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We Need A Limit On Free Speech MORE

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Started: 7/27/2018 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Sure you can have age 18 or older to have admission into a stand up comedy local club but minors still can hear them on YouTube. Com with the foul language still. People really paying for CONVERSATION and not HUMOR like they suppose to. Who wants to help me put them OUT OF BUSINESS FOREVER with the comedy parties at HOME idea? I'm as clean and funny as they come and been told I'm funny enough to write a book and be on stage. My genius plan is just to keep you at HOME while you get my work by EMAIL all the time. It's for your buddies to get together for pizza and pop and share funny conversations with each other by discussing my HUMOR CONTENT. I would say maybe 2% of the stuff in a local club is really funny and maybe 5% of a Bob Philips book is really funny. I would say my humor is funny 98% of the time. We need to get the scam artist hiding behind formal books and microphones to have the comedy label on them. I don't need a formal book or microphone. Just need to persuade you with a first time discount offer or www. BestRiddles. Org/br01. Genius 101 and Simple 101 enough. Want a lifetime contract with you not a 1 time sale to get your money. Cancel anytime is the deal with Paypal. Ethical 101 enough too.


In the U. S. , Free speech is one of the fundemental principles of our democracy, With its only major limitations being incitement and slander causing serious monetary loss. Limiting free speech for the sake of avoiding offensive language is not worth the far reaching and extremely detrimental impact it could have on journalistic and societal commentarynecessary to keep our government and society in check.
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Posted by tonytony 3 years ago
So whats your stand if you have one.
Posted by StillNotDead 3 years ago
This seems more like you advertising your comedy than an actual debate.
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