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We are in the matrix

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Started: 1/4/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round is acceptance
Don't take this debate too seriously
The debate is over whether or not we are living in a computer generated universe staged by a malevolent artificial intelligence using the human race as an energy farm. As pro I say that we are. Con states that we are not.


Since he said this is a joke debate......

The state maker clearly does not give a reason why.

How could we believe him without some sort of meaning or reason to this.
Debate Round No. 1


I did say that First round is acceptance, but I can understand how you wouldn't understand that because WE LIVE IN THE MATRIX!

Now on to my points:

1: the world has so many flaws. Consider rain, it doesn't make any sense! Water shouldn't fall from the sky because water never should be in the sky! It shouldn't travel upward, but it does because of a glitch in the computer code. Now consider grass, it looks good and seems nice, but it's a weed! This is clearly a glitch in the code of the language.

2: no one on the internet actually exists. Allow me to elaborate. You cannot prove that you exist, you cannot prove that you are real. All that I see of you is a bunch of text on a screen, and because this is the only evidence presented about your existence we have to trust what it says. It doesn't say anything about you existing and thus you do not exist, you are simply a robot on the internet. This is proof that the lines of code put into creating the matrix have transferred onto a computer and created a talking robot that denies that we are in the matrix even though he is proof that we actually are.

3: the fact that the movie "The Matrix" exists proves that we are in a computer simulation. It is proof because if we weren't in a computer simulation no human would be able to write the story, the script would be too outrageous to exist! No man could write a story without some form of proof that it is true. He clearly saw this proof because the movie exists!

I have presented proof through the existence of things that we are in the matrix, my opponent hasn't presented any arguments at all. True he may not have had his turn yet, but the fact that he has said nothing and that he is a robot (as I proved in point 2) is proof that:





The pro does not know anything about physics. Here you go.

And uses an un reliable source subject "The Matrix" as evidence. Becuase it said that the film was science fiction

Pro says that im a mere robot though if i do give him reasons why im not then he has the thought of a cod fanboy who give the worst possible reasons for example as pro's response "HIS JUST TRYING TO STOP US FROM SEEING THE TRUTH" and he would say this again on this.

This is the same way a call of duty fan boy acts when someone say that their game sucks.

So now we know that pro thinks like a fanboy.

What does a fanboy do though?

A fanboy plays their fanning game continuesly so the PRO THINKS DOES THINGS LIKE THIS:

Since most of us think the matrix is wron then here,

Pro, from born was watched The Matrix. He was that much of a fanboy he watched it so much that he thought is was true.

This is true in human anatomy and is known as brain wash or mind control.

He has said to a person that The Matrix is real but that person denied pro so he asked others then he found "Debate.Org"


I have proved that he is believing things his not supposed to believe...................

Debate Round No. 2


My oponent presented a link to everything, I have no idea why. He says that the film "the matrix" is not reliable source because it's science fiction. However of course it's science fiction! The people who made the film were manipulated by the malevolent beings that control us all! When a coder sees a flaw in his code he tries to plug it up, but in the case of the movie it was too late for the coders, so the plugged it up in the only way they could. They slapped "science fiction" on the genre tab!

Con states that all I will say is that "I am just trying to stop us from seeing the truth" However if I make a logical argument he will just say I am a fanboy, So we are at a standstill.

Con states that I am brainwashed because I watched the Matrix "from birth" and then began to explain his theory on "why I think the matrix is real" which involves me telling a "person" and being told I am wrong and then coming to He cannot prove any of this, he is simply making assumptions.

With that being said my oponent still has not proven that he is not a robot, so we have to assume that he is. Because my oponent is a robot we cannot take anything he says seriously because robots are controlled by the malevolent beings who coded the matrix. Thus none of the arguments he makes can be accepted, and my points still stand. For all of these reasons I hope you accept the logical conclusion that we are in a coded computer program controlled by malevolant beings who are using the human race as an energy farm.


TheHappyMAn forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


My opponent is unable to respond to my arguments because he is a robot. I have proven that we are in a coded computer program controlled by malevolent beings who are using the human race as an energy farm. Please vote pro and save us all. If you vote pro we can begin construction on universal red and blue pills and we might have a chance.


TheHappyMAn forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Reasons for voting decision: Con forfeited, but neither side gave good enough arguments.

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