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We are the creatures of violence

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Started: 8/2/2018 Category: Economics
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We are the creatures of violence

Almost entire human history was the history of wars
People finding different ways to hurt each other
In the name of Gods, In the name of religions
In the name of ideas, In the name of countries
In the name of the people, In the name of honor
Weak people were dominated by stronger ones
This was not about who is right, This was about who can fight
We teach children how sex is wrong
But we show them violence on TV, Violence in cartoons
We bring children to watch professional fighting
We teach them to feel happy when someone is hurt
We beat our children when they disobey
We insult them, We humiliate them
Teaching them that violence is the answer
And then we wonder why do we have wars
Why do bad people exist, Why can't world be fair
Why do people lie, Why do they hurt each other
Why they kill each other, Why they humiliate others
Even if you decide to kill me, Just know that I will not kill you
I hold a different ideology, I think killing is never right
I think we should teach our children about peace
And not about violence
To solve their problems with conversation and not with fists
Then they tell me how the only thing that stops
the bad guy with a gun is the good guy with a gun
But these people never wondered why the bad guy is bad
Was he someone who had a good life
Was he someone who was showered with love
Was he someone who never saw violence
Was he someone who only saw good things
Was he someone who was always respected
And then, In this perfect world, With his perfect life
He suddenly went mad and decided to kill people
I think the story is a bit different than that
He probably had parents who beated him because of his bad grades
He probably had friends who beated him
Taking examples from when their parents beated them
He probably beat his friends as well
Learning that violence is the answer to violence
Learning that you won't be beaten up if you fight better
Learning that you won't be bullied anymore
Only if you hit back, Only if you hit harder
This is how the violence reproduces itself
Violence creates violence
And then he decided to buy a gun
Now he can shoot those who try to beat him up
This is how the bad guy with a gun is created
This society, This environment produces bad guys
And as our response to this
Instead of trying to change the environment
We create good guys with the guns
Because it's easier to just kill the bad guy
It is easier to do that than to try to help him
It is easier than to try to understand him
It is easier to kill the bad guy than to try to make it
So that there are no more bad guys
So that there is no more violence
We use violence to prevent the violence
And while that has worked to a certain extent
It would be better if we never had to resort to that
The greatest achievement of man
Is finding alternatives to violence
And the best response to violence
Is to stop creating violence
This society, These people worship violence
Instead, They should be worshipping peace
They should teach their children the alternatives
So that their children will not be the next bad guys
They should lead their children by example
That violence is not an answer
That it is better to talk, That it is better to understand
That it is better to feel another person's pain
I know that I have probably gone too far
I know that this world will probably never change
I know that people will dismiss me as yet another dreamer
But at least I have dreams, At least I understand what really happens
While you laugh at violence, Laugh at another person's pain
I keep dreaming, I keep imagining a better world
While you satisfy yourself with the world you have been given
I strive for something greater, I strive to make it better


So far you just said random poetry or some stuff. Either way it isn't an argument.
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Posted by ThoughtsandThoughts 3 years ago
and con pointed out*
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Reasons for voting decision: Yeah, there's really no evidence here. Pro names some generalizations which aren't backed up, and con pointed this out. Could have been an interesting debate though. Since it's pro's claim, I would have liked to see some evidence.

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