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Walt Disney World: Better then Universal Studios?

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Started: 11/27/2017 Category: Entertainment
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Anyone who has been to Florida knows of the two biggest resorts in the state: Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando. This is also one of the biggest debates between theme park enthusiasts, in terms of which one is better. This is the debate I want to bring to the table today.

To be honest, I like both parks very much. That being said though, I will be debating on the side of Walt Disney World.

I ask for this to be a clean debate, with no profanity or personal attacks.

I look forward to a debating with the challenger who excepts this. May the best side win, and good luck.


the thing with what park is better is a harder debate ad what harder then the two biggest than in Disney world and universal studios. i love both but there is a big difference one is mostly for the rides that are the best and the other is more for the experiences of meeting characters and being in the world , but universal has the best rides and it has great ambiance with the world of harry potter were you can drink butter bear and swing your wand and do actual magic and that just one of the many parks
Debate Round No. 1


I find it interesting how you brought up the rides, as I was going to start off with that myself.

I will agree with one thing, Universal is home to some great rides... but it's the originality about them that makes the difference between UO and WDW.

If you've been to Universal Orlando over the last few years, you will have noticed that Universal has sold their soul to screens. Almost every ride (Excluding the Outdoor Roller-Coasters, Men in Black and ET) has some sort of screen in it. In fact, two out of the last three new rides opened in the last couple years (King Kong being the first and Fast and Furious being the second) has literally been based off of a tram-tour stop from the Hollywood park. This is not innovative.

Let's compare this to WDW's recent attraction openings, specifically the land of Pandora. Now, I know what you are thinking, how the "Flight Of Passage" attraction is in front of a screen, but think of everything else that has to do with that ride. You can feel the wind and water on your face, and the banshee breathing between your legs. That's something I have never seen universal done, and according to WDW's upcoming list (If you follow D23 you know what I mean...) I'd say they won't be doing any tram-stops anytime soon.


Ok well you argue that they have rides with screens . they are not only that take the king Kong ride for example you are in a moving vehicle with astounding effects like when Kong knocks the T-Rex on the car and you feel it on top and it makes a dent . that is not just screens it is creative and makes you feel right there in the action. same with the harry potter ride you feel like your riding with harry being chase by and dragon . and to top that also spider man not only does it have the screens and your moving in a real place you also feel fire right by your face and water . the MIB ride spins you around and your shooting at anamatronic aliens and that not screens . and there is the terminator experience were your in the tech building taking a tour that goes bad and terminator comes out of the screen on a motorcycle ! it has guns and robots and a very real experience . its not just rides it takes you to the world as soon as you step form one world to the next you feel like your in that world. and it ranges form so many worlds theirs something for every one
to add to that you can bye a ticket for $82 and you can go to universal studios , island of adventure ,and there new water park it cost about $100 per person to see oe park at Disney
Debate Round No. 2


First off, let's talk about the King-Kong ride. Yes you can feel the bump with the T-Rex but that's something that can be done anywhere or with any ride system. Take the "Disaster" ride for example (Which, might I add, is being replaced by another King-Kong like ride), that was a ride with good effects. Real water. Real fire. Real sparks. The King Kong ride, on the other hand, pretty much parks the ride vehicle in a stationary position while you watch screens and the vehicle bumps once and a while. You are still just staring at the screens run by you.

The Harry Potter rides, which aren't as heavy in screen usage, isn't the same type of ride as King Kong. It is classified as a Roller-Coaster, which permits it to, ya know, be a roller coaster. (And, for the record, the dragon is not chasing you, it's getting you out of there...)

I'm actually happy you brought up the Spider-Man Attraction because that is an example of another ride concept that is overused in the Universal parks. Yes you feel the heat of the fire and the water (Don't get me started over how many times UO uses water :/), but this isn't the only ride in the park like it. Transformers, Harry Potter and the escape from Gringotts(Just take out the roller coaster part) both use the same type of ride system. Heck, even the Simpsons use a similar ride system, minus movement.

The MIB ride I said was still an original attraction.

The Terminator experience, mind you, is a SHOW, not a RIDE. It doesn't nessicarily count for the argument if we are talking about rides.

And with the points of Ticket Prices, it's pretty simple: Disney has more to offer and better rides/technology, and of course, more selection and less copy and paste with only the themes changing.

And, to hammer the ticket price home, A one-day adult ticket to both parks for UO costs $165.00. A one day Disney Park-Hopper ticket costs $170. It's not a big difference.


you act like the rides are just you siting there and the screens move . that not the case it has very good ambulance and UO has been known to have and still has incredible rides much better than DMK or DE . they may be the same track system witch i don't believe they all are until you give me proof on that . Also you gave incorrect prices i can go online right now i just looked and I can get a ticket to all three of the parks for $87 like i said big difference . also Disney doesn't have that much to offer if you go to one park its about the same really some different rides but most go to meet the characters . seeking of have you seen the characters and UO? they have two almost actual transformers witch are great . that way cooler then a girl dressed in a princess costume i know tons of actresses that can do that . now besides the amazing rides that do have screens hey also have three amazing water rides. Jurassic park , duddly do right ,and popeyes are the main theam for very great water rides that are very different form each other . and i haven't even gotten into the main rollercosters . the hulk being one also the rock'n roller coaster. are just two of UO's amazing roller coasters.
to top it off you have some of the best movies , besides star wars witch i give to Disney ( only because star wars is my favorite movie lol ) . they have harry potter , Jurassic park , the avengers , E.T , it use to have jaws , MIB , king kong , the mummy. also they have dr.suses , classic comics area , the Simpsons and many many more . so how in the world does Disney have more than UO answer it doesn't it has better ambiance , rides and a better exsperince over all than disney can give you while you wait in line for hours to see one princess ?
Debate Round No. 3


Okay, let me address your argument in sections.

First off - "You act like the rides are just you siting there and the screens move." - That's exactly the case for King Kong and (soon to be) Fast and Furious: Supercharged. I never once questioned the ambiance of the rides, even though I feel the scare-actor in the King Kong line is a little too much.

Second - "Also you gave incorrect prices...." Are you sure? Go here: . Tell me the prices are wrong.

Third - "Disney doesn't have that much to offer if you go to one park its about the same..." Last time I checked, There's no "Soarin" type rides in Magic Kingdom and there's no "Test Track" in Animal Kingdom. Yes, it is true that people meet the characters (even though I wouldn't say most do that...). That being said, though, Disney world isn't full of Princesses. Which characters you like to see is a fully opinionated topic, and does not determine the quality of a park. But if you want to talk about technology, though, I haven't seen the transformers interacting (and I mean literally talking, playing games, and moving around) with guests, unlike a certain mouse.

Fourth - "They also have three amazing water rides..." Yes, Universal does have water rides, but Jurassic Park has needed an update since the 90s and the other two water rides are so over-the-top in how wet you get that they should be in a water park.

Fifth - "And i haven't even gotten into the main rollercoasters..." As I said before, Universal does have a couple good coasters. The hulk isn't necessarily something you wouldn't see at a six-flags, though.

Sixth - "The Rock'n roller coaster are just two of UO's amazing roller coasters." I had to address this one specifically. Rock'n roller coaster? You mean the one in Disney's Hollywood Studios? Last time I checked that wasn't in UO. I'm starting to question your knowledge of the parks.

Seventh - "To top it off you have some of the best movies..." Yes, Universal does have a lot of properties that they can use in attractions. The problem is that a lot of these properties ware out over time. Harry Potter? That will be gone in twenty years. E.T.? That's probably gonna be removed with the advent of Nintendo Land. Dr. Suess? That is also rumored to be removed by 2020.

In conclusion - Other then the Harry Potter land, Universal does not have better ambiance then WDW. Disney has more original ride concepts and designs, and overall a more fun experience. (And, news flash, Princesses aren't the only thing in Disney.)

PS - Check your spelling, please.
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Debate Round No. 4
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