All 5 of Russia"s stealth PAK FA T-50s and all 4 of China"s stealth J-20s will fly in undetected as support to take out some of the defending land army.North Korea will place in the Sea of Japan 78 submarines, 4 frigates, and 6 corvettes to bomb along the shores and take out many civilian masses.ICMBs will be shot at Pearl harbor where there is no defense against them and at all of NATO"s satellites. In the north Pacific, we are sending out China"s aircraft carrier, 30 of their frigates, 20 destroyers of their destroyers and 100 coastal defense craft to defend against any incoming US air or naval attacks.

Massive Personnel carriers from Indonesia carry over 25 million soldiers into the southern tip of India. They will be used to push through the southern tip. Indonesia will send 6 frigates, 26 corvettes, 2 submarines to join China"s navy in eliminating India"s navy. Indonesia"s 381 planes will use kamikaze India. Indonesia"s 374 tanks, 1172AFVs, 91 SPGs, 94 towed artillery, 84 MLRs will support the attack force.

The Russian Navy will send its aircraft carrier, 6 destroyers, 25 corvettes, 20 submarines, and 20 coastal defense craft into the Bering sea to block off any US naval attempts into Russia from Alaska. The Same force will be Present in the Chukchi sea except without the aircraft carrier. China"s other coastal defense craft are stationed around the east China sea.



Before we begin do usual war rules count like the Geneva convention. Also when you said SRBM can you please tell me the specific model name thanks.
Ukraine, United kingdom and poland will fortify bases and will be firing Drones, SAM turrets and Have aircrafts to stop the SRBMS or some of them. The forces defending will induce, 2,000,000-6,000,000 soldiers, 2500 T80 tanks, 1000 M1A2 abrams tanks, 900 T84u tanks, 400 MLRs, 900 SPGs and 4000 AFVs. Defending force will be supported by Sukhoi Su-25. Defending soldiers will be armed anti-tank missile. Anti-personnel mines will be placed around battlefields and defending meaning some spetsnaz operatives will take long enough to be noticed while disarming mines or getting killed or wounded by one.
Israel will have many drones and SAM turrets sent from the US to take on SRBMs and IRBMs. Qatar will buy armoured vehicles and weapons from America and Europe(including MLRs, armored tanks and vehicles, etc)to defend themselves and also assist Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Turkey by sharing their resources gained from America and Europe.Israel will defend by sending soldiers with armored vehicles as support to defend key areas. High ranking military officers will be place at military bases and outpost with maximum protection from other soldiers.Many skilled military personnel (around 50-70) will be defending key sewage and oil pipelines.
India will defend by using a tenth of their soldiers (roughly around 100,000,00), some of these soldier will have anti-tank missiles and tanks such as arjun, T90, Tank EX and Vijayanta. America will sen 3 frigates, 28 destroyers and 36 submarines as backup and they will be operated by the American Navy, India will send 300 fighter planes to shoot down kamikaze planes. Defending forces will use 200 MLRs and 150 SPGs to defend.
US will be bomb ships using 40 B2 spirits and 60 B1 lancers to attack naval ships. also US will defend by using its regular fleet, i.e destroyers, frigates, etc. China's anval defence will also fall from Australian aircrafts such as Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet.
Sorry if this is to easy for you as I expected your arguments to be different but nonetheless I will keep trying to debate. Again sorry for my grammar as I was bit in a hurry to write this. Thanks!

Debate Round No. 2


Thanks for your response.

To answer your question, no. In this scenario no Geneva Rules apply except as previously stated no nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.
SRBMs are short range ballistic missiles the models used are df 11,15, and 16 as well as ss1scud.
I am not sure how between the UK, Poland, and Ukraine you were able to muster up 1000 abrams looking into it, none of those countries even own one

The USA could not have possibly sent this number of tanks in time before the attack so we must presume that they did not arrive within time. As they would have to cross the Atlantic whereas Russia can simply move it’s massively land army right up close to the front. As the transports carry over the abrams’, 200 Russian fighters are deployed into the Atlantic to shoot down the incoming American equipment.
Some Spetsnaz were killed, but many managed to remain undetected sabotage some Ukrainian equipment and their sniper crews picked off guarding soldiers all throughout the night. This allowed for a much smoother invasion due to some faulty equipment and a considerable amount of troops initially stationed to defend being eliminated. The Russian forces took some casualties, but managed to push through, eliminating them with their massive numbers. The s300s were able to shoot down the Sukhoi Su-25 with relative ease, considering their non stealth capabilities. Safe zones were established in eastern controlled Ukraine. To reinforce them, forces were sent including, 30,000,000 men with multiple sniper and anti tank divisions, 3000 T72s, 2000 T80s, 3000 T64s, 250 s300s, 1000 MLRs ,10,000 AFVs, 200 helicopters and 20 attack helicopters. These forces will continue driving into NATO controlled Europe. The same supply routes will be used. 2000 Towed Artillery, 1500 MLRs, 100 s300s, 3,000,000 men (including 1000 Spetsnaz) and 200 GAZ Tigr vehicles with gunners will be positioned along the Western Russia border.

Most of China’s tactical ballistic missiles, SRBMs, IRBMs will be shot into India at the Indian military to significantly reduce them before they can even reach the invading force. Since my opponent has sent more than 100 million men all in one land army, many of them along with their tanks were vaporized by the missiles. 100 h-6 and j-7 bombers launched from Chinese airfields will continue bombing the remnants of the Indian land army to induce further damage. The stealth bombers will proceed to bomb key airfields holding Indian fighters/bombers and key electrical sources and generators to take them off the grid. Interceptor planes will attack Indian aircraft, and given the fact that the Indian air force will be pre-occupied shooting kamikazes, they will be capable of eliminating many of them..The disorganized and disoriented Indian land forces are barraged by artillery to further disorganize them. Then, 20,000,000 men along with 50 s300s, 3000 AFVs , 3000 Type 59s and 200 MLRs are sent reinforce, the self propelled guns , and other forces mentioned previously use mobility and coordination to destroy isolated and chaotic Indian forces piecemeal and take far fewer casualties in comparison to India. Having destroyed the bulk of India’s army chinese troops make rapid progress. All of the s300s are ready and positioned to defend the land army from any ballistic missiles.More icbms are shot at India’s satellites to further impair them. The massive army sent from Indonesia landed at the southern tip of India without being shot at since my opponent mentioned no counter.

The Chinese fleet in the Pacific discovered the incoming US naval advance. They were seen miles in advance and some fighters and interceptors were sent to kill the non stealth b1 lancers way before they were able to arrive. The usa could not see this coming due to the satellite attacks with icbms in the previous round. The b-2 were located once they began attacking the fleet. Chinese interceptors and fighters were immediately launched from the aircraft carrier and given the position of the b-2s to take them out. Chinese anti air rockets and turrets on the ships began to fire in the relative location on the b-2s as the fighters and interceptors were launched, likely destroying a good amount of them. I would also like to mention that the US only has 21 b-2 spirits, making the aerial battle even easier. Half of the unscathed North Korean fleet of 78 submarines, 4 frigates and 6 corvettes that just bombarded Japan with no resistance move into position to defend the Chinese fleet in the Pacific. The other half of them move into the bay of Bengal to provide aid in the Naval battle developing in the Bay of Bengal. Around 100 fighters are also deployed to stop the boeing super hornet from attacking the Chinese fleet.

My opponent made no move to defend against the large amount submarines shooting missiles into the coast of India and into Japan. A good amount of land and resources were clearly destroyed. The submarines in the Bay of Bengal will stay, now shooting at naval bases along the coast to prevent any future deployment of vessels from India. Once the North Korean submarine fleet moves in, they will combine with the previously stated Indonesian and Chinese fleet to help fire at India. The North Korean submarines will move into the Arabian sea to help fire missiles at west-coast India.

It is noteworthy that US is more than an Atlantic Ocean and is limited by both distance and how many transports its ships can carry out. Iran, Russia and other Middle Eastern Countries of the axis powers are strikingly close to the allied Middle Eastern Nations, and can cross over a 100 mile border allowing them to reinforce attacks much faster.Thus, the US effect on the war is dramatically micro-sized and has a very limited effect.

Again, some Spetsnaz were taken out in Israel, but since the oil and sewage pipelines were only defended by 50-60 people, the 300 of them easily overpowered them. They were only able to assassinate a few key personnel with sniper teams because of my opponents defenses. Since they did defeat those guarding the pipelines, they set the charges and successfully detonated them. The Syrian land army moved in and was locked in a stalemate with Israeli forces. Pakistan will send in 300 Al Zarrar tanks, 300 Al Khalid tanks and 5,000,000 soldiers to support them. Pakistan will also send dozens of interceptor planes to shoot down the purchased NATO equipment coming to Qatar. The Russian, Sudanese, and Iranian forces move into Saudi Arabia, UAB and Kuwait with little/no resistance and take control of the oil fields. The native forces will not be attacked unless they attempt to take back the oil fields. Bases are established and 5000 Russian AFVs are sent to reinforce these troops. More transport trucks are sent to provide soldiers with food and ammo.

Sources: ( Many re-stated);


Sorry but I'm gonna have to forfeit I got a job interview tomorrow. Sorry for wasting your time.
Debate Round No. 3


I understand. It is much more important to take job opportunities. If no forces were sent by my opponent, it is assumed that Russia was able to conquer much of Europe, The middle east was completely conquered, India was lost, and the American navy was destroyed. ICBMS will be fired into the United States and they will have little defense due to the satellite attacks in round 2.


Blackdeath17 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


My opponent forfeited and made no responses to my attacks. The war was lost for Nato and their allies. All Nato countries and their allies are in control of the axis.

I had a good time debating, vote con.


Blackdeath17 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by ricksterpr0 7 years ago
I understand. I will post in my final round not to take off any conduct points or spelling points
Posted by ricksterpr0 7 years ago
I understand. I will post in my final round not to take off any conduct points or spelling points
Posted by Blackdeath17 7 years ago
Also when writing about the abram tanks I forgot to add that they were assisted by america and I understand that due to my forgetfulness I may lose conduct.
Posted by Blackdeath17 7 years ago
Again sorry about that because as I said I was a bit in a hurry.
Posted by ricksterpr0 7 years ago
did u send 100 mil into india or 10 mil? it looks like 100 mil b/c of you commas but you are missing a 0. Please let me know ASAP. Thank you.
Posted by Theunkown 7 years ago
Looking at current relations, India will be on the Axis side and Pakistan the allies. This list is improper
Posted by T-O-P 7 years ago
Meh seems legit ;D
Posted by ricksterpr0 7 years ago
Posted by ricksterpr0 7 years ago
Im going to be supporting Axis. I let me opponent choose so there could not possibly be a bias. I chose countries that I thought would side together in total warfare.
Posted by T-O-P 7 years ago
Ok so Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland are involved but Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia are not? It just seems like you got some wealthy countries and put them in a big group called the Allies and then you got some small powerless nations amd stuck them with China. Like Iceland is going to attack Bangladesh. And by the way I don't think countries like Poland or other socialist countries will be fighting for Capitalism. And I highly doubt that Japan is going to risk fighting China and North Korea. Whatever I just think this is a very biased debate so it is because of this that I will be rooting for the Axis because they are the little guys :)
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Vote Placed by 9spaceking 7 years ago
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Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
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Total points awarded:40 
Reasons for voting decision: ff
Vote Placed by lannan13 7 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
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