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Weimps outlaw guns.

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Started: 2/11/2019 Category: News
Updated: 1 day ago Status: Debating Period
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Who else would do such a thing?


Interesting point there;

Before I begin i'd like to come to an agreement of the definition of "Weimps". I'm under the assumption that your intention was to say "Wimp" as in a cowardly person.

The act of outlawing firearms, In the definition of itself, Contains no indication of the cowardliness of anyone. Primarily, Those actively attempting to appose a widespread phenomena, Specifically one with potentially deadly repercussions would indicate completely juxtaposing values.

Gun control is an issue an issue of itself, And the inherit value of any given strategy is a potential debate topic, But not for this topic. My stance is that the ultimatum that ONLY 'Weimps" can outlaw guns is an absolutely flawed and dysfunctional point that fails to acknowledge the hundreds of individuals that have fought for their specific belief in the past.

If you could provide any clarification for your specified stance, Regarding both the definition of wimps, And your overall stance on outlawing guns, And what that phrase would actually involve, That would be massively helpful.
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