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We are calling out Pope Francis.

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Started: 5/2/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The biggest problem in the world is when good people do nothing. This is a crisis a crisis of prejudgement. I have been asking you mob to change your ways for way too long pull your pants up and get with the program.

My church he said is but one stone upon another not a building of them. You have lost sight of the stars in the heavens. bring it all back down to Earth and let Nature run its course. For these are the days to get busy, you slackers.

Peace be with you as all praise and glory belong to Nature. Amen
Ps: and a very big thank you to Mother Mary and Jesus Christ. M8s of 8s.


"We are calling out Pope Francis". Are we lacking punctuation here?

Hopefully in round 2 you will clarify the proposition a little.

As it stands, I do not know what you are debating against or what I am supposed to be debating for.
Debate Round No. 1


What I am against is the fact that all temples churches and mosaics need to for there own sake and save the starving and the freezing and the homeless children, for all we ask is for less dread throughout the world. Before it is too late. I would like to see dread disappear altogether I no we need some despair to appreciate joy.

But what is the use of dread? abolish dread maybe that is evils real name.

Peace be with you as all praise and glory belong to our existence creator Nature. Amen


Dread is assumption. Dread is a lack of confidence and ability.

Churches and mosaics are merely architecture and decoration. They are inanimate and have no conscience. They do not regard people's dread.

Starving, freezing, homeless children are a consequence of a flawed society, based on hierarchy, selfishness, greed and the worship of money.

Mainstream religions are one of the foundation stones of our flawed, hierarchical, selfish, greedy and money worshiping society.

He will stand on his balcony and wave to you. But it's no good calling Francis out. Because he's not coming out to play.

Peace be with you too.
Debate Round No. 2


The dreaded purple people eater is real just listen to the King of rock-n-roll tells us so. I know it's not dreaded purple people eater, but hey it sounds pretty dreaded to me.



Purple People Eaters are very very rare.

In fact I think there is only one left, in captivity.

Do not fear him.

Unless you are purple.
Debate Round No. 3


So while the Catholic Churches are being forced out of Philadelphia, because of the nature of men that are not of Natures man is the purple people eaters as rear as one would think?

The nature of nature is the nature of Nature Man.
The nature of nature is the nature of Nature Woman.

Peace be with us all as praise and glory belong to Nature. Amen. "or should I have said Awoman"


Nature Woman. Super Woman. Wow that outfit.

Praise be with her and all the chataholics and Philadelphia cheese. That creamy exuberance.

Any salty cracker revels in it's thick dreamy blanket.

Francis. Francis. Oh do come out to play. Do not fear the purple eating one.

Men or Women.
Debate Round No. 4


The purple one is not who you think it is it is the one-eyed, one horned purple people eater that lies within the purple circle of viciousness, that does onto another what has been done unto us all. 2far4u2

Its supposed to go; do unto another what you would have them do unto you, the way that it is meant to be. Sonoofcharl hopefully doesn't think lightly of this as he walks upon thin ice. Not upon the water as we cannot.

Should we have very little sympathy for those that have very little sympathy?
For empathy is a lesson learnt as it leaves a lesion the likes of a welt. A scare that never heals.
A burden of responsibility.
If you Sonoofcharl do not know of the road lest travelled that what's best to be forgotten but needs to be remembered. Then, as I have said, don't think lightly of this calling out, for this is a notice to the Pope and all other religions and beliefs that all Christians and Moslems are paining for a resolve. All other religions and beliefs are saying go to hell or pay in your next life as a rock or a flee or whatever it may be.

As a stone is overturned a monotone reveals a location.
To put one cornerstone upon the Earth (Mother Nature) is the church, mollusc, temple, synagogue, steeple that we all exist within.

Peace be with you as our praise and glory for Nature should not be in vain.


The dread is in the head.

Mr Purple's not under your bed.

How long have you got, do you think.

Before you rot and stink

So be your own boss

Don't be carrying a cross

For all those losers

Those anguish choosers

Those rebel cause boozers

Because they don't give a damn

About the caring sharing man

Nor does Francis

He just dances

On his balcony prances

To those adulated glances

Pious Nun romances

So stop calling

Stop falling

For their disguise

For their lies

And peace be with you

Your friends an family too.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by 2far4u2CharlesDarwin 3 years ago
Then you and I, are on the same page as us, humanities humane. I ask Pope Francis why is/has the Catholic Church won't or can't lead the way and pull down the fortified walls of deceit and become what we know it should, would or could be within the Christian Church for the people with the people and by the people.

Trillions of dollars are involved in assets while the Governing rule gives them all tax breaks and all financial leniencies that are tied up within an injustice, of crying bloody poor to us to give more and more on a guilt trip. Tap dance for coins shall we and become idols of indignation.

Wheres Rob while Peter pays Paul and whatever happened to Mary and child?

There will always be the rich and there will always be the poor doesn't only mean money.
Poor in spirit. Poor in health. Poor in nature. Poor in traction. Poorly educated in morals and ethics.
Poor representation. Poorly illustrated. Poorly demonstrated. Poor as a species.

Lets of see if he has a poor excuse? Becuase it would need or want to be a good one.

Or is it on my own part, that is no more than our own poor judgement?

The video is not mine, and thank you for the man that put it out there for the world to see it all a little clearer.

The looking glass that is half-empty never cleans its own self as it gets an endless top up but the glass that is half-full always gets drained and is cleaned. So does the blood of Jesus Christ need to be drained

For one stone upon another is but one stone is it not? and into the dunce corner, we go, while we paint ourselves a pretty picture of the man that is the cornerstone of the church and what does he say.
Hello, friend care to go for a walk over that wet paint you just put on the floor. Should I carry you or would you like to carry me? Or should we just wait for it to dry and have a yack?
M8's of 8's

Peace be with you as all praise and glory belong to Nature. Amen
Posted by Fiasco 3 years ago

So I watched your video. I agree with it, insomuch as it talks about how the Church is composed of people, (and God & His teachings) not buildings. What does this have to do with Pope Francis?

I'm trying to see if I agree with you, as I may accept your debate challenge if I do not. My stance on Pope Francis is that he's not doing the job a pope should, and teaches many anti-Catholic doctrines. I think that he's a heretic and I think that puts his position in the papal seat in doubt.

When your title is, "We are calling out Pope Francis", are you calling him out on faults such as this? You talked about the fault of good people doing nothing; are you referring to the pope? I just need to know the exact argument you wish to have, and which side of it you are taking. Thanks!
Posted by 2far4u2CharlesDarwin 3 years ago
We humanities humane are against the many stones that are heaped up, upon one and other, that religions and beliefs originated cornerstone has been obviously covered up or lost. While the underlying issue festers as it inconspicuously is forgotten or hidden from us, the masses. The nature of religions and beliefs all need to be unearthed these untruths of lying about all that lie way down deep within that hole of "and into the hole we go and become the dust of the Earth as from the Earth, we come and to the Earth, we shall return" Well, us Christians and Muslims ain't coming back to this hell hole.

We are not vengeful we are peace-loving and we are not pushovers. We believe that the world belongs to the Woman and Child it's that simple. With a kiss on the forehead. Not upon a ring of ideology as ideals are no more than, unjust idols of misconception.

Make way for the King of kings. For where he is? We do not know but we all may just find out soon enough. One move at a time. INRI

Ashtiname of Muhammad is a constant reminder of where we have been and where the truth lies.
What you wish upon another you wish upon yourself just as what you wish upon ourselves we wish upon another. A gift is a gift that should be justly passed onward as a gift.

One of the greatest gifts you can bestow upon another. If someone is in need-lend a hand. Do not wait for a thank you. True kindness lies within the act of giving without the expectation of something in return.

Peace be with you as all praise and glory belong to Nature of many names. Not to the nature of us. Amen
Posted by 2far4u2CharlesDarwin 3 years ago
Then there was 3. one atheist one undecided and one Christian.
So I suppose I might as well answer you all individually and then all together.
Ladies first, the 25-year-old scientist that needs our own existence creator to be in the flesh standing in front of her to ask who, what, where, went, why, how, were and when, and then there's the 53-year-old undecided to also ask why, how and what, and then there is the 16-year-old wishful thinking Christian, and they altogether consider what we humanities humane are asking of the Pope within the Catholic Church.

So into the light stands Doubting Thomas with the message that is written on the toilet roll every time we wipe our own natural a#s.

With; if you may notice the nature of this notice is to be noticed. We should have noticed that this notice is Nature and surely we have noticed that nature is changing noticeably. Now, Nature really does love the nature of this notice because this notice is from Nature and Nature is good.
A message from our Nature's loving group, humanities humane. To Pope Francis and all that is as of the ear to hear and those of the eye that sees and them, that feel too heal to fly and touch the heart of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ that cry.

Peace be with you as all praise and glory belong to Nature. Amen
Ps; and the largest of thank you to Mother Mary and Jesus Christ. M8's of 8's
Posted by Fiasco 3 years ago
I'm confused. What exactly is the topic you're arguing, and which stance are you taking?
Posted by canis 3 years ago
What can I do for you ? ( the person you call a pope )...
Posted by BaphometSgl 3 years ago
Half Popes ware Immoral thugs
Posted by 2far4u2CharlesDarwin 3 years ago
What is the nature of an angry panda? Well, you seem to be not fulfilling your avatar's nature. It might be time for a different icon for your current nature. And what is the nature of humans to be humane in nature as the angry panda stairs blatantly at us all?

Let us just sit on our a#s and do nothing will we for another 2000 years? Call whatever name you think our own existence creator name is, as you please. My current care factor is 1.416785"1032 kelvins.
What do you care if I personally know Nature as the nature of our own nature is the nature of it all.
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
As if nature has anything to do with your god xD
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