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Was operation Barbarossa the turning point of WWII

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Started: 5/3/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Round one is acceptance
Round two is arguments
Round three is rebuttal and closure

Yes, operation Barbarossa was the turning point of WWII


I accept your challenge.

Operation Barbarossa was not the turning point of WW II

Turning point = The event that marked the moment when the course of events is changed

Axis was winning the war before operation Barbarosa Axis is losing the war after.
Debate Round No. 1


(You realized you just agreed with me, right?)

Operation Barbarossa was the turning point of WWII because it gave the allied forces the USSR as an ally. Before Operation Barbarossa, The USSR was allied with the axis. After Operation Barbarossa, The USSR joined the allies and took on the important role of attacking Germany from the east. They pushed back Germany and managed to liberate several concentration camps. ( The USSR joining the allies and fighting Germany ultimately lead to the Battle of Berlin, and Hitler's suicide. (


In order for Pro to win he will have to prove that
"Axis was winning the war before operation Barbarosa and started losing right after it."

Con's Argument is
-Operation Barbarosa caused USSR to join the Allies
-The USSR was detrimental for the axis defeat
-Therefore Operation Barbarossa was the turning point

This argument has 2 flaws

Flaw 1
The fact that USSR is important for the allied cannot prove that the axis started losing the war right after operation Barbarossa.
Pro tried to claim that axis was losing the war just after Barbarossa by referencing events that happened 3 years after. It does not make much sense really.

Flaw 2
The same argument can be used to prove that pearl harbor is the turning point

-Pearl Harbor caused the US to join the Allies
-The US was detrimental for the axis defeat.
-Therefore Pearl Harbor was the turning point of the war.

I have now dismantled pro's argument.
Operation Barbarossa is not the turning point of the war
Debate Round No. 2


The axis was winning the war before Operation Barbarossa because that was their (the third Reich) first major defeat. Historians agree that this was the turning point ( While the statement above concerning Pearl Harbor is to an extent true, it is irrelevant to the debate. The USSR victory over Germany also gave the Allies a much needed boost in moral by proving the Nazi's were not invincible.


Kienzan forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Shadowhuntress 7 years ago
Sure, I guess.
Posted by Kienzan 7 years ago
It looks like i did not make it very clear
In the first round I gave the definition of what a turning point is, and described what are the conditions that must be met in order to claim Barbarossa as a turning point.

Pro says in the rules that i am not allowed to post any arguments in round one...
I prefer sticking to the rules for a civilized debate...

So you wanna debate me on the same topic?
We take the debate as it is and you answer to my second round in a new debate thread and see how it goes
You in?
Posted by DeeAnn 7 years ago
It seems like con has the right idea, but has made too many mistakes in his argument so I had to infer on what his meaning was.

His round one agreed with Pro.

His round two claims his argument is that operation Barbarossa was a turning point.

I assumed his first round was missing some additional information, and his second round he wasn't thinking straight.

Btw, Pro, his flaw one is easily refuted, and his flaw two can be refuted if you give reasons why Barbarossa was more important than Pearl Harbor.
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