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Was Iceland Right in Using Abortion as an Effective Means of Reducing it's Down Syndrome Population?

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Started: 6/16/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe Iceland's use of abortion to try and proactively rid the country of it's Down Syndrome population to be morally reprehensible.


I had actually no knowledge on the subject you brought to light that Iceland 'uses abortions to lower their down syndrome rate'. Now, after a little bit of research from sources such as Snopes and even news articles regarding the event, I found a few things.

Now, Iceland does NOT force you to have an abortion if you do not want to. However, they have lowered their down syndrome rate much faster than any other country in the world. They are obligated to inform the mother of difficulties in the birth and offer them this way out essentially. And clearly, based on the fact that their rates have gone down nearly 100% (having only a couple born per year with the unfortunate condition) it would seem as though most mothers dont feel like they can properly handle the situation in which they have been given. So, they optionally go for this method.

And honestly its not that far-fetched, raising a child with this syndrome is beyond difficult, expensive and mentally exhausting. And that is for the people raising them. In most cases there is not much life for those with severe mental and physical conditions (of course with some exceptions), and being honest here if my parents knew I would have been born this way, I would want them to opt in for that 'treatment' as well, those living with it I cannot even imagine.

In reality it seems more humane to end the suffering before it begins. Of course you must remember this is by choice and the only real reason I see it being controversial at all is those that uphold their religious and/or moral views on everyone else. It is a choice, as it should be, and in my personal opinion, a smart choice.
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Thanks for the information! I agree with you to an extent, although I'm still on the fence regarding the morality of the decision. I believe all life is sacred, and we all have a plan for our lives. As a Christian myself, I have to come to terms with the amount of unjust suffering in the world. And while this is no easy task, an Atheist for example, must come to terms with everything else good that happens in the world. Not saying Atheism is bad, it's just harder to defend an issue such as this *in my opinion, without somewhat of a moral compass.


Oh I can for sure respect being a Christian I myself have never pushed away the idea of spirituality completely, perhaps one day. But at the moment there"s a lot I just can"t comprehend, I"d consider myself Agnostic.

Regardless being non religious doesn"t mean you don"t have a moral compass everyone (well most I would hope) have one, they all differ though and this happens to be a large controversy in that sense. I personally believe that everyone should be able to decide for their own body without using it as a birth control method. It"s hard to raise a child, especially if there are complications that come around to it

I think it boils down to people having a choice of what they do. While those of faith don"t like the idea at all, those not of it are more open to the idea and should be allowed to do so. The world is also very overpopulated as it is, and when the Bible itself was written, it was far from overpopulated, just beginning in many ways. Restricting others from making decisions based on a belief that is not proven 100% may seem odd to many. (Meant with no disrespect at all, I just haven"t made the leap to believing so I"m at the "what if it is all fake and we"ve wasted our lives doing all this worrying and altering, etc"
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Posted by AnonUser18 3 years ago
Honestly I wonder that constantly. When the first world governments and media seemed to become overwhelmingly leftist and liberal, shoving sensitivity and all this down our throats.
Posted by WW2GuyWhoLikesWW2 3 years ago
Get rid of the kids that'll end up messed up. What is up with this culture that it's ok to be weak.
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