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Was Abolishing Slavery the Right Choice?

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Started: 4/25/2017 Category: Politics
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Back in the earliest century of America, there were 5 slave states and 6 free states, then a balance was starting to be created. People of the North, were against slavery, while people of the South were for slavery. In 1850, California became the 31st state, and due to popular sovereignty, it became a free state that would then throw off the balance of slave/free states. Two years later, Life Among the Lowly (also known as Uncle Tom's Cabin) was published, a book about a slave. For the first time ever, in a book, slaves were interpreted as human. Slave owners usually viewed slaves as animals and uneducated. Now, the constitution didn't directly address slavery. So, abolitionist (people who wanted to abolish [get rid of] slavery) could only use the bible and their logic to argue that slavery was nonmoral. Abolitionist did not see only slavery as evil but also the Northerners who did nothing to eradicate slavery. Thomas Jefferson used the phrase "wolf by the ears" on the topic of slavery. What does that mean? Think about it, if you have a wolf by the ears can you hold onto him? Or, can you let him go safely? The answer is neither, right? Slavery was a horrible thing, if a slave did anything wrong in their owners' eyes they would be whipped, beating, shackling, mutilation, imprisonment (Even if the slave is pregnant) or even hung until death (if the case was that "bad".) Sexual abuse and rape were common. The purpose of slavery was to put labour upon another, in order to gain profit. Was outlawing slavery a good thing to do or does the US need to bring back slavery in order to profits themselves once again?


Very interesting... You did not state an actual argument. Therefore I will simply answer the question, as I see this may be part of you debate strategy.
I think that abolishing slavery was the best action possible. Just think of all of the most famous slave revolts not just in america, but across the world.
For example, one of the most famous African slave revolts, Nat Turners rebellion.
He went from house to house killing families of slave owners, in the end they killed roughly 55 whites. While most were caught, many still escaped, including Nat Turner, who was not found until October 30th.
As well as the Spartacus rebellion
Made famous by modern television, though what actually happened is somewhat obscured because of the popular show, the event did happen and was influential.
In 73 B.C.E. slave gladiator Spartacus escaped with 73 other slaves, their numbers grew dramatically, likely due to local shepherds and herdsmen joining the cause. Him and his near "army" of slaves then went from place to place freeing slaves and slaughtering high ranking military persons of Rome. Until they reached the Alps, Spartacus wanted to go back to his homeland, although his army wanted to continue fighting Rome. Although a significant number left to go back to their homelands. Though they did kill more important military persons, they were eventually defeated.

But, imagine if everyone in that army decided to keep fighting Rome. If not for this revolt, Rome could have very well lasted another century. Now, with so many rebellions such as these across the world, do you think this is a perfect system? A stable and reliant system? How many of these would it take to crash the economy of a nation, or due to settling an uprising, leave a nation vulnerable?
Yes, I could have mentioned the simple things, like the morality of it, rant about how terrible it was, list the many negative and mean long term impacts of the enslaved. But that would be easy, and you would already expect that, wouldn't you?
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Posted by SinDarling 3 years ago
@afroninja61104 Yes, I am serious about this topic and would like to see your debate.
Posted by afroninja61104 3 years ago
Hello, I am interested in debating this topic, although I would like to know if you are serious. This is because, as you probably know, there are many people who do not take their debates seriously.
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