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We should drug test all people on the benefit

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Started: 1/23/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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In this debate I will be arguing that all people on the benefit will have to complete a drug test once every 3 months, if the person being tested is tested positive for illegal drugs the benefit will no longer be given to the recipient.

The First round of the debate will be a quick some up of your further case.
No new points will be allowed to be made in the final case, only rebuttal.


Presumably you are talking about welfare and those peoples on it. Keep in mind I am playing Devil's Advocate, just something I enjoy doing.

What is the point of this? It's just a pure waste of time. These people are trying to better themselves with money from the government, to be able to make a living in this disgusting capitalistic country and you are going to do them a disservice by tri-monthly making the government spend more money on testing these people?

Why would they buy drugs with the money given to them? No one wants to stay in poverty forever and by buying drugs that is what these people would be doing. They would feel untrustworthy if we came in and made them test, ruining their ego and respect for themselves.
Debate Round No. 1


So imagine you work for a super market, 12 hours a day you stack the groceries on the shelves making just short of minimum wage. After these 12 hours of work you go home to your family that you struggle to feed, supply with stationary for school, work your hardest so they can have a phone etc, and you can barely afford the rent for you house. And on top of that he has to pay the government TAXES.
However down along the road we have a lazy fat guy smoking drugs, he lives a happy life with hes own house he owns and gathers income from the government every 2 weeks that goes directly into his drugs money. Now where on earth did the government get that money from??? Oh wait a minute the hard working poor guy down the street.
This then because one big cycle of the hard working person paying the government, government giving the money to the drug people, drug people giving it to the dealers, and the money gets nowhere.
Shouldn't this money get somewhere, like help the people claiming to be struggling get a real job and move out into the real world.
At the moment the benefit is not being used how it is supposed to be so maybe spending the extra money to drug test these people, which is minimum is only going to cause good not bad.
And as rebuttal I question your statement of the people would feel untrustworthy if we made them do these tests because, that poor guy working his butt off is giving these people money who just sit around and do nothing. Literally why would they deny and get upset about the drug test anyway if they have nothing to hide? If they had any respect they would know where they stand.
Ladies and Gentlemen yes I do understand some people really need the benefit and use it to help their lives, but to establish who's properly and improperly using the benefit money, we need to imply this moot.


There are already regulations in place to limit the amount of money a person(s) receive from the government. This fat guy would in no way be able to spend money on drugs and fill his necessities of everyday life with the small amount of money given to him. As we know drugs are fairly expensive and if this person were to be a druggie, they would not be able to survive. For long, anyways.

There is also no practical way to do drug tests efficiently and timely. One drug test monthly allows a person to do drugs the day after the test, and no traces will be in their system next month, people are smart drug-wise and know how and when to get their high, how long it lasts and t's effects on them.

If it is this easy to avoid these monthly tests, I can only imagine the people that would be taking them tri-monthly. (Only four times a year) They could get twice as high, binge smoke, for twice as long, spend their money on more drugs within a months time and still be 100% sober the next test.

People would have to be checked more often, that is a given, however the money required to test daily, or weekly would be immense. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands on said benefits would have to be checked which is even more money.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by natho_thebrainz 2 years ago
So sorry, didnt even realise it was meant to be my time to post
Posted by Sirkillurass 2 years ago
I am actually for drug testing on the benefit, but doing research and playing Devil's Advocate is fun and a good learning experience.
Posted by sboss18 2 years ago
Studies have already shown drug testing welfare recipients is a waste of time and money.
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