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We should Legalize Marijuana

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Started: 12/14/2015 Category: Health
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As I am relatively new to this site I will try my best to use proper etiquette but I am truly sorry if I miss something.

Pro (We should legalize)
Con (We should not legalize)
To make this debate clear here is the definition for legalize provided by google: "le"gal"ize make (something that was previously illegal) permissible by law."

Medical use is not the focus of this debate only legalization for smoking Marijuana.

I will be for the side that does not want to legalize Marijuana. The first round will be acceptance. After that you are free to start your arguments. I chose this topic because of the numerous times that I've debated this and only gotten "because it is good for you," as an argument. This is meant to be enjoyable so please no insults, open your mind and back up your arguments. I'm looking forward to debating with you!


I also hope to have an enjoyable debate most of the people i talk to do not listen and just repeat the same thing over and over not making any new points.
I wish you luck and may the better debater win.
Debate Round No. 1


I will try not to repeat things don't worry! Thank you for accepting and good luck to you as well.

With that I will present my arguments as to why we should not legalize marijuana.

1. Marijuana is harmful and addictive.
2. Marijuana can be abused and thus reduces the usefulness of the individuals who take it. (This argument sounds really mean. What I mean to say is that while someone is addicted to this drug they have a noticeable decline in productivity and it takes away from their quality of life.)
3. It damages developing minds.

Let me start with my first argument. Marijuana is indeed harmful, addictive and known to be a gateway drug.
"Consumption of marijuana impairs the immune system and short-term memory, elevates the risk of heart attack, and causes respiratory and brain damage."
That seems to pretty much wrap up that argument but for me this isn't enough! So I did some more research and went to Long term effects include breathing problems, increased heart rate, problems with child development, hallucinations, paranoia, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and worsening symptoms from individuals that have schizophrenia. The site also points out that marijuana is addictive.

Now to put a personal spin on this I will provide examples from my personal life to back up how harmful this drug is. I am in grade 13 of my high school and I can honestly say individuals who have used marijuana have most likely used other drugs such as speed, heroin and meth. These are 9th to 12th graders I am talking about, just imagine what it would be like if this drug was accessible because it was legal? Obviously there would be an age limit but that does not stop youth at all. Now to tie in my second argument, these individuals are the lowest of the low at my school, we are talking drop outs and some cannot even hold a conversation with me because they are so high. Now to add facts into this "Teens who abuse drugs have lower grades, a higher rate of absence from school and other activities, and an increased potential for dropping out of school. "
This makes sense, I observed how many were acting at my school, the drop outs, the low grades and then compared it to research. They match! This makes it a pretty concrete point.

Now for my third argument. If you go back to the same site as my last post it states "...your brain develops until the age of 25? Anything that you do to disrupt this process"including substance"will affect how your brain develops. " and that "When you use drugs, it interferes with the normal traffic patterns that the neurotransmitters use." To me this makes sense as well.

To add my closing notes to this round that I took the stance of a student (since I am one) on this topic but marijuana is harmful to adults as well. All of these symptoms apply to minds that have developed and adults who use marijuana show decreased levels of productivity at work as seen on this site.

I hope putting my personal experiences in this debate didn't ruined it in any form. Also if you are struggling with drug abuse you may want to go over here or here if you are under the age of 18 Over to pro now, good luck!


A large part of my first argument will be based on the Prohibition. When America banned the use of alcohol.
1. Legalizing marijuana will help lower crime rates.
2. It's not as bad as other drugs such as alcohol.
3. The government could collect taxes off of it.
But first I will take about some of the things my opponent has said. (By using the Prohibition and alcohol.)

Marijuana can be harmful if you take it at a young age because it does damage your brain, but so does alcohol. Compared to other drugs marijuana is a lot safer and less harmful. There have also not been any records of people dying from the drug, or at least overdosing.
Any thing can be abused. An example is dying because you drank to much water. (Which is possible to do).
Alcohol is also dangerous on developing minds. Its even worse them marijuana much worse, and as you said there would be an age limit.

Now to state my argument.
1.America has more people in jail then any other country even more then china. The reason for this is because 50% of the people in jail are their because of drugs. That is one in every two people. Did you know that most people that go to jail end up there again because they have no choose but to go back to a life of crime. The reason for this is that no one wants to higher someone that has been to jail. Do you feel that a person should be penalized for life. Unable to get a job and force to crime only because they did weed? Many people would say that legalizing marijuana would only help gangs and increase crime rates. But this is wrong and America has the proof to back it up.
During the Prohibition (when America legalized alcohol in the 1920's mostly. America saw a massive increase in crime rates and people sent to jail. It lead to an increase in violence and organized crime. It also lead to an increase in government spending. It was so bad that the government had no choose but to get rid of the Prohibition and allow for people to drink all they like.

2. Based on studies and testing marijuana(already listed some of the site above) is far less dangerous then cigarettes and alcohol and most other drugs. If alcohol and cigarettes are legal then marijuana should be as well. Since its the least dangerous to your health out of the three.

3.If the government were to legalize drugs it would allow for new and government regulated businesses. This would allow for more jobs and taxes the government can use for other things. It would also keep a lot of people from going to jail so, the government would not have to spend nearly as much money to keep all those prisoners feed and shelters.

I wanted to save this for last I also go to school right now in in 11th grade, and I know how easy it is for people to obtain drugs. Legalizing drugs would not change how accessible marijuana is for teenagers and even preteens to obtain.
Debate Round No. 2


To rebut your arguments I will start with your introduction paragraph.

"Legalization marijuana will help lower crime rates." You are correct in saying alcohol also is harmful at a young age. On your site, It states that "Both alcohol consumption and pot smoking can take a toll on the body, showing both short- and long-term health effects." I would not make the assumption that marijuana is safer as in this quote they are grouped together. You are right in saying that anything can be abused and dying from drinking too much water is a real thing called water intoxication. Although I would argue because of marijuana's addictive properties it is much easier to abuse this substance. As for the age limit you are correct in saying they both damage developing minds, if it were up to me I would raise the legal drinking age to 25 as to that is when a mind stops developing.

1. I definitely do not want to see people penalized for life unless they did something that was illegal. Doing marijuana is in fact illegal and should be treated as such in court and in prison. We should not legalize it because of it's harmful properties. As for the prohibition those facts are correct although I would argue that America is not having a prohibition type problem with marijuana. If you could please provide facts for your statement of " But this is wrong and America has the proof to back it up." I believe these people are in jail because they did something illegal and that is what jail is for. Employees want the best of the best and if your record says you did illegal drugs, drank alcohol and then operated a vehicle or anything else that is illegal then they have the right to say no to you. This is because there are many more less risk applicants waiting for the job. My final point on this argument would be that you choose to resort to crime and are not forced to take part in criminal activities.

2. As for this argument I will point out that marijuana is a gateway drug, sure marijuana is less of a risk than cigarettes but hard drugs such as meth are certainly not. If it were up to me I would ban them all, the only reason alcohol and cigarettes are legal is that a) people made such a big fuss when they were announced illegal previously. And b) because the government gets taxes out of them. So why add another harmful substance into the mix? So we can harm ourselves even more? So we can now legally mix marijuana and alcohol to harm ourselves? So teenagers can now have easier access to a drug that will ruin their future? I say no way. We have alcohol, we have cigarettes, if you want to get high/drunk use those, we do not need another harmful substance legalized.

3. As for your third argument I am on the fence with the tax, it is both good and bad. Although the government is practically taxing people so they can harm/kill themselves in a slow drunken/high downward spiral (which is very wrong) the money is a steady (and deadly) income for the government. Also as for the jail argument you already know my thoughts on that, if they did something illegal they should be in jail.

As for your last argument I will also provide personal experience. You are right, it is easy to obtain at schools and it shouldn't be. As for your last statement yes it will make it more accessible. I know for cigarettes at least adults either buy them and sell them to under age buyers or the teenagers steal them from their work. I got denied a job just because the employer recently had one of his teenager employees steal cigarettes and the employer now was not hiring anyone under 19 because of it. These events are wrong and it happens very often, teenagers are taking advantage of cigarettes being legal (for people over 19) and using that to have better access. My questions are, why in the world wouldn't they do that for marijuana if it was legalized? How would this legalization not make this drug more accessible? It is quite clear to me that putting this drug on shelves in front of teenagers will make it more accessible even if it has an age requirement.

These are my arguments against yours. Good luck in the next round!


NotRich forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


NotRich forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Themeaman909 2 years ago
Very good debating skills! I did not come here in time to vote, but even if pro continued arguing, I still think you would have won this.
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