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WWII wouldn't have happened if it weren't for the treaty of versailes

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Started: 2/5/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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If the Treaty of Versailles hadn't made Germany suffer consequences for WWI, WWII wouldn't have been started by the Germans.
My points are, Germany couldn't have a military, they had to pay reparations, and they couldn't be united with Austria


First off: formalities.
Greetings debaters and voters - this is my first debate on this site. I do parliamentary debate in college, and I am terrible at it. Out of respect for your time, I will keep my argumentation short and hopefully sweet. I have no formal opinion on this topic - but feel that it is a topic worthy of discussion.

The Treaty of Versailles was created in order to avoid another war in Europe - so if you believe that it is a cause of WWII, then we have had a MASSIVE failure on the part of our treaty makers.


I will summarize the main points of the article here:
1. Disarmament
By forcing the Central Powers to surrender their weapons, they believed that they were removing the weapon from the killer. Germany/Austria had been the instigators in the mind of the allies, and now they had been disarmed. That would stop any future war from this cause.

2. Occupation
Having foreign troops in Rhineland would prevent Germany from fighting against the people of Rhineland. This also dispirited the government of Germany, knowing that their effective territory had been reduced. Size does matter when it comes to governance - Germany was weakened and would now have a great reminder of the error in their ways.

3. Reparation
Money is great - but rather than merely wanting to fill their own pockets, the allies attempted to remind Germany of the expenses of war, both monetarily and in personnel.

On the other side of the coin, we see that without the treaty of Versailles, what would take its place? No treaty? Continued hostilities? A worse treaty? Harsher or milder? I would like clarification somewhere in your response, so that I know where this argument is going.

Debate Round No. 1


To answer my opponent's question about where I'm going with this, I'm saying that the demands of the treaty of Versailles were unfair to Germany. If you look back to what started the war you'll see that Germany did nothing except aid an ally. What really started the war was the assassination of an Austrian arch duke by a Serbian. The Treaty of Versailles pushed all the reparations onto Germany, banned Germany from having a military, and as seen by the Germans, separated them from Austria. These demands put Germany in a position in which hyperinflation took place, not to mention made it so that if someone were to attack them, they wouldn't have the military means to protect themselves. Every nation has a right to defensive militarism, Hitler and other Germans saw this and so dealt with it how they saw fit. Does this mean that they have an excuse for things like the holocaust? No, not at all. However they did have a good excuse to stop paying reparations, they were experiencing hyperinflation. They had a right to rebuild their military, to defend against other countries that would take advantage of the fact that they had no military. There also should've been no reason for them to be separated from Austria.
Given all of this, I hope it is clear that if it weren't for the demands of the Treaty of Versailles, WWII wouldn't have happened.


But the treaty could also simply have taught Germany a lesson about having a standing military. When Germany kept a standing military, they were able to come to the aid of their ally - which lead to escalation. Germany had the opportunity to realize the dangers of a standing army, and even had good reason to believe that their neighbors had no wish for aggression.

The horrors of war were quite a bit worse for the allies than the Central Powers - and Germany should have learned its lesson. France would never have thought of aggression against Germany, and its holding Rhineland was just insurance - not a threat. Russia was too concerned with its own problems at the moment - Switzerland never attacks anyone in history. Germany's neighbors were not threatening to Germany. The treaty was an excellent opportunity for Germany to learn its lesson, but instead the leadership ability and the bloodlust of Adolf Hitler was unstoppable - even despite the best efforts of the Allies to come up with the Treaty of Versailles.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by levi_smiles 3 years ago
Well, I laid out some counter arguments but I can"t accept the debate.
Posted by Amphia 3 years ago
This is a great debate topic, I would love to see someone contend it.
Posted by levi_smiles 3 years ago
The ToV was a relatively merciful agreement which Germany generally ignored. Germany was the one European nation who had the leverage to de-escalate after Ferdinand"s assasination but chose war and was that war"s principal aggressor (The War began when Germany invaded France, before making a declaration of war, the war ended when Germany left France, no major conflicts today took place on German soil). Germany retained the capacity to pay reparations but chose instead to borrow from the US & then defaulted on American loans: in effect, the US paid for German reparations, not Germany. Rather than seek prosperity as the dominant European economy in Central and Eastern Europe, Germany re-militarized & returned to war with popular support as soon as Pan- European dominion looked possible again. The actual burden of the ToV was minimal & not much of a factor when Germany invaded Czechoslovakia.
Posted by Arganger 3 years ago
You are correct, if people didn't make Germany the scrap goat, they wouldn't of made the jews, disabled, and other scrap goats.
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