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We should start a second holocaust

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Started: 12/19/2018 Category: Society
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Last night, I read the book Mein Kampf, Written by the great hero of Germany, Adolf Hitler. It was for a university assignment, And afterwards, Our professor told us that all Hitler wanted to do was solve Germanys overpopulation problem. He was just a misunderstood patriot, Was all. So my first point is that the holocaust was for a good cause. And i don't think anyone can deny that we have a real overpopulation problem, Especially in places like India or China. So if we were to start an Indian holocaust and kill all Indian people in India, For example, It would really help with overpopulation.

In addition, Adolf Hitler was justified in his actions. Jews are natural born thieves, And are able to sniff out coins like a nigger sensing that his whipping's about to come. In killing the jews, Adolf also solved germany's economic troubles in one bold move! And of course we know America is $20 dollars in debt, So if we killed all thieves on site, Then we kill solve our national debt!


I know you are joking, But I'm bored. So I will destroy your arguments.

First of all, The earth is overpopulated. I would beg to difer. Let's assume that there is approximatly 7 billion people on earth. He area of Texas is about 262, 000 mi2. Dividing this figure by the current human population of 7 billion leaves each person with less than 100 square meters, A small plot the size of a big room about 10 m x 10 m. I don't propose we use texas, As that place is mostly desert anyway. However, The world is far larger then Texas.

Concerning your arguably racist remark that all jews are theives. The crime rate in the US is higher then in Israel. Therefore, Instead of killing all jews, Lets kill all the americans. They were probably going to start WWIII anyway, We would be doing them a favor.
Debate Round No. 1


Hmph. Just as I predicted. A simple minded plankton like yourself would not even begin to comprehend the master class debate tactics I have employed here. I now have you trapped exactly where I want you. Say your last words, For this will be the last debate you shall ever have!
To address your first point, There is one fatal flaw. Who in their right mind would want to live within 10 kilometres of a goddamn nigger, Gay, Chink, Or jew? We need at least a 10 kilometres distance from any concentration camps established. In addition, The world is mostly unhabitable as the vast majority of it is ocean. This percent will only increase once my turbo tsunami bombs begin production. I will bring a dark vengeance unto the entire world that rivals the great flood sent by God.

Secondly, To address your other point, There is a clear explanation to why the crime rates in America is higher. Crimes must be commited by people. Afterall, You can't give a dog a court trial. And of course, The majority of citizens in Israel are jews, Who aren't people, But rather animals. Thus, It would only make logical sense why the American crime rate is higher. Because we actually have people, Not barbaric savage jews or niggers, Living here!


Tsunami bombs are impractical weapons of destruction. Instead why not use chemical bombs, As not only does that show respect and authenticy to the original haulocast where people were gassed, But also has a more effective blast radius. Also, You say who would want to live nexts to blacks, Chinese, And jewish. The awnser is blacks, Chinese and jewish. They make up the majority anyway, We are the minority. Therefore lets kill all the white people

You claim that the jewish are animals. But your profile pic clearly details that you are indeed a deer. What would a deer know about people?

All in all, This is a stupid debate, Screw nazis, Glory to the motherland, And don't forget your seatbelt
Debate Round No. 2
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