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Water isn't wet

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Started: 4/9/2018 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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If water is wet and the earth is flat and spinning around my favorite planet, the sun, Why is pee stored in the balls


I first will answer Pro's question, then I will prove the topic/resolution wrong.

The answer to Pro's question is that the flat Earth doesn't rotate around/within the sun, the sun rotates around/within it.

Pee, if stored in balls, is not done for any reason related to the Earth being flat nor for water being wet. The reason would be that we micro-evolved that way (I am a skeptic of macroevolution).

It's extremely easy to mock the flat Earth if you believe in NASA's honesty. The minute you consider NASA could be lying, the entire concept of flat Earth and the entire conspiracy begins to make sense. Open your mind before mocking.

It's also easy for Flat-Earthers to mock Round-Earthers because they are sheep to NASA and the Roscosmos but do not loathe the sheep, nor the shepherd but rather the farm itself. The fact the system allows NASA to lie and Roscosmos to lie with them and "back their findings up" is the thing to hate and fix.

Water is wet because water wettens things it touches. Water molecules of H2O touch each other and make each other wet (yes, I'm sure in a dirty way too if they were conscious and sexually attracted to one another). If you have a H2O molecule on its own, it still semantically must be wet in order to have the potential to wetten all that it is not once it touches them.
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Posted by Gamerelite 3 years ago
If earth would be flat then to get to the other side of earth there will be a flat edge but we never faced anything like that.
Posted by mrchexmix 3 years ago
semen is in the balls not pee. pee comes from the intestines
Posted by JPaul 3 years ago
I think pee isn't in the balls but something else.
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