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We Should Place a Birth Tax on Blacks

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Started: 3/4/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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You see, my friend, if we place a birth tax on black people (i.e. $50K to give birth to a black child), many black families will no longer have kids, and that will solve overpopulation and global warming substantially. Also, black skin, as you know, is the root of all violence.

Therefore, we should place a birth tax of $50K on black people. Many pregnant black women will get abortions, and do you know what white people do with the aborted fetuses? White people eat the aborted black fetuses.


Wow, we're really going off the deep end, here. We're not going to try to stop black people from being born. We're also not going to eat black fetuses. You have a sick and twisted mind. Black skin is not the root of all violence.
Debate Round No. 1


Actually, black fetuses, according to many white people, taste really good. I've never tried one myself, but I know it's gonna taste good, and provide us lots of energy. Think about it. The average black person is taller than non-black people, so they have more gravitational potential energy (GPE=mgh). Thus, we will get more energy from eating black people and black fetuses.

Also, black people need to pay a tax of $50K or so for having a child, to atone for the crimes their fellow black brethren commit.


I don't think any white people have ever eaten white fetuses, because that's considered cannibalism, and cannibalism isn't accepted in modern society. Also, I don't think white and black fetuses could taste very different, considering they're the same species. You have a sick and twisted mind, sir. You really make me sick. I'm glad you've never tasted any black fetuses. I hope you never get near any black people. You say they'll give you lots of energy-what the Hell are you, a vampire? The average black person is by no means taller than a white person, and averages do not accurately represent the individuals in a set of data anyway. Also, that scientific calculation you provided is made up. Gravitational potential energy relates to the amount of potential energy an object has in relation to its height above Earth's surface, not the amount of energy a repulsive white supremacist like yourself gains from eating the fetus of a race which has a taller height on average. You are really twisted, sir. REALLY sick. Please, go get help. PLEASE.

Also, black people should not have to pay money for crimes which they did not commit as individuals, because being a member of a certain race does not make you responsible for something a member of that race does. Charging black people for being black would be a grave miscarriage of justice.
Debate Round No. 2


Look, frankfurter50, considering the trouble black people cause, we have to place a birth tax on black people. Also, it reduces overpopulation. Since black people are too poor to afford $50K just to have a child, they will get abortions. And do you know that abortion actually makes women happier? Well, it's true, believe it or not.

If you believe that life is a basic right, not a privilege, then you are wrong, my friend. Life is a privilege only to powerful and rich people. If a black family can SOMEHOW afford the $50K birth tax for a black baby, then we will charge them $80K. If they can afford $80K, then I guess they can have the child.

Also, it is $50K for a child. So if a black woman is pregnant with twins, then the birth tax is $100K.


Black people do not cause any "trouble," as you put it. They are rational, peaceful human beings, just like us. You are unable to justify your argument that black people have some kind of inward tendency toward violence because that statement is not true by any means. We do not have to charge black people for coming into the world any more than we charge white people- essentially zilch, apart from normal hospital expenses. You are mentally ill. You also claim that the tax will be placed SPECIFICALLY to force black people not to have children. That's a corrupt plot. If they are too poor to pay your outrageous tax, they should not have to get an abortion. They'll just go out and get a live birth without the help of doctors in your twisted totalitarian society. Also, I've never heard of abortion making women happier. I'd assume it makes them pretty sad, since their kid just died, and you never provided any links which say abortion makes women happy. I'm pro abortion, but I do believe it should be an option, not some kind of mandatory population control.

I think life is a basic right, it's one of the basic rights outlined in the Constitution of America. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Life is not a privilege. Things which want to live should be allowed to live. Murder and population control are both infringements of basic human rights. If we ever encounter population crises, then birth control pills will be doled out accordingly, but not with different biases to certain races. Life should not only be a privilege to rich people. If a poor person can make a good parent, and can raise a child without much money, then they have the right to have a kid. You are worrying about overpopulation before worrying is needed. We're only at 7 billion right now, and I'm sure there are more practical ways to solve overpopulation than to make birth more expensive to certain people and then raise the price with the malicious intent to prevent those people from reproducing.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by frankfurter50 3 years ago
Pro is a batty loon.
Posted by COCOApanda 3 years ago
Black people should NOT have to pay taxes for being born and the whites should not eat their children. That's just plain sick. Also, pro stated that by placing this rule, it would reduce global warming. dark skin may absorb a fraction of the total sunlight on Earth, but since when did that mean that they're going to swallow up the sun? Pro makes absolutely no sense. Black people are HUMAN! just like the rest of us. They are NOT aliens, they will not ever attack us and end the human race on independence day and whatnot. They should be allowed, like everyone else, to live freely.
You need help pro. you really do
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
Don't argue. He's a troll.
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