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We Should Feed Aborted Human Fetuses to Polar Bears

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Started: 5/28/2018 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I think we should feed aborted human fetuses to polar bears. Why?

Surplus protein and gives those polar bears something to eat when food is scarce to hunt due to global warming.

So many women these days are aborting their fetuses and then dumping the corpse, where it lay to rot. With so much protein being discarded, why not use that protein and feed polar bears?

Fetus meat is tender and sweet. A mix between chicken and fish, it"s rich in protein and the underdeveloped cartilage and bones have a nice chewy crunch to them. It"s one of the few meats that can be eaten raw, but boiled fetus is quite tasty too.

In fact, there are many ways you can cook your fetus. Below are just 2 ideas:

Recipe 1):

Bake your baby in an oven until bloated and fat. You will need to bake your baby in oven for about 20 mins, when the baby begins to rise, pull it out of the oven and pop it with a kitchen knife. The rich, watery juices that seep from the babies popped boils will be perfect to add to a meaty gravy.

Recipe 2):

Fry your fetus in a pan. After the fetus baby thing, is fried up and crispy, it should be very dry and somewhat resemble a burn victim. The best way to serve up the meaty carcass would be with salt and vinegar.

These are just two methods the Nazis and the KKK use to cook up dead babies and fetuses. I would love to hear your recipes, as well as those of other people, in the comments section.

You are con, with 3 rounds, 3 days to prepare your counter-argument, and up to 8000 characters for every argument you make.


"bake your baby " i know that they are being killed in the first place but isn't this a bit fucked up., how are we supposed to transport the fetuses to the bears and if we did wouldn't we be wasting money on this. personally killing unborn babies is fucked up on its own and we as a society are wasting money on killing the babies. I say let them live and give them to couples that cant have babies.
Debate Round No. 1


To transport the aborted human fetuses to the polar bears, all we have to do is send them up in a boat, plane, etc., and dump them in the arctic for the polar bears to eat; sort of like a buffet

It's not wasting money; with the money women use to get an abortion, we could probably feed all the polar bears in the world

An abortion costs between $350 to $950 dollars on average ( Worldwide, around 56 million abortions are performed ( . That means 1.96 * 10^8 to 5.32 * 10^8 dollars (US Dollars) are spent by females in getting abortions. 10^8 is 100 million, so that's 200 to 530 million dollars spent in abortion.

That's certainly enough money to transport the aborted fetuses to the polar bears, with plenty of leftover money. If you give a baby to a couple that can't have babies, that is still bad for global warming. You see, every person contributes to global warming and overpopulation, which makes life even more miserable for polar bears like me.

Also, you used the f-word in your argument.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by okuuuuuur 3 years ago
that is so dehumanising. Abortion should not be legal in the first place (apart from when the mothers life is at risk). Human life should be cherished and respected at all costs no matter what ethnicity, gender, whether or not youre a burden or not should not define whether you are human or not and is not justification to kill another person. You cannot have any human right without the right to life. People need to realise that other people are not disposable and cheap and are not food.
Posted by Percivil 3 years ago
Whats with you and your crazy love affair with polar bears
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