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We Are the Masters of Technology - Not the Other Way Around

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Started: 3/27/2014 Category: Technology
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Technology has not enslaved us because technology cannot - yet - think for itself. Slavery is only established when one man reduces another man to a property-like status, forcing them to bow and comply with every command issued. Technology does not force us to engage in any activity, nor does it punish us for inaction. If at all, it is the advertising agencies and software designers that manipulate us into making decisions that we wouldn't normally pursue. The slavery that is inflicted upon us in this instance is perhaps a more fearsome one than which was previously established; they draw us in, but it is our own will that urges us to comply, egged on by various social norms and society-established expectations to which we by nature strive to conform to. In reality, it is not the technology itself we are being enslaved to, but the chemicals that our brains release when we access those technologies: that particular formula of dopamine and neurotic impulses that produces the experience we call pleasure. We are, in effect, addicted to our own happiness, and technology induces a form of it because through it we have opportunities to achieve various short-term goals that, when completed, result in a feeling of accomplishment. As long as we can hold ourselves to higher standards, and use technology as a means to an end instead of making the technology itself be the end to which we are striving, we will achieve a better-earned and more satisfactory feeling of accomplishment. When perceived from this angle, it is obvious that technology has benefited those of us who can adjust our goals from short-term virtual reality into long-term corporeal endeavors. With this in mind, we can use technology as we see fit, to further our own knowledge or personal endeavors, support others, or make our opinions known. We are the masters of technology, not the reverse.


It's not exactly technology enslaving us. It's us who are getting enslaved by our own design. Look when you walk by you see people using iPhone, tablet, laptop etc... on the side of the street. We are certainly getting to the point where you can say human have been enslaved by technology. People are addicted to the web and what content is posted on the internet. Looking at videos or debating online. Admit you are addicted to the internet. Internet therefore is a technology upon itself. The more we use. The more we get addicted to it. It's our ego and our addiction that is getting the feed from the mass laziness. 100 years ago there we few addictions or the addiction were probably way different that what our addiction today is. Yes not all computers can think. Not all computers can make decisions like the ones we made today. Look at SIRI I know it doesn't make decisions. The reason I bring it up is because it communicates with us changing our decisions we make with our lives slightly.
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