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We should change the date of Australia Day, as it doesn't truly celebrate all Australians

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Started: 5/23/2016 Category: Society
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Invasion Day, A day of mourning an "anniversary of the White man's seizure of our country" is what Australia Day means to the Aboriginal people of our land. The 26th of January 1788 was not the time when The first Fleet entered Australia, it was when they invaded Australia. It is the day when we celebrate the time when Europeans took and destroyed the Aboriginals land, culture and traditions. Celebrating Australia Day on the 26th is cruel, disrespectful and insensitive to Indigenous Australians. Adam Thompson who is a Community Education Worker at the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre states that Australia Day is "... a day of mourning because it does symbolise the invasion of our land" While most non- indigenous Australians are 'celebrating' Australia Day with a day off work, going to the beach, having a barbeque; the Aboriginal people are protesting about the day the Europeans took away their freedom. Since most Australians are not really concerned about whether the date is in the 26th, let"s change it for the people that do care.


'British Invasion Day' are just words. You call it invasion day but without the first fleet you wouldn't be here with your family, feeling safe, getting a good education. Aborigines didn't get kicked out of their country they are still living here, they get looked after and the government look out for them and their wellbeing as well. We celebrate Australia day to celebrate our country and appreciate what we have in our lives.
Debate Round No. 1


"British Invasion Day" are not just words, it is our history. The fact is, that when the first fleet arrived, the British didn"t acknowledge the Indigenous people and decided to take over their land. They displaced and forced the Aborigines out of THEIR land, they disrespected the Aborigines and didn't take the time to understand THEIR culture and traditions. The Europeans just claimed THEIR land as their own as soon as they arrived. As well as this, White settlement brought new illness and diseases to Australia that killed many Indigenous people and affected the number of Aboriginal births. All these factors resulted in reducing the Indigenous population from 30,000 in 1835 to between 3000-5000 in 1850. Even though the Europeans developed Australia it could have been done in a way that included the original owners of Australia, not how it was done by ignoring them. The Director of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research at the University of Sydney, Professor Jakelin Troy states "There are languages gone, people gone, there are cultural histories, knowledges that are gone as a result of 1788.". Although Australia a great country and we should be proud to live here we need to be honest about our past and be respectful of the Indigenous people. Changing the date and recognising the Aboriginals will show respect and will be the best thing we could do to make a Australia the best country it can be. Give the day a meaning, that we are ALL proud and we ALL want to celebrate instead of some people mourning while others are enjoying a day off work.


I don't now what you celebrate Australia day for but i believe it has a meaning. It's one ay a year to show how much we love our country. As i said before the indigenous Australians were not kicked out in fact they have many good privileges such as education, housing, clean food and water etc. Without all of these resources i don't know if the Aboriginals would even be here in our world
Debate Round No. 2


The Aborigines were treated unfairly and with disrespect and we cant ignore this fact. Australia Day is the time when we celebrate how much we love our country but it also needs to recognise the Aborigines who were here before uWe should make Australia Day on a date that symbolises not just the white Australians, but the Indigenous, Torres Strait Islanders and every Australian who calls this country home. By changing the date it will aspire Australia to become a better country than what it already is by including and welcoming everyone. Our history is in the past, We need to recognises what happened to create a better Australia, an Australia where we are inclusive of all people, the people of this land and others that have joined to create this beautiful country and call it their home". That"s Australia Day.


I understand they were treated unfairly i have not forgotten this fact at all but i think everyone needs to let it go it's in the past. If aborigines are complaining about these things then maybe we should take away the things that have been given to them by the Australian government. Everyone celebrates Australia day not just white people but all people that live in Australia day
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by dtien400 2 years ago
Reason for Voting for Pro:

Conduct - Pro and Con were equally civil.
S & G - Pro and Con were equally shaky.
Sources - Neither provided any sources.

Pro, however, had superior arguments.
Pro's argument was simple: Australia Day should not be celebrated because to many Australians - Aboriginals - it is a day of mourning. Pro backs this up by saying (but sadly, not citing) historical evidence that shows Australia Day was a day of forceful invasion and the destruction of cultural heritage. He also quotes Australians to back up his point.

Con's arguments shifted back and forth. First he suggested (1) that without the British invasion, nobody would be reaping the benefits of living in Australia. This doesn't change the fact that the invasion was still wrong. He then adds (2) that Aboriginals are well-treated in Australia as of today. This is irrelevant because Pro's argument focuses on past wrongs. He ends with (3) that Australia Day is just a day to support your country, which is wrong because it could be on another more tasteful day, a point Pro soon brings up.
In the second round, Con drops (1) and sustains (2) and (3).
In the third round, Con sustains (2) and (3). He also brings up (4) that Aboriginals should just "let" the British Invasion "go." That's very tasteless, especially for someone who is not a part of the Aboriginal culture.
Much of Con's rhetoric seems to support the fact the Aboriginals could not have made a successful empire out of Australia without European intervention, which is ridiculous.

Pro's argument: Australia Day is a day of mourning for many people, and days of mourning should not be celebrated. Con's attempts of justify celebrating Australia Day come across as irrelevant and poorly thought out, especially when Pro points out both parties can be happy if the date of Australia Day is changed. No American would celebrate "Islam Day" on 9-11. Why should it be any different for the indigenous Australian population?
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Vote Placed by dtien400 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: I'll post my reason for voting for Pro in the comments. 1000 characters is not nearly enough.