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"Western culture" is a construct and doesn't really exist

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Started: 6/13/2019 Category: Society
Updated: 6 days ago Status: Debating Period
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What people now refer to as "western culture" is essentially a social construct used mostly to justify xenophobia and imperialism. In reality, "western culture" doesn't really mean anything at all.


I think there a good reason we define western culture as unique. The countries "western culture" applies to are all NATO members, Scandinavia, And certain east Asian nations like Japan and South Korea. Even though these east Asian nations aren't within the western hemisphere, There still western cultured. Please tell me if you want to add or take away from that list. Western cultured societies hold values that nearly no other culture has emulated as of now. Even wealthy nations like China muffle the freedom of the press to an extent we would never see in the western societies. The only nation that isn't western cultured and is moderately stable is India in my opinion, However the Indian populous isn't conducive to democracy like the west.

As for the whole imperialism bit, I think if these African societies, Indigenous societies, Or Middle Eastern societies dominated our world they would have colonized their technologically inferior foes through war. Moreover, Just observe how the west has civilized over the years. They universally have democracy, Freedom of speech, And high standards of living.
Debate Round No. 1


Opponent, While I hate to give a mechanic speech, Considering that (unfortunately) modern discourse has come to point of being dominated mostly by charisma and eloquence, Resulting in the rise of problematic discourse where the goal has essentially become to "DESTROY" the "CRINGY SJW". Moving on,

I will start off by rebutting your definition

The definition proposed by you in your previous speech more closely considered what is perceived as western culture to be countries holding themselves to specific human rights organizations and international unions (NATO, For example). The problem with what you're saying here is that it simply ignores the question of whether or not "western culture" exists and instead strictly applying the phrase to these more successful countries and ignoring the other part. For example, You described Japan and Korea as "western cultured" even though they (1) are not in what is considered "the west, " which has come to mean Europe. And (2) neither of the countries share significant culture with what is now called the west. What I'm trying to say here is that the two countries literally can only really be "western cultured" is if "western culture" is inherently equivalent to wealth and human rights, Which it isn't. Overall, The problem with this is that what's happening now is that people are connecting peace and wealth with Europe (being the place that comes to mind for the majority of people when they hear "western civilization") thus perpetuating the savior complex of European imperialism.

Next off, Allow me to provide some context" in the beginning, Many civilizations began around the same time period:
The Benin Empire of West Africa
the Chinese empire
The Harrapan valley
Greece, Which then became Rome
European tribes such as Celtics
During this time period trade was enormous, Especially in mathematics and books which were then coming from Arabia which was also rapidly growing and would come to be a large part of North Africa. Just as this happened though, The Roman empire was quickly collapsing and dividing into small kingdoms and losing vast amounts of literature and mathematics which was currently still being preserved by Arab North Africa and Arab Andalusia (modern-day Spain). This continued until the rise of Spain, Which was then one of the small remains of ancient Rome, Over time, Spain slowly took over the peninsula of then Andalusia, Mostly through imperialist conquest. Europe grew from there, Giving rise to Britain, Which brutally colonized India and Benin.
The reason that the myth of European prosperity and unique culture exists now is really because of colonial-era racism. I'm not saying that Europe does not have different and rich cultures, But instead I'm saying that what is now seen as the west was not in any way as advanced, Prosperous or peaceful as we are taught to believe. This glides directly into the last assertion that i would like to make during this speech being that the reason that its important to debunk this myth right now is because of the dangerous rise of the far-right in the united states, Claiming that "western culture" is now somehow under attack and scapegoating immigrants, African Americans, Jewish people, Feminists, LGBT activists, And villainizing multiculturalism in order to maintain their delusion of what Europe is and was.
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Posted by PikaChupacabra 4 days ago
Constructs exist.
Western culture is a construct.
Therefore, Western culture exists.

(Initiating outdated pop culture reference)
*mic drop*
Posted by Trent0405 6 days ago
M8 I wrote 3 posts, Two were just bullet points because I got mad after my 4000 word first post wouldn't post. Sorry bro, Nothing is working and I'll probably switch to DART after this, I've only heard good thing about it so far. Sorry, But thanks for your time.
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