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We support thanos's vision to wipe out half of the universe.

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Started: 8/30/2019 Category: Movies
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Okay the vision of thanos is to obtain 6 infinity stone to wipe out half of the universe in a snap of a fingre because it is getting over populated. From my point of view it is not the proper solution for this problem here's why,
For present context lets talk what will happen in earth if thanos actually eradicates half of the worlds population.
1) First and foremost effect will be sudden drop in man power, As half of the world population vanish in thin air the world will surly lack man power in many different sectors. But the people might say this won't be a problem because there is less number of people so there will be less man power required but thats not correct. Imagine yourself in a situation where half of the population just vanished never to be seen again. And during this phenomenon you might also loose your nearest and dearest ones and when we loose someone very close to our heart it is sure to create some negative effect on us. Like wise when half of the population is wiped out from the face of the earth then surely many people will be traumatized and will be pushed to depression. And as we all know depressed person can not preform the given task properly there will be a huge state of havoc in a global scale.
2) When thanos snaps his finger its is not certain who is gonna be truned into dust and who's not. So because of this when thanos snaps his finger even a entire city full of people can vanish or non might vanish. So because of this the trible people of place life Africa whose numbers can be counted in fingers might be eradicated from the face of earth and along with them all their heritage culture and rituals will disappear. Like wise many culture would be lost foreve.
3) As I previously stated "It is not certain who is gonna disappear" it means even the gobal elites like presidents, Prime minister who run the country might disappear this will cause a major problem in the country as in such time when people need support if there won't be a governing force above the people thing will get out of hands very quickly. Also its such time of crisis if there is no one to look and govern the nation it is sure that other nation might invade ours to make up for their lost man power.
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