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Was the American general Benedict Arnold a hero, Or a traitor? (Con ; Hero, Pro ; Traitor)

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Started: 12/7/2018 Category: Society
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as i read through details on the american revolution once again, My interest in one benedict arnold has piqued. The debate on whether he should be hailed as a hero or condemned as a traitor is an old one, And yet one that has never been actually settled. It still won't, Most likely, But i am interested in hearing another person's opinion.

personally, I believe benedict arnold is a traitor by definition. Call it a technicality, But he gave the british plans to west point for 20, 000 pounds (as well as command) and then proceeded to join the british army. He then proceeded to brutally kill his own countrymen in some twisted act of revenge. Though he had done many, Many things for the colonists and their army, It still doesn't nullify the things he did when he got a bit too bitter.

all of this over a selfish desire for fame. His honor may have been slanted, But he shouldn't have had such a wacked-out concept of honor in the first place. None of the founding fathers were necessarily good people, Obviously, Nor were any of the members of the army, But it doesn't necessarily exempt benedict arnold from criticism by comparing him to the other men of his time.

debate how you like. I don't mind, Just don't reply in droning single-sentence quips or something of the sort. Give me something rich.


He does have an interesting life. I know that I probably have a personality that might have done the same thing. I have many times wanted to have back at someone for passing me up, However, I have been able to control myself. I won't say what I would have or would not have done since it is hard to know what the situation felt like.
I believe he was a hero up until he went to Philadelphia. He, Along with Ethan Allan, Helped take Ticonderoga which gave the American cause the cannons they needed to drive the British out of Boston. He was at Quebec in the dead of winter trying to take the city with the goal of taking and holding Canada for the US. One must think of the hardships he and all the others went through for a cause that did not seem at the time to be able to survive. He also was the one who basically one the Battle of Saratoga even though he was ordered to remain in his tent. He received his leg wound there in the process.
His downfall was marrying a Tory and hanging around them.
Did he end up betraying our beloved country? Absolutely, When he could have been the best military commander in US history until US Grant, But is instead seen as a villain, I am sure it was a regret to his dying day, Especially once he found out America one.
He was a hero that betrayed his country.
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