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What Grande PATISSERIE is better

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Started: 3/24/2017 Category: Society
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Well, I think that the Cheese and Berries flavor is more consistent than the Apple flavor. With the apple flavor you only get one flavor and for the same price? So why wouldn't you want to 2 flavors for the same price? It's crazy that this is even an argument. The nutritional facts may vary by person, but for a good snack during 3rd hour, you can get 250 calories worth of deliciousness. The Apple flavor has 370mg of Sodium, so obviously the Cheese and Berries flavor is a healthier choice and a good choice and a great snack.


You think your facts are accurate but to tell you the truth the are not. You went on to say the cheese and berry flavor was healthier but it is not. The apple flavor actually has 2 less grams of sugar while having 1 more gram of protein. You also went on to say "The Berry has 2 flavors and the Apple is just , but that is wrong. The apple also has 2 flavors, apple and cinnamon which are a great combo. The apple flavor also tastes like an apple pie in a danish shell, fantastic.
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