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We date people based on their looks

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Started: 7/30/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe that after a certain age, You don't really care about how your partner looks. I am 18 years old and I have dated someone who wasn't physically attractive, But I still liked that person. He made me feel better about myself, Showed that he truly cared about me, And he was super romantic. I fell in love with who he was. When we're younger, We tend to look at the physical, But as we grow older, Our standards change. Maybe it's because you want to get married already or because you learned so many different things. That's what happened to me.


I do agree with the component that a part of being attracted to a certain individual is personality, But that's what follows later on in the relationship. In most cases we are attracted to individuals based on their physical presentation because that's the only way we can identify someone emotionally without personally knowing them at first. Also, Why are there so many quotations on how people fell in love at first sight or how they took a first glance at their partner knowing they were the most beautiful thing they seen.
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If we take the Married at First sight couples as an example, We can see that not all relationships that start off like that end well. Here, Https://www. Intouchweekly. Com/posts/married-at-first-sight-still-married-127836 you can find that most of these couples ended up divorcing, Not knowing that the other was hiding something or just didn't click at all. I know, This isn't about marriage, Its about dating, But we can see that love at first sight doesn't end that well. Of course, Some of these people found the other unattractive. It's like the typical situation where the nice girl falls for the "f-boy" not knowing that a "nerd" is in love with her. The girl realizes that she doesn't want to be with that guy anymore and goes with the "nerd" noticing that she is happier
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