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Was Jesus actually human?

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Started: 4/9/2014 Category: Religion
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Ok so I haven't read the bible yet and this is my first debate so please go easy on me if there's a technical mistake

So my argument or thought just popped up.
Was Jesus actually human because Mary the Virgin had Jesus the baby so from this there can only be 2 situations. either God imprinted his DNA on the baby or the baby was composed out of Mary's DNA entirely. Both these situations either lead to a conclusion that
1. Jesus was part God part Human
2. Jesus was a clone out of Mary. (like a male version of Mary)

Again this is not my belief but just a stray thought that I'd like another person's opinion on.


Good question. Well for example an egg. Is an egg; a yolk, an egg white, or a shell?
Its three in one. But they are still separate things.
God was both man and God but still each separately. Does this answer your question?
Debate Round No. 1


An excellent example but what you're trying to say puzzles me.
So was God actually human and a Supernatural being or is God entirely human as well but just blessed with special powers?
If god was a little bit of human and god then Jesus would still have some supernatural DNA in him still making him not entirely pure human. If he is just a human with special powers it could be debated why he is claimed to be an god when he could easily succumb to sins just as all the other humans have done.

My second point of argument is that the miracles in the bible state that Jesus could call upon miracles to be bestowed on people. There is strangely no mention that any other humans could have called on god to perform miracles to the public. This seems to me that the bible is implying that Jesus was regarded by God as someone of more importance than the other people of the Earth. From this I can conclude that God regarded his son higher than his human creations (meaning that Jesus isn't human)


Back to the egg: Is the part of the egg fully yolk or fully still an egg? Both! It's quite tricky to understand but He was not a "Superbeing", nor partly human/partly God. HE WAS FULLY HUMAN whilst FULLY GOD. He had no "special powers", He was just GOD. =)

No. You have made a mistake. In the Old Testament of the Bible MANY other people did miracles, BUT let me clarify. THEY WERE NOT GOD. THEY TOO DID ACTUALLY NOT DO MIRACLES. God used them to do HIS miracles. He was working through them. =) Miracles are still done today.

Please let e know if you still don't understand.
Debate Round No. 2


Ok that makes more sense now.

In a sense Jesus was created by God. However, it wasn't mentioned in the bible that Jesus made any mistakes during his short period of time on Earth. He did not succumb to any sin even when tempted by the devil.

The catholic creation story is based around Adam and Eve. This happened when Adam and Eve were created by God and was placed in a paradise. God set specific instructions to not eat from the Tree of Life. A snake then tricked Eve into eating the fruit and as a result Adam ate the fruit as well. As punishment, Adam and Eve was sent to Earth and could never return to the paradise. From this a conclusion can be formed that god wanted Adam and Eve to mature and to gain wisdom from their mistakes.

So in one sense Jesus was created as a perfect being that is always shown as a well groomed slim man and on the other hand you have Adam and Eve, 2 relatable and flawed average human beings blessed with intellect and curiosity. So can we still say that Jesus was a human if he could not fall to sin and he did not posses curiosity like his predecessors Adam and Eve?
If the following is true did this mean that Jesus was even human because he lacked the independence to commit actions that strayed from God as children in modern society defy their parents?

BTW thank you TalkForLife for a very interesting and intriguing debate and I wish you luck on your other debates. ;D


No, Jesus was not created by God. He is God. But God let him go down to earth as a man.
I am not a Catholic and do not agree with their rituals. By the way, Christians also have that creation story =)

The question about whether The Garden of Eden was on earth or in heaven is being constantly debated. I myself believe that it was on earth and that the earth was sinless before Adam and Eve sinned.

Okay, Can God sin? No. He is sinless and without blemish. So if Jesus was fully God He could not sin. He did not posses curiosity as He was God.

Also in the book of Isaiah in the Bible it says that nothing made Jesus attractive, He wasn't "well-groomed." He was a normal man (But still God). People walked past Him in the streets not knowing who He was.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this debate and somewhere inside me I feel that it is not finished; You still have more questions, which God willing I can try to answer. If you agree please join me in Was Jesus actually Human? Part 2, which I will start now, inviting you to debate with me.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by MitchV 6 years ago
Sorry but as of yet I am unable to vote.
In my opinion you tied.
The reason why even the "Who did you agree with before the debate?" would be tied is because it would vary depending on the view of religion or atheism.
In religion, I believe he would not actually be human.
If you believe that part god and part human as some feel, that would make him a form of hybrid called a demigod. A mule is a hybrid of a horse and a donkey but it neither a mule or a donkey. This means that Jesus would not be human or a god.
If you believe that Jesus was god in human form, he would still be god and not human. If you form clay in the shape of a tree, it is still clay and not a tree. It is just in the shape of a tree.
In atheism, god(s) do not exist. If the stories of Jesus where based on a real person then they would still be human.
Sorry but both of you failed on your respected sides. Ja50n because he did not really understand and took most of it to even get the gist of the debate. TalkForLife because her constant egg analogy that did not fit her argument. To compare things, they need to be similar in some way. An egg is not an egg yolk, nor is it the white, or the shell. It is a combination of all three. Without any one or more part, it would not be an egg. An egg shell is not an egg, but just a part of one, an egg shell is not the egg white but an entirely different part. The same for the rest. Totally fails as an analogy.
My grammar and spelling is not the best so I can not comment on either.
Seeing that you both used the same source, the bible, you tied on that.
Posted by AizenKnaik 6 years ago
Jesus was actually human, living thousands of years back just like us. -_-
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Reasons for voting decision: This is really a discussion and not a debate and should probably be in the forums. However, given the forums on this site (particularly the religion forum) this could be rather brutal on both of you. All in all Pro made the better argument as she was really the only one making arguments.

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