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We Should Condemn the Teachings of Islam and/or Muslims

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Started: 9/8/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Islam is one of the most violent beliefs out there. It has verses that clearly violates basic human rights and a considerable amount of it's followers do think that these verses should be applied as law. In my opinion, even if the said muslim individual don't do acts such as killing infidels or stoning women who commited adultery like it was ordered in their holy book, they still should be condemned for thinking these are moral acts.


Problems with Interpretation

For the last at least 1300 years the holy books of Islam have been subject to interpretation from a vast number of scholars. Due to this this means that there the quoran and accompanying hadith has been twisted in every way possible to justify virtually every belief imaginable from secular democracy in the eyes of many people in Turkey (particularly in Istanbul) to relatively tolerant theocracy in the eyes of the rulers of the ancient Ummyaid Caliphate to the worlds worst barbarity in IS. Furthermore in modern times, while the quoran may be very clear in for instance its condemnation of homosexuality there are a small number of Muslims who have found a way to justify everything from legal tolerance of homosexuality to gay marriage. The result of these vast differences in interpretation is that there are hundreds of dozens of Islamic sects with significant membership [1]. These different sects all have different beliefs and many are substantially more violent than others with Kharijites and Salafis being generally thought of as violent and extremist and Ahmadiyya and Alevism generally thought of as being the most moderate (although in the last two there are some other unrelated highly hetrorthodox beliefs). And the problem when you condemn Islam in general is that you condemn every hetrorthodox liberal interpretation taken from the Quoran rather than just condemning the radicals and the ultra orthodox. For this reason when condemning highly diverse interpretations interpretations of one religion in one fell swoop should be replaced with the criticism of specific sects and doctrines which I give you would probably extend to beliefs held by the majority of muslims should we comdemn things from a western perspective.

Problems with Reform

One thing that people who universally condemn Islam argue for is a reformation within Islam [2][3], part of the problem however is that when Islam as a whole is condemned there is no room for any substantial reformation within the logic provided. Westerners condemning Islam as a whole simply provides western hate preachers and radical clerics with more ammunition to push people towards the more orthodox side of Islam.

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