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Was the rule for checking in pewee wrong to take away?

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Started: 11/2/2016 Category: Sports
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The rule was you were able to check in pewee hockey. Then they took it away which was the biggest mistake they made. Why? because they don't want kids to get hurt thats why. Well even without the checking rule kids still check. So kids are already getting hurt even without the rule. And when they get into high school hockey. They don't know how to check. In bantam there isn't even a lot of hitting. There might be a big hit here and there but not many in open ice. I think pewee players are old enough and big enough to be able to dish out the check and take the check.


I am going to play devils advocate on this as I do not necessarily disagree with you, but from the point of view of commissioner Bettman and the NHL and all lower levels of hockey here is my argument.

Hockey has evolved a lot as a sport since it's early days, the rules change constantly, no red line, shootout, etc etc. With the rule changes hockey has become a faster game and with the speed and lighter equipment and bigger players the collisions have become more dangerous. Also with what we know today with concussions hockey leagues are try to shy away from collisions and focus more on speed and skill. Look fighting is gone, even though it was part of the game. I think the hockey organizations are trying to make hockey more of a fun shinny sport instead of big crushing hitting sport. And that is why the elimination of hitting in pee wee
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Posted by datguy2 1 year ago
i would accept but i know nothing about hockey srry
Posted by dsjpk5 1 year ago
Posted by HockeyGod22 1 year ago
Posted by dsjpk5 1 year ago
You arguing the Pro side. You're going to want to change your position or the resolution.
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