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Was TV better in the 70's and 80's than today

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Started: 4/13/2014 Category: TV
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I believe TV has taken a turn for the worse.
1) The seasons are far shorter
2) TV should be an escape not a medium for social messages ( see glee)
3) The nights show air change frequently
4) Less iconic characters

Archie Bunker
Al Bundy
William Tiberius Kirk
Seinfeld cast

With the possible exception of Don Draper are there any iconic characters.

Married with Children was a comedy we could all identify with.
We all knew someone like Archie Bunker
Star Trek is more popular now than ever
16 years after leaving TV , we all still remember quotes and episodes from Seinfeld.

I enjoyed TV far more when after an episode I didn't have to call a friend to talk about what it meant , I didn't have to deal with massive PC on the shows and each week I looked forward to a fresh new story.

Enough with multitude of cable series each sillier than the next .


i can see your point very clearly. tv have change a lot from the time it was created. and indeed it will continue to change. but we cannot say it have change in a way that is no longer good, and that its worsen over the pass years.

why? we have to keep in mind that people change with each generations, and those that experience television in the pass are very unhappy with the new age. but because the new change is not in what used to be your favourite, back then, that does not mean its bad, or useless. the simple fact is the new generation is not interested in what used to be very intestine back in 80s and 70s. if that was the case we will all be stuck in the pass, doing one thing over and over, this is a natural part of life, later this new generation will be saying the same thing you are saying.

and as technology gets better, we can only advance our idea of entertainment. i know parents dont want their kids expose to violence, but slowly you can see they have no control of this, video games, have more that, and tv have many form of violence entertainment for kids.

we can be certain that it will not stop their, soon you will be a part of global war right from your living room.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for your response.

Not all change is a good thing and I believe the fact that technology has advanced
makes for poorer TV in some ways.

The Honeymooners was shot for the most part in just the Kramdens kitchen.....
Seinfeld had a limited set and zero special effects....

I could list more but my point is the Honeymooners HAD TO have good writing
there was nothing else available to distract you.

Same with 16 years since its last episode,,,,,we all know the iconic quotes.
"not that there's anything wrong with it"......yada yada yada"...."no soup for you"....there was shrinkage"

These shows are memorable in their limitations and simplicity...good writing and good acting were a must.
Now there are some shows I enjoy..Mad Men for one but for the most part I feel the newer shows are extremely dumbed down ,rarely clever and well written and mostly a lot of drivel.

Again change is always good sometimes it's change for the sake of change


Longline forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I feel my position is clear


When I said technology have advance our idea of entertainment I was not just referring to graphic, and Hd quality movie. I actually meant the over all idea of TV. You remember these saying from your favourite tv shows because back in the 80s and 70s kids did not have the kind of entertainment as this new generation. Today's kids have more thing to entertain them.

Like Pokemon, and Pokemon cards, Yu-Ghi-Oh, and many Other games, all of these things are actually competing with the world of entertainment. Today if you have a tv show it has to capture your audience interest. The questions you have keep in mind is,
how are you able to stop a child from spending his Saturdays mirroring playing his x-box360 just to watch your show? Things like that have to be consider.
Not just that, your show actually need to grab their attention, that's why tv show like "Degrassi" "Icarly" "90210" and many others aremore focus on specific type of teen, it is targeting specific type of teenagers. Not just for entertainment , but for popularity as well.

The writing and acting standers have change, and as you might notice sooner, movies makers will probably not need any actors at all.

"These shows are memorable in their limitations and simplicity...good writing and good acting were a must."

Once again, remember that not every watched what you did, even in the 80sand 70s, and I'm sure not everyone remember what your remember, same thing can be said for today teens. They can probably argue with this part.

Simplicity was a must back then, why because the writing didn't needed to compete with other type of entertainments, because in order to compete with the video world you need a little bit of knowledge from there. And the actors for that had their own genre, today actors, I belive have to works a lot harder now. Because our advance idea of entertainment, they are expected to do little stuns more frequently, or act with invincible characters, custom wearing have evolved, and their are just to many things today's actors have to do then back then, people think today actors have it easy but that's not true at all.

"Now there are some shows I enjoy..Mad Men for one but for the most part I feel the newer shows are extremely dumbed down ,rarely clever and well written and mostly a lot of drivel."

You are going around one point. Some times when you are used to one thing, and then that thing changes nobody likes it, and it's so easy to find the flaws with the new change, things change for a reason.

"Again change is always good sometimes it's change for the sake of change"
I agree, and for sake of new age advancement and exploration, we must not consider all change negative or dumbed down, these producers need to make money as well, and they can't do it, if what they are putting on tv is only in the interest of the older generations, for sure they will not be around much longer.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Cat_Lover 7 years ago
Drop the G bomb, Gilligan's island.
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